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best selling dvds

Folks always ask us which of our educational and adult DVDs are most popular, and for the most part, we tend to be hesitant to answer that question. We're much more interested in helping you find porn that works for you - not the DVD with the most marketing from the biggest studio. In fact, we'll even help you find out how to choose porn! However, if you really must know, here are our best selling sex educational and adult DVDs in Canada.

XConfessions 4
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new sex toy XConfessions 4 DVD
There are a thousand things we love about Erika Lust's films: the crowd-sourced fantasies, the attention to detail, the high-production values, not to mention the feminist ethic that goes into each and every one of her films. Just when we thought the series might start to fizzle out, XConfessions 4 is hotter and more visually engaging than the previous installments combined. Each of the ten films brings something special to this collection - from the food porn in "Eat With Me", to the 'first kiss' in Pansexual - and each vignette serves up a nice dose of charming plot to give all of the steamy hot sex some context. If XConfessions 3 was more about the scene than the scenario, XConfessions 4 is all about the sexy storyline.

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1000 Words
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1000 Words DVD
1000 Words is one of a kind experiment--a plot-based movie with absolutely no dialogue. Two photographers, Eloise (Carmen Hart) and Alain (Randy Spears) are star-crossed lovers both in relationships they want to get of…and into each other's pants. The visual aspect is most important with most of the movie being shot in black and white, except for the sex scenes. Great emotional acting and stellar looking cast, an excellent movie for those looking for something on the softer side, or someone watching porn for the first time.

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Diary of Love
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Diary of Love DVD
If The Notebook made you gush with excitement (pun intended), then Diary of Love (a word-for-word XXX adaptation) will have you overflowing with anticipation. This romantic porn parody features tons of passionate make-out sessions and foreplay in the prelude to some hot, explicit sex. Now, we get to watch Ally and Noah's heart-wrenching love story - uncensored! Best of all, it features the DVD option of full-storyline or simply wall-to-wall sex scenes. For everyone who's fantasized about seeing Ryan Gosling in action - and who hasn't? - Richie Calhoun makes a dashingly convincing substitute.

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Eyes of Desire
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Eyes of Desire DVD
Candida Royalle shines with this film, her best to date. A lovely story of voyeurism and intrigue spark desire into motion. Missy's performance is not to be missed. A subtle and gentle moving film. Slightly more explicit than Candida's earlier work.

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Five Hot Stories for Her
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Five Hot Stories for Her DVD
For anyone looking for porn that offers high cinematic quality and cute sassy stories from a female perspective, Erika Lust delivers and then some! From 'Fuck You Carlos', a revenge story that ends happy (for some), to 'Married with Children' where a couple escapes to a stage set for a domination-charged anonymous rendezvous, to a gay couple enjoying some rough play in 'Break Up Sex', each scene is shot with an attention to cinematic aesthetic that far surpasses most porn these days. Don't expect too much explicitness but just enough to tantalize.

Learn more about Five Hot Stories for Her DVD.


Friends with Benefits
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Friends with Benefits DVD
Ever considered attending a swingers party? Take a voyeuristic spin with the adorable and genre-bending Friends with Benefits. Without the predictability of many mainstream films, this story-laden sexual adventure is well shot, well acted and features some of the best sex scenes we've seen- dripping with variety and sexual tension. Nervous newbies Tommy Pistol and Brooklyn play it to a tee as they first venture into a swingers world with all the drama, jealousy and group sex that goes with it. Directed by Paul Thomas: one of the best storytellers in today's porn world.

Learn more about Friends with Benefits DVD.


Hearts Cracked Open
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on sale sex toy Hearts Cracked Open DVD
A beautiful, spiritual, and gentle look at tantra, made especially for women who love women. Through interviews with experts and explicit demonstrations, we are invited to see how tantra not only can heighten pleasure and intensity of orgasm, but how it is a tool to heal and empower both the individual and relationship.

Learn more about Hearts Cracked Open DVD.

$20.00 , Regular price $35.00

Inside a XXX Marriage: Eric & Wendy
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Inside a XXX Marriage: Eric & Wendy DVD
Inside a XXX Marriage: Eric & Wendy is a true insider's look into the adult film industry. This documentary takes a peek at the day-to-day lives of porn stars (and real-life partners) Wendy Divine and Eric Masterson, from their on-set to at home relationship. The couple shares advice about how to keep sex fresh and hot...even if you've already been doing it all day! A truly intriguing and worthwhile addition for those who might be just a little curious about what goes on behind the scenes and behind closed doors.

Learn more about Inside a XXX Marriage: Eric & Wendy DVD.


Lost and Found
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Lost and Found DVD
In this title from the romance series, A cute new girl moves into town and turns out to be the perfect girl for shy David. When her beloved Boston Terrier runs away right into his yard, his unemployed roommates convince him that they should hold onto the dog, while David helps Jen put posters up around the city. The plan backfires, and David and his roommates look like fools. Can he convince Jen that he really is a good guy that's worth her time? Kimberly Kane is adorable and absolutely amazing in this flick.

