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New Fleshlight, Fun Factory and more

We're constantly striving to bring you the best of the best new sex toys available in Canada and across the world! A long, long time ago, Fleshlight was known not only for their superior men's masturbation sleeves, but they also made a line of silicone dildos before it was fashionable to do so. Much to our pleasure, Fleshlight has dipped their collective toe (and other various extremities) and have brought us a new silicone replica of one of the Visconti triplets of porn fame. Very exciting. Check out the new stuff from Fleshlight and more below!

FleshJack Boys Visconti new item FleshJack Boys Visconti
We don't usually go in for the pornstar replica dildos, but for Fleshlight FleshJack we made an exception. Made of firmer silicone for a more intense experience, Fleshlight has modeled this particular dildo after Jason Visconti (of the Visconti triplets) and my-oh-my, does it ever look realistic. This dildo could be used in conjunction with a harness, but it isn't ideal for harness use due to its large base. | more
Fleshlight FleshJack STU
waterproof phthalate-free
new item Fleshlight FleshJack STU
Something nice, new and shiny for the guys who like guys who want to like guys longer! Previously only available in 'lady' style, the Fleshlight FleshJack STU (Stamina Training Unit) is an extra bumpy Fleshlight sleeve intended to help fellows train to maintain an erection for longer and to help guys get sensitized to different kinds of stimulation. Great fun too! | more
Fun Factory Spring
waterproof phthalate-free
new item Fun Factory Spring
Bursting onto the scene like Spring itself, Fun Factory's Spring rechargeable vibrator features Fun Factory's Click-N-Charge magnetic charging technology to provide a full waterproof vibrator experience. Finally, you can fully submerge your silicone vibrator for versatility in use and ease of cleaning! Oh, yeah, it also has total variable speed vibration with push-controls and multi-mode vibration just like the battery operated version. The Fun Factory Spring is an excellent clitoral vibrator, but with a little maneuvering, can also provide some great internal stimulation too! | more

Fun Factory The Boss G3
waterproof phthalate-free
new item Fun Factory The Boss G3
Show 'em who's boss with one of the strongest Fun Factory battery-powered vibrators! Part of Fun Factory's G3 series, The Boss is made of soft, velvety silicone and it is a really lovely semi-realistic toy with curves in all of the right places. Fully waterproof, The Boss is hypoallergenic, phthalate-free and easy to clean too. | more
Fuze Halo
waterproof anal compatible phthalate-free
new item Fuze Halo
With a great bulb-to-stem ratio for awesome stay-putted-ness, The Fuze Halo is a larger version of the Fuze Whirl. The Halo features ridges through the toy's bulb for a more textured experience. Not only are all Fuze plugs made of hypoallergenic silicone, but their handy-dandy base ring can serve as a handle or can hold your favourite mini vibe (not included). Comes complete with re-usable storage tube! | more
Gay Sex Deck new item Gay Sex Deck
The Gay Sex Deck is here! Cards are divided into three sections: foreplay, full sex and sex play, and illustrate and explain positions, new fantasies to try and how to go about acting them out, massage techniques, and much more. Great for new couples, those who are looking to expand their sexual repertoire, or just those looking to open up a healthy dialogue about their sex life. Cute illustrations as well as text on the opposite side that breaks it all down for you. | more
Glyde Vegan Condoms 12 Pack
best seller phthalate-free
new item Glyde Vegan Condoms 12 Pack
Our favourite vegan condoms are back, and they're here to stay! Glyde condoms are famous amongst vegans and vegetarians, but they're also super popular because of their form-fitting condoms. Glyde vegan condoms come in Slim Fit, Ultra or Maxi for a good fit where other condoms just don't. For a snugger fit, try Glyde Slim fit (49 mm), or Glyde Ultra (53 mm). If you're looking for something a bit roomier, try Glyde Maxi (56 mm). | more
Lil Teaser new item Lil Teaser
Lil Teaser definitely does more than tease! This smaller g-spot vibrator is fully waterproof, silicone and phthalate-free. Single speed, the Lil Teaser has a larger switch with loads of possibilities for folks looking for an easy-to-use and easy-to-adapt vibrator. Good for g-spot or external play! | more


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