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Getting it on during the G20 - Our G20 Sale

If you're not spending this weekend protesting the G20 meetings in Toronto, you may be planning on spending your weekend as far away from Toronto as possible!  Well, either way, we're always working harder to make sex easier and we'll be open all weekend as usual. Rest assured! The only barriers we'll be helping folks erect will be of the latex variety!

With The New Yorker and the world's attention on Canada this weekend, we thought we'd take the opportunity to introduce the world to 20 of the best sex toys Canada has to offer and at the best price we have to offer! Even better, for everyone staying in or out of the security zone this weekend, we deliver!

BSisNice Capsula Plug
waterproof sex toys anal compatible sex toys phthalate-free sex toys
on sale sex toy BSisNice Capsula Plug
There's something profound about these prostate plugs from BSisNice. Fun without being funny, and playful without pretence, the Capsula butt plug is this little marvel of design that brings both physical and visual pleasure to every encounter. Whether the Capsula will cure what ails you, is another matter entirely. All we can say is that it was handmade in Spain, made of not-too-hard and not-too-soft silicone, and is perfect for prostate stimulation and all sorts of anal play. (3 1/4" x 1 1/4")

Learn more about BSisNice Capsula Plug.

$30.00 , Regular price $45.00

CB 6000 Chastity Device
waterproof sex toys phthalate-free sex toys
on sale sex toy CB 6000 Chastity Device
The CB-6000 is born from the histories of the CB-2000 and CB-3000. A high quality chastity device or CBT toy that can be worn from minutes to days, this tool has almost limitless possibilities. With rings ranging from 1 1/2", 1 5/8", 1 3/4" 1 7/8" and 2" this toy can be customized to fit many differently sized penises. It comes with a small brass padlock, as well as five plastic locks (handy for airport security). The cage has a length of 3 1/4", and an internal diameter of 1 3/8". It has been designed with a few different slots to allow for fluids to leave the penis, as well as provide air flow. There are differently sized spacers and locking pins to change the 'roominess' of the toy, however, be forewarned, 'roomy' might not be the word to best describe living in cock cages such as this! (3 1/4" x 1 3/8")

Learn more about CB 6000 Chastity Device.

$160.00 , Regular price $200.00

Condom Sampler
on sale sex toy Condom Sampler
Not sure what you're looking for? Want to try something new? Our condom samplers are packed in a ridiculously adorable mini Chinese food container and comes complete with our guide to condoms and safer sex. Each sampler comes with a minimum of eight condoms.

Learn more about Condom Sampler.

$10.00 , Regular price $12.00

Imagination Massage Oil 4oz
phthalate-free sex toys
on sale sex toy Imagination Massage Oil 4oz
For those looking for a scent-free massage oil, look no further! This high grade natural massage oil is also easily dispersed by water leaving the massage receiver less oily than other massage oils. It is also unlikely to stain sheets. Ingredients: sweet almond oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, safflower oil, sesame oil, vitamin E oil, and a dispersing agent naturally derived from coconut. No animal products.

Learn more about Imagination Massage Oil 4oz.

$12.00 , Regular price $14.00

Lube Sampler
on sale sex toy Lube Sampler
Sometimes you just want to try a little bit of everything before committing to a new lube! Each lube sampler comes with a minimum of eight lubricant samples lovingly packed in a mini Chinese food container - and we even include a copy of our Slippery When Wet lubricant guide! Makes a great gift or stocking stuffer.

Learn more about Lube Sampler.

$10.00 , Regular price $12.00

OhMiBod Club Vibe iPod Vibrator
phthalate-free sex toys
on sale sex toy OhMiBod Club Vibe iPod Vibrator
Get your groove on with the OhMiBod Club Vibe iPod vibrator! As with all OhMiBod toys, the Club Vibe can be controlled with any music playing device from Walkman to iPhone and will vibrate along with your favourite song, beat, or podcast - but the Club Vibe also can be controlled with the sound of your own voice. Multi-speed and multi-mode controls can also be used when you're not in the mood for tunes! It sounds complicated, but it is actually one of the most versatile and easy-to-use vibes around! Comes with underwear for the full wearable OhMiBod experience.

Learn more about OhMiBod Club Vibe iPod Vibrator.

$48.00 , Regular price $60.00

OhMiBod NaughtiBod Music Vibe
phthalate-free sex toys
on sale sex toy OhMiBod NaughtiBod Music Vibe
The makers of OhMiBod have built their reputation on developing high-quality sex toys that work with our already ubiquitous personal technology. Their newest creation, NaughtiNano, continues the tradition but offers a high quality, high powered vibrator that is a joy to use on it’s own. NaughtiNano may be used with or without your MP3 player, is phthalate-free and variable-speed. (4" x 1")

Learn more about OhMiBod NaughtiBod Music Vibe.

