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New Sex Toys - Fun Factory, Tenga & More

Come As You Are's Spring newsletter has sprung, and along with it comes lots of brand new offerings from some of our favourite sex toy makers from around the world! Check out our selection of men's toys from Tenga, two new rechargeable vibes from Fun Factory and a whole mess of plugs from our friends at Fuze!

Aslan Leather Vegan Jaguar Harness
waterproof sex toys sex toys made in canada phthalate-free sex toys
new sex toy Aslan Leather Vegan Jaguar Harness
Whew, this is a sleek and sexy harness! The front part of the harness is made with Aslan's thick grade rubber, and all the straps on this jock-style harness are made with their thin and grippy bioskin material (lycra with a polyurethane core). This means you wont have any bulky material in your buckles, and a harness that stays put! We love how lean and minimalist this harness looks!

Learn more about Aslan Leather Vegan Jaguar Harness.


BSisNice Alex Noise Dildo
strap-on compatible sex toys waterproof sex toys anal compatible sex toys phthalate-free sex toys
new sex toy BSisNice Alex Noise Dildo
The Alex Noise definitely marches to the beat of it's own choosing. Whimsically splattered with primary colours, this silicone dildo is a delight to behold. Soft & curved, it is friendly for prostate or g-spot stimulation, and made by hand in Spain. This toy is an exciting find for our cooperative! Nothing makes our day more than finding happy and playful sex toys to make our customers smile! (7" x 1 1/4")

Learn more about BSisNice Alex Noise Dildo.


BSisNice Realistic Dildo
strap-on compatible sex toys waterproof sex toys anal compatible sex toys phthalate-free sex toys
new sex toy BSisNice Realistic Dildo
This handsomely squishy semi-realistic two-toned dildo has a stylish design that has captivated us! This g-spot and prostate friendly silicone toy is accented with an angular swath of complimentary colour along the tip of this cock, and, at least to this dildo-reviewing worker/owner, feels like it is inspired by mid-century design. That being said, as the saying goes: We may not know art, but we know what we like! (7 1/2" x 1 1/2")

Learn more about BSisNice Realistic Dildo.


BSisNice Twister Dildo
strap-on compatible sex toys waterproof sex toys anal compatible sex toys phthalate-free sex toys
new sex toy BSisNice Twister Dildo
This silicone dildo arrived in Toronto at the same time that some of our worker/owners were travelling across Canada during the Come Where You Are Summer Sexploration Tour. And, as a result, the first thing we compared it to when we met the Twister was washboard roads. Which is pretty cool- the bumping lines of this toy make it a quality sensation toy, whether used for anal or vaginal play. It's flared, and compatible with any of our harnesses. (6 1/2" x 1 1/8")

Learn more about BSisNice Twister Dildo.


LA Pumps Silicone Cushion
waterproof sex toys phthalate-free sex toys
new sex toy LA Pumps Silicone Cushion
This cushion is designed and provided by the same folks who make our quality LA Pumps penis cylinders and pumps. Silicone Cushions can be a helpful addition to penis cylinders, since they will help the cylinder create a stronger seal against the body. These pump sleeves can also add a bit of bulk to penis pumps. While some don't like this bulkiness, it can be great for cutting down on excess space at the base of the cylinder, and creating a snugger fit for the penis. This cushion will accommodate LA Pumps' penis cylinders with a diameter from 1 1/2" to 2 3/4". Happy pumping!

Learn more about LA Pumps Silicone Cushion.


Mood Pleaser Sleeve
waterproof sex toys phthalate-free sex toys
new sex toy Mood Pleaser Sleeve
The Mood Exciter sleeve that we picked up was so darn popular that we needed to try more of the same line! The Mood Pleaser is snug, soft, and full of texture- great qualities in a masturbation sleeve! (4" )

Learn more about Mood Pleaser Sleeve.


Province Apothecary Sex Oil
waterproof sex toys staff pick sex toys sex toys made in canada phthalate-free sex toys
new sex toy Province Apothecary Sex Oil
The lovely folks at this Toronto company (based in Kensington Market) sent over a sample of this oil, and we are completely blown away by it. Light, slippery, long lasting, and made with organic ingredients, this coconut oil based lubricant is impressive as both a lube and massage product.

Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil*, Evening Primrose Oil* and GMO-free Vitamin E. *Certified Organic/Certifié Biologique

Learn more about Province Apothecary Sex Oil.

2.5oz Bottle - $16.00
4oz Bottle - $28.00

Spartacus Butterfly Nipple Clamps
new sex toy Spartacus Butterfly Nipple Clamps
A customer told us the original use for these clamps was to keep fabric taut when sewing. While we can't claim to know their effectiveness on cloth, we do know what they do to skin. Non-adjustable, the butterfly clamps are tight when you put them on and get tighter when you tug on the chain.

Learn more about Spartacus Butterfly Nipple Clamps.


