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Folks always ask us which of our educational and adult DVDs are most popular, and for the most part, we tend to be hesitant to answer that question. We're much more interested in helping you find porn that works for you - not the DVD with the most marketing from the biggest studio. In fact, we'll even help you find out how to choose porn! However, if you really must know, here are our best selling sex educational and adult DVDs in Canada.

Ashley and Kisha
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Ashley and Kisha DVD
Another great real life, real sex film from Tony Comstock features Ashley and Kisha, his first all-girl release. This time we watch a shy and unsure Kisha fall in love with a much more experinced Ashley--and nothing could have turned out better. Their interviews are peppered with scenes of the two getting intimate, and then we are treated to a gorgeous uninterrupted sex scene. Refreshing realistic and heartwarming to those that have been in similar situations of coming out and expressing their sexuality.

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$40.00 CAD

She Hulk XXX Parody
best selling sex toys shot in HD
She Hulk XXX Parody DVD
It ain’t easy being green! Or so we find out, as we follow Jennifer Walters (Gracie Glam) on her journey from meek & mild to green & wild! In this raunchy Axel Braun directed parody, She-Hulk (Chyna) searches for justice, acceptance, and sexual satisfaction. Our heroine awakens from a coma, only to discover she has acquired some “smashing” new talents and abilities, to her dismay and delight! On a rage fueled rampage, she encounters some of her fellow superheroes (both of the Fantastic Four, and Avengers persuasion!), as well as a few villainous foes along the way. She may be mean and green - but, you’ll like her when she’s ANGRY!!

Learn more about She Hulk XXX Parody DVD.

$60.00 CAD

Under the Covers
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Under the Covers DVD
She’s at it again! One of our fave directors Candida Royalle brings us a brand-new fresh and fun feature, Under the Covers. Upbeat and cutely comical situations intermingled with scenes ranging from a sex toy store clerk getting it on with herself in the back room (we SWEAR it’s never happened here!) to a reporter interviewing a dominatrix in her dungeon, Candida keeps everything light and sexy. The last scene evolves at a masked “Dress to Impress” party where our characters don’t know who they’re fooling around with, and are surprised when they find out!

Learn more about Under the Covers DVD.

$22.00 CAD

XConfessions 5
best selling sex toys shot in HD
on sale sex toy XConfessions 5 DVD
In this 5th volume Erika Lust brings 10 brand new films featuring summer escapades and outdoor sex, the love of kink and BSDM, hidden erotic taboos, modern men and intellectual turn-ons, the ultimate fellatio, and a mythical fantasy with a mermaid! All this and a lot more in 100 minutes of beautifully shot explicit images. You've never seen films with sex as beautiful and fun as these! Get all five volumes of XConfessions and save!

Learn more about XConfessions 5 DVD.

$20.00 CAD , Regular price $30.00


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