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Spring Newsletter

Come As You Are Worker-Owners

This newsletter marks the beginning of our co-operative’s 13th year in existence. In some ways it seems like only yesterday that we first opened our doors (and six months later launched our first website). But it also feels like a long, long time ago. Much has changed and much has remained the same. When you’re a member of a co-operative every part of doing business is a little different than when you work at a regular undemocratic business.

With undemocratic businesses they’re always trying to project some corporate identity. Often it’s a projection of the oversized ego of the owner. Sometimes it comes directly from a marketing brain trust. But a co-op is its members. We’re regular folks who are lucky enough to, at least in our work, control our own destiny. It makes the co-op feel more like a human being than a brand identity. And this means that, just like other humans, we’re always changing and growing.

And now we’re a teenager! We’re not looking forward to the reduced sexual rights and respect that we know is coming our way during our teen years, but we are looking forward to seven years of intense introspection, wild imaginations, and discovering so many new things about ourselves and all of you.

We’re now half way through sharing our core values with you, and this newsletter we’re featuring the two that may be most descriptive of who we are.

Core Value #3: No Come Ons

We value information over sales, so we don’t come on to our customers. We believe you can talk about sex without resorting to titillation or hucksterism. While we appreciate sleaze as much as the next sex shop, it’s not what we do at Come As You Are. To make good decisions -- healthy decisions -- we all need accurate information and freedom from pressure and social expectation. That's why we don’t do cheesy marketing ploys or fake come ons. What we do do is honest, up-to-date information.

Oh, and we promise not to hit on you and ask that you don't hit on us. We guarantee that the only sex objects in our store are the products on our walls.

Core Value #7: Create Nerdy Fun

At Come As You Are, we love that sex can be nerdy, silly, and a whole lot of fun.

Creating nerdy fun means not taking ourselves too seriously. With so many social restrictions and taboos around sexuality it's easy to forget that sex is a wonderful kind of adult play. We're all self-identified sex nerds and working in a sex shop offers limitless opportunities to make nerdy fun. We can't think of anything more fun than getting to spend our days talking, thinking, and writing about sexuality.

At the same time we're mindful that for most of us sex is complicated, and we never make fun, or use humour to diminish diverse sexual experiences. When it feels like someone's being left out, we know we're on the wrong track and it's time to start again.

Learn more about our co-operative values and CAYA culture on our website,


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