$55.00 , Regular price $80.00

Sinvention Silicone Ball Gag
sex toys made in canada phthalate-free sex toys BDSM dvds
on sale sex toy Sinvention Silicone Ball Gag
Looking for a sexy ball gag to match your collection of Sinvention leather gear or just having trouble finding a taste-free ball gag in your size? With more options (three colours! two sizes!) and Sinvention's classic locking buckles and high-quality leather workmanship, we could not be prouder to be stocking this high-quality Canadian-made gear from Sinvention. Small has a 1 5/8" diameter ball. Large has a 2" diameter ball.

Learn more about Sinvention Silicone Ball Gag.

$45.00 , Regular price $52.00

Sliquid Organics Gel
phthalate-free sex toys
on sale sex toy Sliquid Organics Gel
We’ve been stuck on Sliquid Organics line for a while, but with their slippery and smooth consistency, Sliquid Organics ensures you’ll never get stuck again. Sliquid Organics Gel is known for its stay-putted-ness and is perfect for sex toy play and anal adventures.

Ingredients: plant cellulose (from cotton), aloe barbadensis*, natural tocopherols (vitamin e), cyamopsis (guar conditioners), extracts of hibiscus*, flax*, alphalfa, green tea* & sunflower seed*, potassium sorbate, citric acid.

* Organic botanical extracts are independently certified by Quality Certification Services in compliance with the USDA National Organic Program.

Learn more about Sliquid Organics Gel.

4oz Bottle - $10.00 $15.00
8oz Bottle - $18.00 $22.00
Pillow Pack - $1.00

Sliquid Organics Natural
phthalate-free sex toys
on sale sex toy Sliquid Organics Natural
We've always loved Sliquid for being lightyears ahead of most lube companies by only making lubes that are both paraben and glycerin free, and now with Sliquid Organics they've raised the bar even higher with this natural line of lubricants. Sliquid Natural has a light consistency but stays put.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Plant Cellulose (from Cotton), Aloe Barbadensis*, Natural Tocopherols (Vitamin E), Cyamopsis (Guar Conditioners), Extracts of Hibiscus*, Flax*, Green Tea* & Sunflower Seed*, Citric Acid (Citrus Fruits), Phenoxyethanol (Rose Ether)

* Organic botanical extracts are independently certified by Quality Certification Services in compliance with the USDA National Organic Program.

Learn more about Sliquid Organics Natural.

4oz Bottle - $10.00 $15.00
8oz Bottle - $18.00 $22.00
Pillow Pack - $1.00

Sliquid Organics Oceanics
staff pick sex toys phthalate-free sex toys
on sale sex toy Sliquid Organics Oceanics
We’ve been working hard to bring folks great paraben-free and glycerin-free organic lubricants, and lately we’ve been getting a lot more interest in carrageenan-based lubricants too! Sliquid Organics Oceanics has all of the great organic content of the original Sliquid Organics, but adds organic carrageenan, nori, and wakame for their naturally lubricating properties.

Ingredients:Purified Water, Plant Cellulose (from Cotton), Aloe Barbadensis*, Natural Tocopherols (Vitamin E), Cyamopsis (Guar Conditioners), Extracts of Hibiscus*, Flax*, Alfalfa*, Green Tea* & Sunflower Seed*, Carrageenan*, Nori*, Wakame*, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid (Citrus Fruits). Asterisk indicates organic ingredients.

Learn more about Sliquid Organics Oceanics.

8oz Bottle - $18.00 $22.00
Pillow Pack - $1.00
4oz Bottle - $10.00 $15.00

Sliquid Organics Silk
phthalate-free sex toys
on sale sex toy Sliquid Organics Silk
Sliquid Organics' breakthrough hybrid lubricant brings together the best of water-based lubricants with the endless slipperiness of silicone lubes to create Sliquid Organics Silk lubricant. With a smooth, creamy feel and long-lasting silicone, Sliquid Silk is great for lovemaking or massage. Not compatible with most silicone toys.

Ingredients:: Purified Water, Plant Cellulose (from Cotton), Aloe Barbadensis*, Natural Tocopherols (Vitamin E), Extracts of Hibiscus*, Flax*, Green Tea* & Sunflower Seed*, Isopropyl Palmitate, Polysorbate 20, Dimethicone, Emollient Ester, Phenoxyethanol (Rose Ether)

Learn more about Sliquid Organics Silk.

