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Thank you for the best worst day

For all of the joy CAYA brings our worker owners, running our little shop can sure be tough sometimes! Even though our co-operative often really doesn't feel like a 'company' to us - Come As You Are feels like a way-of-life, not an incorporated entity! - the administrative side of running a co-op can sometimes be really fun, but sometimes the sheer amount of work involved in running this place can get you down. Such is life!

But here's the thing - you folks transformed today into a really great day for me. Today should have been terrible - it should have been just the worst - but luckily, I got/had to cover a shift in mail order, and I got to email and talk with so many of you and you were all just the nicest, loveliest bunch of people I could've encountered.

Today could have been a day of heavy breathers and non-consensual telephone jerker-offers, but instead every customer (I hesitate to call you customers, because it isn't really about the buying, right?) I interacted with today had awesome questions or just really interesting things to say - even the fellow (who shall remain nameless for confidentiality reasons) who was having troubles with Canada Post delivering his order was so incredibly courteous and said such nice things about Come As You Are that it truly made my day, and probably my week. Similarly, my email interaction about the legal designations of vibrators (see more here tomorrow on this) was equally flattering and just the nicest. Also, one of our favourite special-order-only customers called today, and I always enjoy those chats.

Anyhow, you folks thank us all the time for doing good work, and I just wanted to thank all of you for making it so worthwhile.


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