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What do Seinfeld and Annie Sprinkle have in common?

What do Seinfeld and Annie Sprinkle have in common?

There's something for (almost) everyone this week in DVDs. No matter how you look at it, Annie Sprinkle has had one of the most remarkable sex careers of the modern era. With the uncut and remastered release of Annie's classic Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle her true fans can revel in 3 full discs of Annie bliss.

We haven't been able to resist the wave of XXX parodies that have flooded the market lately, and Seinfeld XXX was no exception - it has a good home amongst the Scrubs and The Office porn parodies. Porn Wars has gone well beyond the parody and is a phenomenon in it's own right and the saga continues in Porn Wars Episode 2. Don't miss Courtney Trouble's Roulette or Penny Flame's new Expert Guide.

Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle Uncut Edition Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle Uncut Edition DVD
The deluxe version of Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle is here! 3 discs featuring a digitally remastered version of the original film including the cut "golden shower" scene not available to the public until now. Also included is a full length commentary by Annie, Q&A interview, bonus scenes, the original trailer, a 24 page colour booklet, and last but certainlty not least, an Annie Sprinkle finger puppet. What more could you ask for? $45 | more

Expert Guide to Rough Sex
contains BDSM
Expert Guide to Rough Sex DVD
Sometimes the best way to spice things up in your sex life is to learn how to push your sexual boundaries while respecting each other's limits, and Penny Flame does just that in the newest edition of the Expert Guide series. In the same style as other DVDs in the series, the upbeat way that information is presented makes learning fun--you might even forget that you're watching an educational movie! Learn different types of slaps, what parts of the body to hit (and parts to steer clear of), hair pulling techniques, bondage, communication including dirty talk, establishing safe words and boundaries and much more. Three sex scenes follow, demonstrating a variety of power play situations and even games couples can play together. Heterosexual focus. $35 | more

Porn Wars Episode 2 Porn Wars Episode 2 DVD
Love the first episode of Porn Wars and just want more? Porn Wars 2 is another installment of great sex and great graphics, with a feeling that the actors are really enjoying what they are doing. Big budget and high action infused with sex and CGI equals a "force" to be reckoned with. $29 | more

Roulette Roulette DVD
Queer sex is as hard to define as it is to ignore. Roulette is a series of sex scenes, music videos, short art films, and more. Each short is directed by a different person, yet everything seems to fit quite nicely together. No rules, just real sex with a very diverse cast. From Courtney Trouble and the folks at $35 | more

Seinfeld XXX Seinfeld XXX DVD
With a bang-on set, ridiculously cheesy jokes and a perfect cast, Seinfeld XXX is another gem in the porn parody genre. It really couldn't have been done much better. A great variety of different sex acts and intensity abound. $35 | more


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