8oz Bottle - $18.00 $22.00
4oz Bottle - $10.00 $15.00
Pillow Pack - $1.00

Spartacus Blown Glass Spade Plug Set
waterproof sex toys anal compatible sex toys staff pick sex toys phthalate-free sex toys
on sale sex toy Spartacus Blown Glass Spade Plug Set
This line of borosilicate glass butt plugs by Spartacus are stunning for their simplicity. A classic design, poured in perfectly clear glass. Enjoy the smooth glide of glass, and be sure to warm up, or cool down the toy- just one of the many perks of glass or stainless steel! Stock up on all three sizes and save! Small: 3 3/4" x 1 1/4". Medium: 4 1/4" x 1 1/2". Large: 5" x 2".

Learn more about Spartacus Blown Glass Spade Plug Set.

$100.00 , Regular price $126.00

Vibratex Magic Wand Original
staff pick sex toys best selling sex toys
on sale sex toy Vibratex Magic Wand Original
One of the longest established sex toys, the Vibratex Magic Wand Original is our bestselling vibrator. Formerly known as the Hitachi Magic Wand, this quality toy is no longer manufactured by Hitachi however is still the same great design. With a soft, tennis-ball-sized head and pulsating vibrations, this toy is a favourite for both solo and partner play. Two speeds - strong and stronger. Compatible with a wide range of attachments for even more intense vibratory fun! (11" x 2")

Learn more about Vibratex Magic Wand Original.

$55.00 , Regular price $80.00

Woody Condom Demonstrator
phthalate-free sex toys
on sale sex toy Woody Condom Demonstrator
True to its name, Woody is made of wood! Not suitable for penetrative play, Woody is a classic wooden condom demonstrator. (6" x 1 1/2")

Learn more about Woody Condom Demonstrator.

$9.00 , Regular price $16.00

Asa Akira is Insatiable
group sex dvds
on sale sex toy Asa Akira is Insatiable DVD
This title was recommended to us by a customer and we're super happy they did so! Clearly other folks like it too, it won three AVN awards in 2011 for best anal, three-way and double penetration scenes. Well shot and visually rich, explicit sex is given the truly good lighting it deserves thanks to outstanding director, Mason. Asa charms us with her pure enthusiasm and often seemingly sincere lack of inhibition. Each scene wows (orgy in a darkened movie theatre? yes please) and we're left impressed from beginning to end, including the bonus mini-interviews with Asa herself.

Learn more about Asa Akira is Insatiable DVD.

$20.00 , Regular price $35.00

Bad Wives
on sale sex toy Bad Wives DVD
A story of husbands and wives, love and hate, and one really hot scene in a meat's got to be Paul Thomas. Known for high end productions, lots of steamy sex, and a focus on the relationships between people, Paul Thomas is one of porn's Golden Boys--and with Bad Wives he shows you why.

Learn more about Bad Wives DVD.

$10.00 , Regular price $20.00

Behind the Red Door
no anal sex dvds
on sale sex toy Behind the Red Door DVD
One of our favourite indie pornstars April Flores stars in this surrealistic film with Syd Blakovich, Ashley Blue, Kelly Shibari, and a mysterious male matador! Each room behind the red door offers a new erotic encounter! Full of fun playful scenes, loads of dress-up, foot play, and sex toys - Behind The Red Door features some of our favourite performers of size, and has something for folks of all genders, sexualities, and orientations. Discover the dolls behind the red door.

Learn more about Behind the Red Door DVD.

$10.00 , Regular price $20.00

Better Sex Series Sexplorations Vol. 2
on sale sex toy Better Sex Series Sexplorations Vol. 2 DVD
Learn exciting new ways to turn your sex life into something extraordinary. This volume features explicit scenes of loving couples demonstrating techniques sure to add heat and inspire passion. Topics include: how to seduce your lover, erotic dance, sexual fantasies (including an introduction to sexual power play), plus male and female solo masturbation and mutual masturbation.

Learn more about Better Sex Series Sexplorations Vol. 2 DVD.

$20.00 , Regular price $29.00

Better Sex Series Sexplorations Vol. 3
on sale sex toy Better Sex Series Sexplorations Vol. 3 DVD
Helping you take your sex life to the next level, this final volume of the series encourages exploration outside of the traditional sex play script. Topics include: the importance of sensual touch, role playing, quickies and sex in unusual places, anal sex, sex toys, and adult films.

Learn more about Better Sex Series Sexplorations Vol. 3 DVD.

$20.00 , Regular price $29.00

Billy Castro Does the Mission
BDSM dvds
on sale sex toy Billy Castro Does the Mission DVD
Man-about-town Billy Castro finally stars in his own feature by one of indie porn’s true directorial stars, Courtney Trouble. With little plot to get your head around, Billy Castro Does the Mission follows Billy as he cruises the city for sex. Finding himself in the gym, hot tub, U-Haul, and hardwood floor with a variety of very steamy women, Billy has lots of well-shot, explicit sex, and almost every scene features someone squirting!

