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no anal sex dvds

For those who know exactly what they don't want to see on film, our selection of adult dvds and sex education dvds that feature no anal sex.

100 Crushes
no anal sex dvds
100 Crushes
Elisha Lim's 100 Crushes is a compilation of the last 5 years of their queer comics. A beautiful collection of their queer-iconic (queerconic? gaymous?) art and storytelling that explore the actualities of gender, queer desire, family, community, and survival, this book is full of tenderness, love, power, loss and heartbreak. Lim's adoration of butches, sissies, dandies and convent girls (as well as everyone in-between) radiates in each page.

Learn more about 100 Crushes.

$22.50 CAD

Aspergers Syndrome and Sexuality
no anal sex dvds
Aspergers Syndrome and Sexuality
From Adolescence through Adulthood
This book has been designed primarily as a resource for folks who work with people with AS. Which is a shame- a book designed explicitly for folks who identify as having AS would be such a gem! Regardless, whether you are an educator, lover, or someone who experiences life on an autistic / AS spectrum, this book might still be an amazing tool to add to your toolbox! The first half of this piece explores AS and sexuality during different periods of life, and from different lenses. It delves into various barriers and possible solutions that folks with AS might find helpful. The second half of this book is designed to be a workbook / education program to designed to explore and develop sociosexual skills. This may be helpful as a personal guide to investigate your identity and relationship with sex, or to use if you intend to work as an educator, mentor, or health care provider where you will be discussing sex. Please note this book is written with a heterosexual and cisgender focus.

Learn more about Aspergers Syndrome and Sexuality.

$31.95 CAD

Princess Bound
no anal sex dvds BDSM dvds
Princess Bound
Naughty Fairy Tales for Women
As Cathy Yardley writes in the foreword of Princess Bound, fairy tales are about stepping away from the ordinary, and exploring what is inside each of us: from bright dreams to dark desires. And, this collection delivers exactly that: from idyllic to gothic, we see struggle, sex, power and fantasy woven together throughout this predominantly heterosexual anthology. As with many fairy tales based in European folklore, bear in mind that there are themes of servitude in some of these short stories.

Learn more about Princess Bound.

$19.95 CAD

Fetish Coloring Book
no anal sex dvds group sex dvds BDSM dvds
Fetish Coloring Book
It's exactly what it sounds like: pages upon pages filled with many delightfully different sexy images, just waiting for your personal touch! This item is currently out of stock

Learn more about Fetish Coloring Book.

$12.25 CAD

1000 Words
no anal sex dvds
1000 Words DVD
1000 Words is one of a kind experiment--a plot-based movie with absolutely no dialogue. Two photographers, Eloise (Carmen Hart) and Alain (Randy Spears) are star-crossed lovers both in relationships they want to get of…and into each other's pants. The visual aspect is most important with most of the movie being shot in black and white, except for the sex scenes. Great emotional acting and stellar looking cast, an excellent movie for those looking for something on the softer side, or someone watching porn for the first time.

Learn more about 1000 Words DVD.

$42.00 CAD

Afrodite Superstar
no anal sex dvds
Afrodite Superstar DVD
From director Venus Hottentot, under the watchful eye of Candida Royalle, comes Afrodite Superstar, the tale of a girl that gets noticed at a karaoke bar and skyrockets to the hottest new thing on the hip hop charts. Fame and fortune end up going to her head, and Afrodite ends up realizing all that glitters is not gold. Featuring a diverse cast with fun sex and a great plot. The movie is interspersed with music videos from the "record label" that the characters are on, as well as empowering quotes from prominent females throughout history, to add an interesting element. The lead character, actress Simone Valentino, is absolutely stunning.

Learn more about Afrodite Superstar DVD.

$25.00 CAD

Ashley and Kisha
best selling sex toys no anal sex dvds
Ashley and Kisha DVD
Another great real life, real sex film from Tony Comstock features Ashley and Kisha, his first all-girl release. This time we watch a shy and unsure Kisha fall in love with a much more experinced Ashley--and nothing could have turned out better. Their interviews are peppered with scenes of the two getting intimate, and then we are treated to a gorgeous uninterrupted sex scene. Refreshing realistic and heartwarming to those that have been in similar situations of coming out and expressing their sexuality.

Learn more about Ashley and Kisha DVD.