Stockroom Adjustable Spreader Bar
phthalate-free sex toys
new sex toy Stockroom Adjustable Spreader Bar
This chrome spreader bar adjusts from 25" to 37". Comes with an eyebolt at either end and limitless possibility! (37" x 1")

Learn more about Stockroom Adjustable Spreader Bar.


WoodPecker Wood Paddle
sex toys made in canada phthalate-free sex toys
new sex toy WoodPecker Wood Paddle
These wooden paddles are made by a tiny company in southern Ontario. Due to their handmade nature, no two paddles are quite the same, but rest assured that they are all gorgeous! Oh, and the dimensions reflect the rectangular 'useable' part! (10" x 2 3/4")

Learn more about WoodPecker Wood Paddle.


Artisan’s Book of Fetishcraft
new sex toy Artisan’s Book of Fetishcraft
Kinky crafters looking for DIY fetish gear inspiration and fully drafted patterns, we’ve got the book for you! With its focus on clothing, harnesses, gags, chastity play wear and masks, Fetishcraft gives readers the opportunity to customize their own sexy play gear without having to start from scratch with pattern drafting. This book lays down the basics of working with several materials popular in fetishwear (latex, leather, grommets etc) and helps you achieve professional-looking results at home. We think this extremely detailed volume is a great companion to Douglas Kent’s Better Built Bondage Book, and just as fabulous on its own.

Learn more about Artisan’s Book of Fetishcraft.


Best Bondage Erotica 2014
BDSM dvds
new sex toy Best Bondage Erotica 2014
The Best Bondage series is a favourite at Come As You Are! This series' stories are usually not the most edgy we have to offer, but they are always curated thoughtfully, and have made many a customer happy over the years! Enjoy the sensual possibilities of a made-to-fit 'device' that renders the woman strapped in it completely helpless to her controller. Or, skip to the story of the strong & silent (and handsome, of course) cowboy all wound up in rope. Got a thing for sexy and daring circus performers? There's a story for you in here! Paperclips? Tradesmen? Check and check! Enjoy this delicious array of fresh stories introduced by Laura Antoniou, and featuring a wide selection of kinky authors.

Learn more about Best Bondage Erotica 2014.


Best Women's Erotica 2014
new sex toy Best Women's Erotica 2014
This year's collection of Best Women's Erotica keeps up the series' glowing reputation with a fresh batch of fantasies ranging from romantic to racy. Leave it to prolific sex writer and editor, Violet Blue, to bring together a selection of seventeen sexy scenarios that heighten the senses and find thrills simmering under the surface of the everyday - from dining to theatre rehearsals, from adding value to antiques to LARPing, blogging, rock climbing, and shaving! If you're looking for adventure, romance and a smattering of powerplay, give Best Women's Erotica 2014 a try!

Learn more about Best Women's Erotica 2014.


Nice Girl's Guide to Talking Dirty
new sex toy Nice Girl's Guide to Talking Dirty
Many of us gleefully draw inspiration from our favourite porn scenes or erotic stories when searching for sexy words to murmur - but what to do if you feel like a broken record of porn sounds, wishing instead for your own unique and authentic sexy voice? Here's a tender little workbook that can help you tap into the facets of yourself that have lots of sensual desires to express! You won't find any pre-made lists of scorching adjectives and verbs to match up, but lots of guided self reflection will have you creating lists of your own!

Learn more about Nice Girl's Guide to Talking Dirty.


Slow Seduction
group sex dvds
new sex toy Slow Seduction
We've always been fans of Cecilia Tan, and so we're super stoked about her latest success with this hugely popular new erotic series! In this second installment in the Struck By Lightning series, Karina travels to England to search for her elusive lover who disappeared without a word. Once there, she befriends a group of artists who may know James (or Jules as some know him) and ultimately finds herself caught up in sexual intrigue at a secret society of submissive and dominant players. Is she in love with the edgy submissive sex she's been drawn into or is James the only one she needs to find? A daring and twisting plot, characters that are true and brilliant, and erotic scenarios that are delicious and wicked, have us turning every page! Highly recommended reading!

Learn more about Slow Seduction.


Doing It Again
staff pick sex toys BDSM dvds
new sex toy Doing It Again DVD
Tobi Hill-Meyer, activist and director of Doing It Ourselves interviews four couples, some who've just met and some who've been together for years (in once case two decades). These couples have one common goal: to show Trans women's sexualities in a realistic and glorious light. Their Trans-identified partners are more than obliging and the scenes are fantastic, diverse and very hot. From porn stars Drew and Hayley sparking some serious chemistry in a library to older couple Chelsea and Mo's intimate dom and sub play; from burlesque artists Lilith and Violet's latex and tease torture to newly introduced Azure and Juicy's immediate connection, each scene is interspersed with great interviews where you really get to know each dynamic couple. This is brain sex for 2014 - an engaging, brilliant and much sought after tour-de-force of empowered Trans women's identities!