Learn more about Billy Castro Does the Mission DVD.

$10.00 , Regular price $20.00

Billy Castro's Naughty Squirters
no anal sex dvds
on sale sex toy Billy Castro's Naughty Squirters DVD
Naughty Squirters is Billy Castro's directorial debut, and viewers can definitely tell he's in control of all the action! Follow Billy as he shares horny stories with his friend while they cruise for hot femmes in their van. Picking up a stranded cutie in the middle of nowhere starts a chain reaction of hot encounters for Billy - the romp they share back at his apartment (full of spanking, squirting and intense blowjobs) impresses this femme so much that she just has to recommend him to all her friends! Simple bedroom settings set the perfect backdrop for the concentrated intensity of each scene - breath play, slapping, lots of female ejaculation and enthusiastic deep-throating really pack the four main scenes with lots of drama.

Learn more about Billy Castro's Naughty Squirters DVD.

$10.00 , Regular price $20.00

group sex dvds BDSM dvds
on sale sex toy Bordello DVD
Tons of hot sex (and a little murder mystery) is the order of the day in Bordello. A smokin' hot cast of girls and guys pair off and get down in this queer porn extravaganza. In the first part of the movie, each couple is having sex with each other in different rooms, and the camera switches back and forth through all of them, for those of us with shorter attention spans. Featuring some rope bondage, a fantastic hot wax scene and more - the cast seems to use suspected murder weapons as sex toys! A must see.

Learn more about Bordello DVD.

$10.00 , Regular price $20.00

Buck Off
BDSM dvds
on sale sex toy Buck Off DVD
All-out sex, all over the house is what's in store for Buck Angel and his gaggle of guys in Buck Off. Starting off reasonably tame and then evolving into harder sex with scenes that feature power play, boot worship, extreme piercings (how does a 00 Prince Albert sound?!), clamps, bondage... everyone's having a great time!

Learn more about Buck Off DVD.

$10.00 , Regular price $35.00

Buckback Mountain
no anal sex dvds
on sale sex toy Buckback Mountain DVD
A cowboy love story comes true in Buck Angel's Buckback Mountain. This epic, high budget film reveals the tender, sensous relationship that Buck begins with his summertime work partner in the picturesque desert. A little different than other Buck movies, this softer and less explicit plot-based film does not contain any anal sex.

Learn more about Buckback Mountain DVD.

$10.00 , Regular price $35.00

Burning Lust
on sale sex toy Burning Lust DVD
Sexy, sensual couple's porn done perfectly! Narrated by women as they explore their fantasies that they've always dreamed about. Shot well with a great looking male (as well as female) cast. From a sudsy carwash on the ranch to a sultry, smoky dim-lit city scape at night, Burning Lust is ultra romantic, yet explicit, without crossing the line.

Learn more about Burning Lust DVD.

$20.00 , Regular price $40.00

no anal sex dvds
on sale sex toy Champion DVD
The cast of Crash Pad is back in Champion, the story of a female boxer struggling with her training schedule and her off-the-charts busy social life. More storyline and dialogue than we are used to from this crew, but it is pulled off excellently, with no sex scenes spared. Some rougher sex in this one, but the chemistry and passion is searing. Once again Dylan Rion steals the show in a secret rendezvous with gorgeous transguy Javier.

Learn more about Champion DVD.

$10.00 , Regular price $20.00

on sale sex toy Chemistry DVD
We are huge fans of Tristan Taormino's work, especially when she directs. Her newest is based on a popular reality t.v. show, where we see seven of today's hottest stars cooped up for two days in a gorgeous mansion. No script, no plan, no plot -- anything goes. Tons of toys and more sexual scenarios than you could imagine! The first scene is fantastic, featuring a dynamic pairing between Marie Luv and Mr. Marcus; you'll see why this scorcher of a film is called "Chemistry". Tristan is the queen of explict porn that just features a lot of great sex between people who are having a good time.

Learn more about Chemistry DVD.

$20.00 , Regular price $25.00

Ciao Bella
on sale sex toy Ciao Bella DVD
Immerse yourself in Ciao Bella's luscious Italian scenery and equally luscious natural-bodied actors courtesy of Madison Young. Both raunchy and beautiful, this film utilizes POV camera work between actors which results in a delicious amount of direct eye contact and intense flirting. Madison Young blows us away with a sexy spaghetti eating scene while an explicit outdoor winery scene is drenched in sunlight. Lots of sex toys, enthusiasm, curvy women, real sex and desire. Ciao Bella is easily one of our fave lesbian films to date.

