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Local co-operative seeks mayor

FoursquareIf you ever wanted to be part of a worker-owned co-operative, but weren't so much into the 'work' part of worker-owner, here's an opportunity to experience all of the pride of ownership without all the pesky work! In conjunction with the now-available-in-Canada Foursquare, Come As You Are is offering rewards for checking in at our Toronto store, and an even better treat for the Mayor of our fine establishment!

Love it or hate it (I won't say which side I'm on) social networking exists and can sometimes be pretty awesome. If you've read my flurry of posts about internet privacy here, you probably already know that Come As You Are is all about being worthy of trust, and we genuinely think all businesses (and governments!) have a similar obligation to their patrons - whether they observe that obligation or not. Since we mostly can't trust organizations to keep our secrets, we need to do everything we can to protect our own privacy, right?

With that disclaimer in place, Foursquare is a smartphone-dependent app that allows you to 'check-in' at the places you visit and lets you let your Foursquare 'friends' know where you are. The more places you check-in at, the more 'badges' you receive and if you check-in somewhere more than anyone else, you are proclaimed Mayor! Fun!

We like fun! And even more, we like when you have fun! So, if you happen to be on Foursquare, check-in next time you come to visit us and we'll hook you up with something good.


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