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Throwback Thursday: The Original Je Joue
January 8, 2015

Throwback Thursday:  the original Je JoueBefore the FiFi or the MiMi or even the SaSi, there was the original Je Joue. Largely forgotten by modern day sex bloggers, this beast was one of the most impressive and most expensive sex toy endeavours we’ve ever encountered. At the time, we lauded this invention as an early foray into the (still largely unrealized) world of teledildonics, but it was literally revolutionary on several other fronts. From its iPhone -style fonts and digital display to its moving and vibrating silicone pad to the uploadable and sharable beats, the original Je Joue blew our minds, and for good reason. There’s nothing quite like the original Je Joue around these days, but you can see hints of it in the later Je Joue SaSi, Lelo Ora, and the newest We-Vibe Plus (with their new iPhone/Android app).

| Learn more about Throwback Thursday: The Original Je Joue

Stuff This in Your Stocking!
December 11, 2014

Pleasure doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and for those times when less explicit and more budget conscious is the way to go, check out our picks for the sexiest gifts for under $30.  At Come As You Are, we only carry sex toys we truly love - at every price point! | Learn more about Stuff This in Your Stocking!

December Newsletter: All We Really Want For The Holidays
December 4, 2014

We have a strict policy about not ever telling people in our shop what toys, books, or DVDs we think they ought to like or purchase. We barely express our own personal preferences, and we really dig our heels in when people ask us what our bestselling products are - the irony being that our most popular items are and have always been the single condom, the misc SKU, and expedited shipping. | Learn more about December Newsletter: All We Really Want For The Holidays

New Stuff!
posted by hh on February 19, 2010

We've got some awesome new products around Come As You Are that we wanted you to check out. Even if you spent a little too much dough enjoying your Valentine's Day to the fullest, these new top-of-the-line toys won't disappoint, and won't break the bank. 

bSwish bCurious

bCurious – This awesomely shaped external vibe is an affordable option for those looking for a great multi-functional rechargeable vibe.

Fleshlight Vibro – For years, we’ve had customers asking for a Fleshlight that combines vibration with it’s already excellent design. The new Vibro comes with three multi-speed one-touch vibes that are inserted into the sleeve to take this Fleshlight to a new level. It’s also a deal - $100 for sleeve and case, plus the vibFleshlight Vibrorators – and it comes in it’s own sexy tin.

Lelo Mona – Lelo’s got a new design out – they’ve upgraded their traditional control pad with easier to use push buttons, as well as streamlined the design of the body of the vibrator. Check out Mona – a total steal on sale at $110. LELO Mona

| Learn more about New Stuff!

The Invisible Orientation
October 30, 2014

Julie Sondra Decker's Invisible Orientation is a much needed and welcomed resource that explores asexuality. As she clearly expresses, this book is intended to be an introduction: you will find a wealth of writing dedicated to breaking down misconceptions about asexuality, and exploring the possibilities of asexuality. This book is helpful for folks interested in exploring asexuality as a personal orientation, and/or interested in supporting asexual people by learning more about this orientation- important in a world where asexuality is so often denied and invisibilized. | Learn more about The Invisible Orientation

Lelo Luna Bead Vibrating Kegel Exerciser
October 21, 2014

We're not sure what's more shocking- a pressure responsive vibrating PC exerciser, or a battery powered vibrator by Lelo! Powered by one AAA battery, Lelo's Smart Bead has a lot of exciting possibility. While pelvic floor exercises don't have to happen with any products, many find kegel or duotone balls helpful for reminding them that it's time to do their pesky (but oh so helpful!) exercises. Further, it can be helpful having something to hold onto while contracting and relaxing muscles, whether that's a set of Luna Beads, or Aneros' prostate massagers. The Smart Bead takes this process up a seriously nerdy notch. Turn the toy on, insert it inside the body, and contract your PC muscles when the toy vibrates, relax when the vibrations stop.  | Learn more about Lelo Luna Bead Vibrating Kegel Exerciser

Desirables Adori
October 15, 2014

This collection of massage stones from Montreal truly do become magic once in hand. Three different sizes and designs of porcelain stones have been carefully crafted to be held and manipulated against the body in different ways. Designed ergonomically to evolve and adapt to whatever type of touch you prefer, this set has impressed us with it's ornate attention to function, detail and beauty. | Learn more about Desirables Adori

Hot, Wet and Shaking
October 2, 2014

How I Learned To Talk About Sex
While Hot, Wet and Shaking is Kaleigh Trace's first book, readers may already be familiar with her writing from her coil-bound zine, Every Body's Doing It, or her fantastic blog, The Fucking Facts. With prose that is powerful and sensitive, bold yet welcoming, Trace thoughtfully brings together stories from the many intersections of her life as a sex-positive feminist queer person with a disability living and working in Halifax. Trace's ability to regale readers with vibrant stories while also engaging us in processing and unpacking what she learned from them is a talent that makes this book such a positive and affirming read. Part memoir, part sexual theory, one hundred percent hard to put down! | Learn more about Hot, Wet and Shaking

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