Learn more about Ciao Bella DVD.

$10.00 , Regular price $20.00

Crash Pad Series 3
no anal sex dvds
on sale sex toy Crash Pad Series 3 DVD
With possibly THE hottest cast the Crash Pad has had yet, the third edition is once again jam packed with voyeurism, ejaculation, fisting and just the right balance of sensuality and rough sex. Watch along with "Big Sister" as she enjoys the comings (pardon the pun) and goings of all those that hold the key. With an awesome threesome and a sweet masturbation scene featuring some humping of just-had-sex-on sheets, this movie has all the ingredients to make it a winner.

Learn more about Crash Pad Series 3 DVD.

$15.00 , Regular price $20.00

Crash Pad Series 4
BDSM dvds
on sale sex toy Crash Pad Series 4 DVD
In this episode of the Crash Pad, we are indulged in a little more power play than some of the other editions. Rough sex, rope bondage, and lots of strap-on play prevail as our regulars get down and dirty as we've come to expect from this groundbreaking crew. Real bodies, real sex, real chemistry and that traditional hint of voyeurism is definitely a winning formula from the folks at Pink & White Productions.

Learn more about Crash Pad Series 4 DVD.

$15.00 , Regular price $20.00

Crash Pad Series 5
no anal sex dvds BDSM dvds
on sale sex toy Crash Pad Series 5 DVD
The popularity of Crash Pad just keeps growing and growing, and for great reason! This fifth edition is a little more to-the-point than some of the others, with less dialogue and filler and more action. Diverse cast including folks of a variety of shapes, sizes and ages steal the show with tons of cocksucking, strap ons, an expert flogging and caning scene, slapping, teasing, and much, much more. Starring super sexy femmes and tattooed toppy butches - and even a bio guy for the first time in a Crash Pad episode - this one is definitely not to be missed.

Learn more about Crash Pad Series 5 DVD.

$15.00 , Regular price $20.00

Crash Pad Series 6
BDSM dvds
on sale sex toy Crash Pad Series 6 DVD
Welcome to Crash Pad's sixth time around! We're still in love with this great queer series featuring strangers who meet, have anonymous sex and then return to their lives. With great camera angles, gritty and realistic shooting, as well as an unknown voyeur watching in the background, we're treated to some realistic hard core sex between such faves as Tina Horn, James Darling and Jiz Lee. Top it off with great dirty talk, lots of bondage and strap-on sex- we're sure you'll love number six!

Learn more about Crash Pad Series 6 DVD.

$15.00 , Regular price $20.00

Dangerous Curves
no anal sex dvds group sex dvds
on sale sex toy Dangerous Curves DVD
In case you haven’t figured it out from the title, this is a movie about BBWs. Starring one of our favourite big, beautiful babes, April Flores is stunning and sensual in this film directed by her husband Carlos Batts. Just because the sex in this film may not be intense, does not mean the presentation isn’t. Soft, alternatively shot, and with unique and gorgeous backdrops, you may find yourself in a trance glued in by the visual beauty that is Dangerous Curves.

Learn more about Dangerous Curves DVD.

$10.00 , Regular price $20.00

Even More Bang For Your Buck
BDSM dvds
on sale sex toy Even More Bang For Your Buck DVD
AVN Transexual Performer of the Year Buck Angel brings us another wild sex romp, this time, with an all-male cast. Watch as Buck's "man-hole" gets a long and hard ride in the (very vocal) first scene, to aswesome blowjobs in the second, to Buck topping a leather hooded sub in the third. Also featuring a solo hot-tub masturbation scene. For those that love Buck, this is a must for the collection.

Learn more about Even More Bang For Your Buck DVD.

$10.00 , Regular price $30.00

Fade to Black
on sale sex toy Fade to Black DVD
A crew of novices take off on a road trip to L.A. to make it big in the porn industry. Their naivety is taken to task as they meet the movers and shakers, and learning a few lessons along the way. Excellent filming is combined with sultry and creative scenes of explicit sex. Who said that great acting can't be found in pornography? Paul Thomas has assembled a cast of top caliber actors to present his flick of personal journeys and sexual exploration.

Learn more about Fade to Black DVD.

$10.00 , Regular price $20.00

Fluid: Men Redefining Sexuality
group sex dvds
on sale sex toy Fluid: Men Redefining Sexuality DVD
Men Redefining Sexuality is a refreshing addition to our bisexual section! Three hot scenes featuring two men and a woman, filled with lust, chemistry, true spontaneity, and fun. Prior to each scene, the men discuss how they indentify within their own sexuality and how they've shaped their sexuality, and then we get to see them in action. The diverse cast involved in the film are doing it for themselves and each other as opposed to the camera and an audience. Truly different and remarkable!