Learn more about Lost and Found DVD.


best selling sex toys no anal sex dvds
on sale sex toy Matinee DVD
No one knew what might happen when a bad review launched these theatre performers into another realm of performances…This half-hour long film is full of chemistry and passion, with the two characters never having performed in an explicit erotic film before. Excellent for those new to porn, or those looking to see some incredibly sensual, tender performances.

Learn more about Matinee DVD.

$10.00 , Regular price $30.00

Pirates 2
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Pirates 2 DVD
Three years after the original record-breaking film comes Pirates 2: Stagnetti's Revenge. Even better than the first - the acting, CGI and sets (not to mention the wicked-hot sex) are incomparable to anything that has been made in porn, ever. Sex scenes are edited in a way that prevents monotany and the storyline is fast-paced yet not hard to follow. Knockout scene between power-hungry Jesse Jane and Belladonna is a must-see, as well as the oral sex in the second last scene. It's worth the hype. 4 disc set, over 8 hours of content.

Learn more about Pirates 2 DVD.


Superman Vs. Spiderman
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Superman Vs. Spiderman DVD
A porn parody!
We ? Axel Braun porn parodies! There's nothing wrong (and something so so right) about some ridiculously raunchy sex between superheroes with fabulously accurate superhero costumes, stupendous special effects, and a script that doesn't fall short. Superman is fantastically well cast down to his blue-eyed gaze and chiseled features that even Spiderman's Mary Jane succumbs to his charms. The two superheroes work together to save a captured Lois Lane which inevitably leads to more stupendous superhero sex. Many blow jobs later, the villains defeated (played by a very authentic Lex Luthor and Doc Ock) by Spider Woman, Superman and Spiderman go their separate ways both with satisfied smiles on their faces. Fighting crime has never been sexier!

Learn more about Superman Vs. Spiderman DVD.


The Romance Collection:Cabin Fever/The Voyeur/The Hottest Bid
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The Romance Collection:Cabin Fever/The Voyeur/The Hottest Bid DVD
This erotic trilogy by director Deborah Shames was the pre-cursor to the now much talked about feminist porn. These soft-core full length features explore women’s fantasies and sexual desires in smart and funny ways. Cabin Fever tells the tale of a woman, a remote cabin, and her handsome handyman. The Voyeur follows a couple on an erotic getaway weekend trying to spice up their 10 year marriage. The Hottest Bid follows a complicated sexual entanglement between lawyers, dog owners, and auctions.

Learn more about The Romance Collection:Cabin Fever/The Voyeur/The Hottest Bid DVD.


XConfessions 2
best selling sex toys no anal sex dvds group sex dvds shot in HD
on sale sex toy XConfessions 2 DVD
We watch a lot of porn at Come As You Are, and Erika Lust's films have become a very special treat that we look forward to. Gorgeously conceived and filmed, Lust's intricate and artistic attention to detail will leave you stunned and wanting so much more. The fact that she films mostly in Barcelona doesn't hurt either! Oh, and the sex? Phenomenal. Featuring a real life couple and other amazingly inspiring performers, the sex in these ten scenes ranges from endearing and funny to electrifying and astonishing. Enjoy a sexy stockroom birthday gift at work, spur-of-the-moment group sex, a playful descent into some very hot crossdressing, sexy spanking, suckable feet, and so much more. Please note one scene is an abduction fantasy entitled Hunt Me, Catch Me, Eat Me. Lust's XConfessions series is inspired by anonymous fantasies shared with her by her fans, and, boy, we hope everyone keeps up the good work!

Learn more about XConfessions 2 DVD.

$25.00 , Regular price $30.00

An Office Romance
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An Office Romance DVD
Getting up enough courage to approach those you lust after definitely has its rewards...Beautifully shot in HD, An Office Romance is next in the series of couple-friendly, high end porn, light on the storyline. Sensual, chemistry-filled sex scenes and spot-on acting, this workplace themed love story is great for first-time porn watchers, as well as those looking for a lot of romance in a film without being ridiculously cheesy. No group sex, no anal, no girl/girl. This item is currently out of stock

Learn more about An Office Romance DVD.


Recipe for Romance
best selling sex toys no anal sex dvds
Recipe for Romance DVD
A charming, cute and funny story of Carolina, a chef, who is so wrapped up in her own sexual fantasies that the delicacies that she creates turn into super aphrodisiacs themselves! Lusting after her fantasy man, she doesn't realize that the object of her make-believe passion is actually right there in front of her all along. Romantic and sexy, starring all good-looking brunette actors, without the fakeness of traditional porn. Another fine instalment in the romance series. This item is currently out of stock

Learn more about Recipe for Romance DVD.



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