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Come As You Are October Newsletter

A long time ago (around 2001) in a galaxy far, far away (near Bathurst), when we were just a fresh-faced worker-owned co-operative. A regular visitor to our shop told us a tall tale that Good Vibrations (our co-op inspiration at the time), let you try your vibe in-store before you bought it.

Vibe Test DriveIt wasn’t true (just think of the health code violations!) but the idea of a sex-toy test-drive stuck with us.

Back in the day, sex shops kept their products on the walls in packaging, so you never quite knew what you were getting until you brought your purchase home and busted it out of the plastic clamshell packaging. When we opened in 1997, however, we thought we were being pretty revolutionary to present our collection out of packaging with working samples out on our shelves. No matter how much our samples-on-the-shelf approach helps you find a sex toy that works for you, it can never quite take all the mystery out of your bag of goodies!

As a sex shop on a mission to bring more pleasure to more people’s lives, we try to take the trickery out of sex toy retailing every day by being honest and up-front about the sex toys we carry, but what if you could truly try your vibrator before you committed to it?

We’re running a once-in-a-lifetime vibrator test-drive challenge: buy any vibe in October, and if you don’t like it, bring it back before the end of the month and swap it for something else. We’ll make sure your rejects are responsibly taken care of - they’ll never fulfill their sex toy destinies, but they’ll proudly raise some eyebrows at Toronto electronics recycling! Just be sure to let us know that you’re test-driving so we can give you a special exchange receipt!


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