Learn more about Fluid: Men Redefining Sexuality DVD.

$10.00 , Regular price $35.00

Fluid: Women Defining Sexuality
no anal sex dvds
on sale sex toy Fluid: Women Defining Sexuality DVD
Madison Young interviews four self-identified "fluid" women who have various identites around queer, bisexual and pansexual. Sex scenes are interspersed throughout and feature raw and real sex between folks who are having sex the way they want while breaking down ideas around bodies and sexual politics. Radical and inspiring, these women are taking back the word "slut" and creating sex images that appeal to regular folks looking for less artifice than the conventional porn aesthetic.

Learn more about Fluid: Women Defining Sexuality DVD.

$10.00 , Regular price $35.00

Gush: The Official Guide to the G-Spot
no anal sex dvds
on sale sex toy Gush: The Official Guide to the G-Spot DVD
Whether you’re in it to learn more about the g-spot or you’re just looking to enjoy hot scenes with a great diverse cast, Gush: The Official Guide to the G-Spot & Female Ejaculation from the fine folks at Good Vibrations, is educational, entertaining, and inspiring. Hosted by the legendary sex educator and author Carol Queen and starring indie porn legends, this is a great title for people of all genders and orientations.

Learn more about Gush: The Official Guide to the G-Spot DVD.

$10.00 , Regular price $20.00

Hearts Cracked Open
best selling sex toys no anal sex dvds
on sale sex toy Hearts Cracked Open DVD
A beautiful, spiritual, and gentle look at tantra, made especially for women who love women. Through interviews with experts and explicit demonstrations, we are invited to see how tantra not only can heighten pleasure and intensity of orgasm, but how it is a tool to heal and empower both the individual and relationship.

Learn more about Hearts Cracked Open DVD.

$20.00 , Regular price $35.00

Hello Nurse
on sale sex toy Hello Nurse DVD
Hello Nurse is sure to raise your temperature and get that blood pressure a-pumpin'! Starring hot babes with super-sexy nurse outfits that they suit to a tee, the scenes in this movie aren't necessarliy "doctor's office" themed, but more focused on the fantasy that the costumes conjure up.

Learn more about Hello Nurse DVD.

$15.00 , Regular price $25.00

Hookin Up
no anal sex dvds
on sale sex toy Hookin Up DVD
Now this is true, indie porn, done fantastically well. Young, hip, gorgeous tattooed partiers are doing exactly what the title suggests: Hookin Up, at a loft party in Brooklyn. Shot completely differently than other movies, this film makes you feel like you are actually at the party, and in the room for what goes on afterwards. It will change the way you look at porn forever!

Learn more about Hookin Up DVD.

$19.00 , Regular price $29.00

Mandy Candy
on sale sex toy Mandy Candy DVD
In this homage to Mandy Morbid's punk rock attitude, Kimberly Kane directs and performs a variety of explicit rolics in sparsely adorned West Hollywood hotel settings. The focus is their bad-ass love of all things sex and so the action is relentless. Fantastic energy explodes between Kimberly and Mandy in the first scene and leaves us wanting more. With actors playing up to the camera and showing off their stuff, Devi Lynne's solo sex scene gets heavy while Mandy films the point-of-view. Zak Sabbath steps in for a one-on-one scene with Mandy but is certainly upstaged. For those who love art porn but want more, Kimberly Kane delivers pure raunch that looks good, too.

Learn more about Mandy Candy DVD.

$10.00 , Regular price $25.00

best selling sex toys no anal sex dvds
on sale sex toy Matinee DVD
No one knew what might happen when a bad review launched these theatre performers into another realm of performances…This half-hour long film is full of chemistry and passion, with the two characters never having performed in an explicit erotic film before. Excellent for those new to porn, or those looking to see some incredibly sensual, tender performances.

Learn more about Matinee DVD.

$10.00 , Regular price $30.00

Midori's Expert Guide to Sensual Bondage
BDSM dvds
on sale sex toy Midori's Expert Guide to Sensual Bondage DVD
Straight from the world's premier bondage pro, Midori teams up with Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide gang to show us how to perfectly incorporate bondage in the bedroom for amazing sex. Communication, safety and materials are covered and explained, including how to use items from around your house, positions, and much more. 2 hot sex scenes follow. Also learn how to create Midori's famous vibrator bondage harness!

Learn more about Midori's Expert Guide to Sensual Bondage DVD.

