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McDonald's Come As You Are spot

I'm sure embedding anything having to do with McDonald's in the Come As You Are Blog is contrary to most of our core values, but I couldn't help myself.

There's a lot of 'Come As You Are' out in the world - from dobermans to Christians to Nirvana to this lovely co-operative sex shop I've heard of - but this McDonald's ad has something we don't share with others: Venez tels quels (or Venez comme vous êtes, as it were.)

When we launched our website and retail store en français, we agonized over our French name almost more than anything else. We really didn't want to be one of those anglo retailers who forces others to speak English if you wish to refer to them at all, and it was important that our work in Quebec be available and easy in both languages.

Years later, we no longer have that sweet little shop on St-Laurent, but we're still able to offer workshops and support in Montreal, and we still offer customer service, educational and erotic books, and a French website at Speaking of which, look for a new, revamped Venez tels quels in the months to come.


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