$40.00 CAD

Babysitters 2
no anal sex dvds group sex dvds
Babysitters 2 DVD
Fans of Digital Playground and the original Babysitters, won't be disappointed by Babysitters 2! The storyline is super silly (often outright hilarious) and each sex scene hits the mark. With rock-solid production values and some of the best actors in mainstream porn today (our current fave Stoya), Babysitters 2 offers up quality scenes that are explicit and raunchy yet super cute. The best might be a classic "is it the babysitter or the sex worker" mix up threesome scene with Riley Steele that, of course, turns out well for everyone.

Learn more about Babysitters 2 DVD.

$45.00 CAD

Behind the Red Door
staff pick sex toys no anal sex dvds
on sale sex toy Behind the Red Door DVD
One of our favourite indie pornstars April Flores stars in this surrealistic film with Syd Blakovich, Ashley Blue, Kelly Shibari, and a mysterious male matador! Each room behind the red door offers a new erotic encounter! Full of fun playful scenes, loads of dress-up, foot play, and sex toys - Behind The Red Door features some of our favourite performers of size, and has something for folks of all genders, sexualities, and orientations. Discover the dolls behind the red door.

Learn more about Behind the Red Door DVD.

$10.00 CAD , Regular price $20.00

Better Sex Guide to the Kama Sutra
no anal sex dvds
Better Sex Guide to the Kama Sutra DVD
An intelligent and detailed overview of the Kama Sutra, this Sinclair DVD provides excellent tips provided by doctors and therapists but originally written in the Kama Sutra. With a keen sincerity to describing all that the Kama Sutra has to offer, combined with practical, mildly-explicit demonstrations by real couples, this DVD is our favorite educational Kama Sutra video to come along in a long time. Highly recommended for those interested in this beautifully written ancient love manual. Heterosexual focus.

Learn more about Better Sex Guide to the Kama Sutra DVD.

$14.00 CAD

no anal sex dvds BDSM dvds
new sex toy Bibliophile DVD
Madison Young speaks to the nerdy, horny bookworm in all of us in her ode to lovers of literature and lust alike. Two aspiring authors explore each other in the forgotten corners of a local bookstore – equally distracted by the titles on the shelves as they are by their own curves. Later they write their own chapter in a story full of pleasure and erotic intrigue all their own! A pair of librarians find their common interests go far beyond the Dewey Decimal system; including toys, strap-ons and orgasms galore! Things get a little rough with rope and some writers block, but an old-fashioned typewriter does the trick in getting both the words & power play flowing. Lastly, a horn-rimmed & horny scholar gets her feet wet while studying; see if you can spot the cameo "Macho Sluts" makes in this scene! Further your sexual education and channel your inner bibliophile with this intellectual indie treat!

Learn more about Bibliophile DVD.

$0.00 CAD

Body Heat
no anal sex dvds group sex dvds
Body Heat DVD
Digital Playground and director Robby D are back with Body Heat, a super hot flick based on the lives, and sex lives, of firefighters. When the team suffers a tragic loss and their fire hall is almost taken away from them, they need to step things up and take the situation into their own hands. Excellent cast and storyline with all the bells and whistles we've come to know and love from Jesse Jane and crew.

Learn more about Body Heat DVD.

$45.00 CAD

Buckback Mountain
staff pick sex toys no anal sex dvds
Buckback Mountain DVD
A cowboy love story comes true in Buck Angel's Buckback Mountain. This epic, high budget film reveals the tender, sensous relationship that Buck begins with his summertime work partner in the picturesque desert. A little different than other Buck movies, this softer and less explicit plot-based film does not contain any anal sex.

Learn more about Buckback Mountain DVD.

$10.00 CAD

Cabaret of Desire
no anal sex dvds BDSM dvds
Cabaret of Desire DVD
Erika Lust is our fave new director of high drama art house porn. In the much-lauded Cabaret Desire, we are transported into a magical, smokey bar, in which poets and storytellers recount racy tales of sexy escapades. As we follow the sultry sounds of poets, their sexy stories come to life. Experience the thrill of a cute bartender who dates two Alexs at once, a tall, dark handsome man and a petite, beautiful femme. Get a sexy birthday surprise, as a character is lead blindfolded to a secret locale. Lust's films are beautifully shot, poetically written, and star a hot cast of great performers with stellar acting skills.

Learn more about Cabaret of Desire DVD.

$30.00 CAD

staff pick sex toys no anal sex dvds
on sale sex toy Champion DVD
The cast of Crash Pad is back in Champion, the story of a female boxer struggling with her training schedule and her off-the-charts busy social life. More storyline and dialogue than we are used to from this crew, but it is pulled off excellently, with no sex scenes spared. Some rougher sex in this one, but the chemistry and passion is searing. Once again Dylan Rion steals the show in a secret rendezvous with gorgeous transguy Javier.