$15.00 , Regular price $25.00

My Own Master
no anal sex dvds group sex dvds
on sale sex toy My Own Master DVD
Yes, Mistress Kane! Here comes a hot and steamy new flick directed by, and starring, the shamelessly selfish Kimberly Kane. Get ready as Kimberly bosses around a sweetly naïve young woman to clean her kitchen and showcase her “assets”, she has her way with Wolf Hudson and Danny Wylde in a wicked threesome, and shamelessly plays with herself teasing the audience. A whole lot of sex that is far from clean, this film is awesome for anyone who loves a good helping of nasty and punk rock in their smut.

Learn more about My Own Master DVD.

$10.00 , Regular price $30.00

Nina Hartley's Guide to Sensual Submission Vol.1
BDSM dvds
on sale sex toy Nina Hartley's Guide to Sensual Submission Vol.1 DVD
How to Submit to a Man
Nina Hartley provides an insightful, empowering and mesmerizing explanation of skills and desires around female submission, followed by two explicit demonstrations. Nina gives up her power to a talented top who knows what she likes, while the second scene features a well-matched couple who ham it up and create lots of magic. A brilliant educational DVD with hot sex to boot!

Learn more about Nina Hartley's Guide to Sensual Submission Vol.1 DVD.

$10.00 , Regular price $20.00

on sale sex toy Pin-Ups DVD
An Andrew Blake classic with all of the kink, beauty, and drama we’ve come to expect from this highly popular high-fashion director. Lush scenes unfold in subtly nuanced and sensual scenes of sexuality and lust. Recommended for those looking for high-quality softer porn.

Learn more about Pin-Ups DVD.


Pregnant With Desire
no anal sex dvds
on sale sex toy Pregnant With Desire DVD
An outstanding insight into the sexual fantasies, changing bodies, and sex lives of mothers-to-be, Pregnant with Desire features interviews with both partners prior to each sex scene. This film expresses all women as being deeply connected spiritually and sensually to their own bodies as they are going through the changes, and they explain everything from increased sensitivity of different body parts, to ecstatic birth, to lactation play during sex. All that and a whole buch of connected, focused, hardcore sex. A variety of scenes feature a friend/lover combo, a solo erotic bellydancer, and a married man and woman.

Learn more about Pregnant With Desire DVD.

$10.00 , Regular price $35.00

Roulette Toronto
on sale sex toy Roulette Toronto DVD
Courtney Trouble bring us a little local action in the Toronto edition of the Roulette series. Very little dialogue and no storyline, this movie is as real as it gets - aside from making your own home movies! Passion, fun, and orgasms abound! A big smokeshow, indeed.

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$10.00 , Regular price $25.00

on sale sex toy Roulette DVD
Queer sex is as hard to define as it is to ignore. Roulette is a series of sex scenes, music videos, short art films, and more. Each short is directed by a different person, yet everything seems to fit quite nicely together. No rules, just real sex with a very diverse cast. From Courtney Trouble and the folks at

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$10.00 , Regular price $35.00

Seven Minutes in Heaven 2: Tender Hearted
group sex dvds
on sale sex toy Seven Minutes in Heaven 2: Tender Hearted DVD
Super real and unscripted, Seven Minutes 2 is everything we love and adore about queer porn. Courtney Trouble directs a darling game of spin-the-bottle which gets the action going, and going and going! With a great threesome fisting scene (two fists at once and one over-the-top performance) and a finale scene featuring a game of truth of dare where Red dares the whole cast to a climatic gang bang. With a diverse cast and some new performers, this is a charming and fast-paced pornographic romp that shows authentic sex with nary a storyline or spotty acting.

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$10.00 , Regular price $20.00

Seven Minutes in Heaven: Coming Out
on sale sex toy Seven Minutes in Heaven: Coming Out DVD
There's something about people having sex on camera for the first time - the rawness, playfulness, and candidness is all front and center in this edition of Seven Minutes in Heaven. We get to know the actors a bit, and then get to know them a lot better as they play with a bunch of partners on screen for us. Tons of strap-on and toy play, with a diverse cast and real bodies.

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$10.00 , Regular price $20.00

Sexual Positions For Lovers
on sale sex toy Sexual Positions For Lovers DVD
Explore new positions and really get in touch with your partner through communication and experimentation. Sexual positions are explained in detail how they are achieved and how they provide pleasure and stimulation for each partner.

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$20.00 , Regular price $35.00

no anal sex dvds
on sale sex toy Speakeasy DVD
Speakeasy might just be the hottest porn that's going right now. Breathtakingly gorgeous actors and ridiculously hot sex, the atmosphere of a 1940's bar and costumes just enhance the whole movie. Featuring rope bondage suspension, lots of female ejaculation, and a barroom brawl. All female and trans cast--look out for newcomer Billy Castro.