Learn more about Doing It Again DVD.


no anal sex dvds
on sale sex toy new sex toy Femmetastic DVD
Madison Young brings us back (once again) to the golden age of POV gonzo film, but with a lesbian feminist twist! Polygamous wives enjoy eachother while their husband is away, bad girls get the spankings they deserve, and Dylan Ryan gets off hard in the laundromat in this sexy film filled with queer women enjoying their femme fabulousness!

Learn more about Femmetastic DVD.


Heartland: A Woman's POV
no anal sex dvds
on sale sex toy new sex toy Heartland: A Woman's POV DVD
Madison Young's series of indie POV porn has a little something for everyone! Enjoy her focus on women's pleasure in a series of vignettes including a solo addition to the mile high club, a hot sex educator, and a real life Chicago couple. Madison Young, Billie Sweet, Cherries Jubalie, Alea, Peter Danger, Nicole, Red Hot Megan, Rita Seagrave

Learn more about Heartland: A Woman's POV DVD.


Lucky: A Woman's POV
group sex dvds
on sale sex toy new sex toy Lucky: A Woman's POV DVD
It's all about LA in this sexy indie flick! Cheap motels, steamy shower sex, and wild parties are the name of the game in this POV style film by director Madison Young. Filled with hot queer sex (including foot jobs, stockings, toys, role play and more!), Young's POV filming gets up close and personal with these sexy stars!

Learn more about Lucky: A Woman's POV DVD.


Art of the Female Orgasm Workshop
staff pick sex toys
new sex toy Art of the Female Orgasm Workshop
The Art of Female Orgasm
With Ducky Doolittle
Oh la la! Women are a deep pool of pleasure and Ducky is here to teach you how to swim! She will demystify the female body, from erogenous zones, to the vulva, clit, G spot, female ejaculation, pelvis muscles and even anal pleasure. Together we'll compare ancient Eastern knowledge, current scientific data, personal discoveries, tips & techniques and send you home with a wealth of orgasmic knowledge and resources. Walk away understanding why some touches deliver amazing stimulation and how to draw deeper orgasmic responses. This workshop is for women and lovers of women.

Expect to learn:

  • How to have (give) a better orgasm that very night.
  • How to expand your (her) orgasms, have multiple orgasms or how to orgasm if you never have.
  • The truth about female ejaculation.
  • Why a lot of women feel like they have to pee during sex.
  • The truth about which sex toys will take you (her) over the edge.

When: Tuesday, August 26, 2014. 7:30PM-9:30PM
Where: Come As You Are
Cost: $35/per person (Sliding Scale is Available)

Learn more about Art of the Female Orgasm Workshop.


Control & Dominance Moves Workshop
new sex toy Control & Dominance Moves Workshop
Kinesthetic Rope 2 (A Rope Dojo Elective)
With Midori
Learn effective rope moves to enhance control. What ever style of bondage or rope play you enjoy, these skills will boost the emotional and psychological intensity. In this hands-on class you’ll practice safe moves that are body-smart for the top side and bottom sides. Whether you enjoy Kinbaku, Shibari, Westen, Predicament, Damsel in Distress, Take-downs or Confrontational play, these techniques will integrate well into your fun!

No experience necessary - You do not need to have taken Kinesthetic Rope 1 or graduated from Rope Dojo - but if you have, this will enhance your continuing education. This Rope Dojo Elective is open to those who play at one or both ends of the rope. You do not have to be a Rope Bondage Dojo graduate to attend. If you’ve not attended, this class will provide excellent foundation for Dojo. More info:

Wear comfortable clothing and bring two or three length of rope that you usually play with. If you’re not sure, bring two or three lengths of 20 to 30 feet per rope. Some practice ropes will be available to borrow. Yoga mat or towels are suggested but optional.

If you come solo, you’ll be paired with other solos for practice.

Monday, October 6th, 2014. 7:30PM -10PM
Where: Come As You Are

Learn more about Control & Dominance Moves Workshop.


Pop His Rocket Workshop
staff pick sex toys
new sex toy Pop His Rocket Workshop
A Woman's Guide To Handling Your Guy
With Ducky Doolittle
We'll be straight up with you. This is a blow job class. Super fun and loaded with tips and techniques that will blow his mind. So sit down, prepare to be titillated and have a great time! And while you are there, having a great time talking about blowjobs with Ducky, prepare to be transformed in other ways as well. Because Ducky's seventeen years of sexual research has proven men are sexually deeper and far more beautiful than the world gives them credit for. She'll teach you how to see beyond the B.S. of this Girls Gone Wild world and really connect with your guy.

Expect to learn:

  • The truth about his pleasure anatomy, including his hottest spots and how to stimulate them.
  • Tips and techniques that will have him melting in your mouth and in your hands.
  • Sex secrets and desires guys are too shy to tell you.
  • How to define what makes you sexy in his eyes and how to amp-up your sex appeal.
  • Fresh communication techniques that will have him eagerly asking how he can please you in return!

When: Monday, August 25, 2014. 7:30PM - 9:30PM
Where: Come As You Are
Cost: $35/per person (Sliding Scale is Available)

Learn more about Pop His Rocket Workshop.



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