Learn more about Champion DVD.

$27.00 CAD , Regular price $20.00

Come Find Me
staff pick sex toys no anal sex dvds BDSM dvds
Come Find Me DVD
This romantic ode to the bicycle is a collaboration between Courtney Trouble and Bike Smut and possibly the cutest porn ever. A polaroid inspired scavenger hunt leads one character on a kinky bicycle ride to find her missing lover. Ultimately ending up at an abandoned squat, the sexy escapades begin. With male domination, natural bodies, real orgasms and pleasure as well as a commitment to great quality film-making, Come Find Me is why we love indie porn!

Learn more about Come Find Me DVD.

$25.00 CAD

no anal sex dvds
Countdown DVD
Brad Armstrong puts together a stellar cast for his take on the apocalypse movie told from several perspectives. Two scientists start charting the course of an asteroid headed for Earth (and the demise of Los Angeles no less). Four friends on a road trip hear the news and hole up in a motel with other travellers. Two newscasters are distracted from their sordid affair and leak the news story. A great drama with good dialogue as well as explicit sex, make this one of our top picks for story-telling porn that doesn’t disappoint.

Learn more about Countdown DVD.

$40.00 CAD

Courtney Trouble Fan Club 1
no anal sex dvds
Courtney Trouble Fan Club 1 DVD
With six scenes featuring the star, director, and filmmaker, Courtney Trouble Fan Club #1 is the perfect title for every Trouble-loving fan! Enjoy Trouble and Billy Castro hooking up on film for the first time ever. Then, Trouble and Minnie Scarlet enjoy some hot POV-shot strap on fucking (featuring Aslan Leather's Cherry Minx harness!) Papi Coxxx and Trouble then get down (including a oh-so-hot fuck with Njoy's Eleven), followed by two sexy solo scenes of Trouble (well, except the cameraman, that is). The film finishes off with a bang with a throwback scene between Trouble and Jiz Lee. Fucking, punching, mutual masturbation, and squirting abounds. Be sure to check out the mindblowing ejaculation close-up of Lee, compliments of a plastic speculum and Vibratex Mystic Wand. With lots of POV and DIY style woven throughout the title, it's another delicious piece full of genuine orgasms featuring sexy queer & trans performers.

Learn more about Courtney Trouble Fan Club 1 DVD.

$20.00 CAD

Crack Her Jack 10
no anal sex dvds
Crack Her Jack 10 DVD
The series keeps getting better! If you're a fan of long scenes (around 30-50 mins each) that have lots of variety featuring some of the hottest people in porn (girls, and guys too!) showing all they've got. Dirty talk, but no rough sex. If you want to try something that's a little more hardcore than what you're used to, this title is a great introduction to our "supersexed" section, or a great addition for true-blue fans.

Learn more about Crack Her Jack 10 DVD.

$20.00 CAD

Crash Pad Series 3
staff pick sex toys no anal sex dvds
Crash Pad Series 3 DVD
With possibly THE hottest cast the Crash Pad has had yet, the third edition is once again jam packed with voyeurism, ejaculation, fisting and just the right balance of sensuality and rough sex. Watch along with "Big Sister" as she enjoys the comings (pardon the pun) and goings of all those that hold the key. With an awesome threesome and a sweet masturbation scene featuring some humping of just-had-sex-on sheets, this movie has all the ingredients to make it a winner.

Learn more about Crash Pad Series 3 DVD.

$27.00 CAD

Crash Pad Series 5
no anal sex dvds BDSM dvds
Crash Pad Series 5 DVD
The popularity of Crash Pad just keeps growing and growing, and for great reason! This fifth edition is a little more to-the-point than some of the others, with less dialogue and filler and more action. Diverse cast including folks of a variety of shapes, sizes and ages steal the show with tons of cocksucking, strap ons, an expert flogging and caning scene, slapping, teasing, and much, much more. Starring super sexy femmes and tattooed toppy butches - and even a bio guy for the first time in a Crash Pad episode - this one is definitely not to be missed.

Learn more about Crash Pad Series 5 DVD.

$27.00 CAD

Crash Pad Series
staff pick sex toys no anal sex dvds
Crash Pad Series DVD
Our favourite production company is back with a new idea for a series under the same name as their previous best-seller and intsant classic. The Crash Pad Series is a group of scenes that have little dialogue, plot, or distracting music--just straight up, passionate, super hot sex. With more focus on chemistry and connection between actors, it may not be as rough and raunchy as some others, but we still get some good spanking and female ejaculation. The third scene features a whole lotta really sexy tickling too! Excellent quality filming, and stellar cast. This is the best it gets.