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$10.00 , Regular price $20.00

Sugar High Glitter City
on sale sex toy Sugar High Glitter City DVD
Sugar High Glitter City is a great offering from the ladies behind Hard Love/ How to Fuck in High Heels. This movie is full of hot real girls having fun kinky sex with other hot real girls. Plus, it has a large cast and lots of ejaculation scenes. Lesbian focus.

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$20.00 , Regular price $45.00

on sale sex toy Superfreak DVD
You'll definitely wish you were invited to this party! Fresh, feisty and fun indie lesbian porn is at its finest in Superfreak, from the director that brought us the best-selling title, Crash Pad. Loaded with gritty sexual magnetism and true-to-life action, we follow Madison Young to a steamy soiree which quickly turns into a slew of all-out sex sessions around every corner. The spirit of Rick James turning people on is a cute and campy theme throughout, but there's nothing cute or campy about the seriously sexy situations these gals take on.

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Tales from the Ivy Manor
no anal sex dvds BDSM dvds
on sale sex toy Tales from the Ivy Manor DVD
Submissive Sarah is given an impossible task by Mistress Sinclaire and, after some intensive bondage, she is sent for pony re-training. Meanwhile, Jennifer (played by Jewell Marceaux), is left in charge of the manor and decides to impersonate her absent mistress and train up a new submissive on her own terms. With fabulous latex outfits, exquisite pony play and long camera shots on elaborate bondage, we're thrilled to be finally adding Sinclaire's classic fetish titles to our collection. Delightfully cruel and wonderfully erotic!

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$12.00 , Regular price $20.00

The Buck Stops Here
on sale sex toy The Buck Stops Here DVD
The box cover isn't lying when it announces, "You've gotta see Buck!". There is literally something for everyone. Buck Angel does it all and more in this super hot movie that pays no regard to "traditional" or "typical" gender roles. He also won the 2007 AVN Award for Transexual Performer of the Year. Fun, realistic, and sexy.

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$10.00 , Regular price $40.00

The New Devil in Miss Jones
group sex dvds BDSM dvds
on sale sex toy The New Devil in Miss Jones DVD
Paul Thomas may be the only porn director who could do justice to the original yet up the ante! In this highly recommended sequel, Savanna Samson is the recently deceased virgin Miss Jones, who makes a deal with the devil (Jenna Jameson) to prolong her time on earth. Orgies, bondage, sensation play, and dramatic gangbangs take this classic to a new level of hot. The three disc set includes the original Devil in Miss Jones, plus commentary, outtakes, and d scenes. With Spanish, French, German, and Italian language tracks, and a special guest appearance by Georgina Spelvin.

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$12.00 , Regular price $20.00

Turbo Rock
group sex dvds
on sale sex toy Turbo Rock DVD
Have a soft (or hard) spot for hardcore metal music, outrageous anal scenes, or the always fabulous Ashley Blue and April Flores? If you said yes to any of these, stop and stay awhile! This film chronicles the misdeeds of Blue and Flores as they work their way through the band, the manager, the brother of the boyfriend, the... well, you get the picture. If you're in the mood for gratuitous amounts of oral and anal, consider checking this film out! Soundtrack by The Meatmen with a cameo by The Dickies guitarist Stan Lee.

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$10.00 , Regular price $25.00

Turn Me Up, Over, and On/Afterschool Special
on sale sex toy Turn Me Up, Over, and On/Afterschool Special DVD
2 movies in one!! An excellent black and white short feature, and winner of Real Lesbian Sex contest, Turn Me Up gives you the kind of chemistry and hot sex often lacking in lesbian porn. With some excellent strap-on work, and a titillating opening burlesque short, Turn Me Up is a must for lovers of genuine dyke action. Now available on DVD with bonus film, Afterschool Special, a classic femme-butch bathroom spectacle!

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$35.00 , Regular price $65.00

V for Vagina
on sale sex toy V for Vagina DVD
Buck Angel is back, and this time, it's all girls he's after! Featuring a diverse cast, most of them decked out heavily in tattoos and piercings, Buck shows these babes how much a man he is. Everyone is getting exactly what they want and enjoying every second! Lots of strap on toys, and even an intense sex machine round out this funky, sexy, dirty flick.

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$10.00 , Regular price $35.00

Wild Search
on sale sex toy Wild Search DVD
Well worth the wait, Shine Loise Houston (of Superfreak and Crash Pad fame) is back with her newest edition to top-of-the-line indie lesbian flicks. Absolutely hilarious storyline with hot sex and amazing actors (some of whom are trans), you can't go wrong with Wild Search. Definitely deserves all of the praise that it has garnered. The only thing that we would like to change about it: the fact that it's not long enough! Formerly titled In Search of the Wild Kingdom.

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$15.00 , Regular price $35.00


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