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The Seven Principles of Co-operatives
* 1. Voluntary and Open Membership
* 2. Customer Service that Helps
* 3. Members’ Economic Participation
* 4. Autonomy and Independence
* 5. Education, Training, and Information
* 6. Cooperation Among Cooperatives
* 7. Concern for Community

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About Co-operatives

Learn about worker-owned co-operatives, check out the Seven Principles of Co-operatives, and get more information about what it means to run a business with a democratic, egalitarian, and feminist mandate.

The International Year of the Co-op

Co-operatives are different because they are owned by their own membership and they are responsible to their own membership. For some co-ops, the members are the people who shop in the store (like MEC), but for other co-ops, like Come As You Are, the business is owned by the folks who work for the business.

| Read more The International Year of the Co-op

The Seven Principles of Co-operatives

The Seven Principles of Co-operatives are the central tenets of the co-operative movement. As a sex-positive, worker-owned co-operative, our sex-ethics are guided by our Core Values and Culture, while our business ethics are inspired and governed by the co-operative principles. | Read more The Seven Principles of Co-operatives

CAYA Co-operative ByLaws

As a worker-owned co-operative, we are governed by our co-operative bylaws.  This isn't the most interesting document we've written, but certainly one of the most important ones. | Read more CAYA Co-operative ByLaws

The Co-operative Movement

The bottom line goals inherent in capitalism and globalization are proving not compatible with sustaining the needs of communities locally and around the world. In capitalism, perpetual growth is the goal for the purpose of maximizing return on investment for owners of proprietorships and shareholders of corporations. The measure here is profit and all decisions are made to maximize this bottom line (in the case of corporations, it is in fact illegal to do otherwise). As a result, wealth is continually concentrated to a few and the other end of the gap is getting larger and poorer while communities and the health of the environment necessary to sustain those communities are compromised to achieve this one goal. All around the world, those communities are rejecting this model by engaging in alternative forms of commerce and protests such as the recent occupy movements. | Read more The Co-operative Movement

Co-operative Resources

Check out our fabulous co-operative resources, get your hands on our copy of The Take, or watch our favourite TED talks about alternative business structures. | Read more Co-operative Resources


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