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Come As You Are's blog is the place where we offer our uncensored opinion on all things related to sex toys, sex and the media, sexual science and medicine, and the goings on of our Toronto sex shop and website.
How to Visit a Sex Shop
How to Visit a Sex Shop
Tags: store information, about us, how to visit a sex shop, first time sex shop
April 17, 2014

We know from talking to the people who visit our shop on Queen Street West every day, that many folks have a lot of anxiety and fear about visiting a sex shop for the first time. In fact, we suspect that most people have some anxiety about entering a sex shop for for the first time. In fact, we suspect that most people have some anxiety about entering a sex shop for the first time - I know that I certainly did!

We can't tell you what to expect from other sex shops - we love some shops, and we wouldn't recommend others - but we can certainly shed some light on what your experience at Come As You Are will be like.

The first thing to know is that we are a shop that welcomes people of all genders, orientations, and sexualities and we pride ourselves on creating a safe environment where all sorts of people can access sexual health information and sex toys, books, and DVDs. We never make assumptions about our customers and visitors, and when providing guidance we rely on the questions you ask and the information you give us to help you find what you're looking for.

| Learn more about How to Visit a Sex Shop

Spring Workshops
Spring Workshops
Tags: sex workshops, sex education, educational outreach
March 25, 2014

Come As You Are is proud to present a monthly series of in-store sexuality workshops. We bring together educators, authors, and performers from across Canada and the US and offer a unique collection of educational events. All workshops take place in our Toronto store, which is wheelchair accessible (accessible washroom, automatic door). This Spring we're so very pleased to present workshops with Dr Ruthie, Shannon Bell, and Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson! | Learn more about Spring Workshops

Meet Ora by Lelo
Meet Ora by Lelo
Tags: Lelo Ora, Oral Sex Simulator, The Sqweel, rotating sex toys, dual function vibrators, rabbit vibrators, Lelo Sweden
February 15, 2014

Meet Ora, Lelo Sweden's innovative oral sex toy. Drawing from the same aesthetic principles that brought us the beautiful Alia, Ora is allllll curves. Turn on the vibe & enjoy the vibration settings, as well as the firm ball underneath the silicone that swivels and moves according to your control! More user friendly than the Sasi by Je Joue, and sexier than the Sqweel, this rechargeable vibrator joins the ranks of Lelo's Ida & Hula Beads, as well as Fun Factory's Stronic line as sex toys that are blowing apart what a vibrator can look like! | Learn more about Meet Ora by Lelo

It's the time of the season for loving
It's the time of the season for loving
February 13, 2014

With so many forms of like, love, and lust to celebrate, Valentine's Day is truly one of our favourite times of year - second only perhaps to co-op week! We've spent the better part of our adults lives working hard to help adults find more pleasure in their lives. We pride ourselves on curating a shop full of ideas to help keep relationships fresh, interesting, and even inspirational. | Learn more about It's the time of the season for loving

Love, Marriage, And Other Bad Ideas
Love, Marriage, And Other Bad Ideas
Tags: Romance Collection, Eddie Powell, Love Marriage and Other Bad Ideas, adult dvds
February 6, 2014

Richie Calhoun plays a cynical and unloved marriage counselor, who starts to tell his clients exactly what he thinks in the most bitter terms. This backfires and actually inspires these couples to forgive each other, move on and rekindle the flames in very explicit terms. Of course, it doesn't take long for the despondent counselor himself to meet someone who makes him question his hard-held negative feelings on love. A dark comedy, with some great dialogue, good acting and top notch sex scenes that are well-shot and intimate. Best scene: Wolf Hudson and Natasha Nice in a bathtub proving make-up sex is worth the fighting. Sexy romance at its best! | Learn more about Love, Marriage, And Other Bad Ideas

Erika Lust: XConfessions
Erika Lust: XConfessions
Tags: Erika Lust, feminist porn, xconfessions, ethical porn, indie dvds
January 20, 2014

Erika Lust's latest film has wowed us! Ten "true confessions" shot in Erika Lust's signature style are densely lush and cinematically gorgeous. For lovers of high production, you will swoon over this often hilarious, very intimate and beautiful series of vignettes. From "I Love Ikea" to "Sadistic Trainer" and the very pretty rope bondage in "Hold Me So Tight It Hurts", Erika Lust delivers smart porn that has something for everyone and with clever editing of these short scenes you won't easily be distracted. | Learn more about Erika Lust: XConfessions

Be Our Affiliate!  Or don't?
Be Our Affiliate! Or don't?
Tags: affiliate program, canadian sex shop, core values
January 9, 2014

It may be a little-known fact, but Come As You Are has had an online affiliate program for years, but until recently, our system wasn't very user friendly, and well, we're not sure how we feel about affiliate programs. Mostly we find that online affiliate programs are set up to benefit the sex shop and not the blogger. It's all about free advertising, shady business practices, and generating in-bound links on the backs of people who provide the internet with information and entertainment for free. Heck, we take issue with most marketing practices on and offline, but we realized recently that there weren't any good, sex-positive Canadian sex shops offering an affiliate program, and so very many of you have asked us about setting something up. If you know us at all, you know there's nothing we like more than making all of you happy, so we've officially launched the Come As You Are awesome affiliate program. | Learn more about Be Our Affiliate! Or don't?

The Very Best Sex of 2013
The Very Best Sex of 2013
Tags: best sex toys of 2013, Minna Limon, Lelo Ida, New York Toy Collective, Fun Factory Stronic
December 31, 2013

We pride ourselves on being pretty darn knowledgeable especially when it comes to sex toys, books, and DVDs, but we've never claimed to know what the best sex product for you is. In fact, as much as we love the plethora of online sex toy reviews, we find ourselves fretting that you might pass over a great sex toy because someone on the internet didn't like it. Similarly, we hope you never buy something because it is a 'best seller' on someone's website. Having said that, there have been some pretty outstanding new contributions to the very curated collection of sex products we carry in-store and online. From the squeeze-tastic, crowd-funded Minna Limon and the truly revolutionary rotating Lelo Ida and Lelo Hula Beads, to the Fun Factory Stronic line of self-thrusting sex toys and New York Toy Collective's Shilo and Mason pack-and-play silicone dildos, this year has treated us to a whole world of new sexual delights!  Check out all of our picks for this past year of sex. | Learn more about The Very Best Sex of 2013

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