Learn more about Crash Pad Series DVD.

$27.00 CAD

Curvaceous 2
no anal sex dvds
Curvaceous 2 DVD
Vivid Plus is back with Curvaceous 2, a showcase of beautiful women that happen to be a little curvier than your typical porn star. With a cute and fun, yet totally sexy appeal, these babes have got it goin' on.

Learn more about Curvaceous 2 DVD.

$25.00 CAD

Dangerous Curves
no anal sex dvds group sex dvds
Dangerous Curves DVD
In case you haven’t figured it out from the title, this is a movie about BBWs. Starring one of our favourite big, beautiful babes, April Flores is stunning and sensual in this film directed by her husband Carlos Batts. Just because the sex in this film may not be intense, does not mean the presentation isn’t. Soft, alternatively shot, and with unique and gorgeous backdrops, you may find yourself in a trance glued in by the visual beauty that is Dangerous Curves.

Learn more about Dangerous Curves DVD.

$20.00 CAD

Dark City
no anal sex dvds group sex dvds
on sale sex toy Dark City DVD
Shot with a distinctly film-noir aesthetic, this femme fatal film features a corny detective story of a fed-up wife Molly Breathless (Ava Rose) who wants to take down her mafia husband (Ron Jeremy). She employs the daring detective Nick Caprice (Tommy Gunn), who starts having racy wet-dreams about the beautiful Breathless. With tons of feathers, nylons, garters and costumes, and that funny cameo by Ron Jeremy, this feature film is a great spoof of porno mystery.

Learn more about Dark City DVD.

$30.00 CAD , Regular price $40.00

Expert Guide to Fellatio
no anal sex dvds shot in HD
Expert Guide to Fellatio DVD
The third edition of Tristan Taormino's Expert Guides is once again focussed on oral sex, but this time, fellatio. Watch as Tristan hosts a workshop, guides a couple through new and exciting tricks to try, and then introduces us to a real couple who gives us some insight to what they do in the behind the closed doors of their bedroom. Extra scenes showcase the techniques that were taught, with mini-features on prostate stimulation, safer sex, deep throating, and oral sex with an uncircumsized penis.

Learn more about Expert Guide to Fellatio DVD.

$40.00 CAD

Expert Guide to Threesomes
no anal sex dvds group sex dvds
Expert Guide to Threesomes DVD
Have you every thought about trying out one of the most fantasized about sex activities ever? If you've been tempted by having a threesome, or if you've had one and wanted to improve your technique, Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide to Threesomes might be just that ticket! Each step of the way is explained, from how to prepare and set guidelines, to how to communicate during the threesome, to resolving issues after the fact. This DVD is great for either couples that want to introduce a third for a little spice, or for any group of folks that want to try something new. Also great if you just want a movie that contains only threesomes!

Learn more about Expert Guide to Threesomes DVD.

$40.00 CAD

Eyes of Desire 2
no anal sex dvds
Eyes of Desire 2 DVD
The second part to the well-loved film Eyes of Desire. This time, Missy is figuring how what her desires mean and where her limits lie. Her affair with the mysterious man across the way begins to heat up. An erotic conclusion follows.

Learn more about Eyes of Desire 2 DVD.

$15.00 CAD

Eyes of Desire
no anal sex dvds
Eyes of Desire DVD
Candida Royalle shines with this film, her best to date. A lovely story of voyeurism and intrigue spark desire into motion. Missy's performance is not to be missed. A subtle and gentle moving film. Slightly more explicit than Candida's earlier work.

Learn more about Eyes of Desire DVD.

$25.00 CAD

staff pick sex toys no anal sex dvds
Glamazons DVD
A collaboration between April Flores and her husband and director, the late Carlos Batts, this film explores their shared artistic visions and fantasies. Enjoy Flores and all who cross her path in this multimedia piece- even the Barbie that she takes for a romp (the vignette title says it all: April Vs. Doll That Symbolizes Unrealistic Ideas Of Beauty). We cannot get enough of Flores, and this title that relishes in her fantasies and desires is a must-have!

Learn more about Glamazons DVD.

$27.00 CAD

staff pick sex toys no anal sex dvds
Glamorous DVD
Glamorous is a film filled with people that are just that - with fancy suits, lavish dresses and make-up, plus passionate, hot sex. No dialogue whatsoever and no storyline, this film features only one-on-one guy/girl sex, no facial ejaculations, and no anal sex, but a lot of oral sex for both partners. A great movie for couples!

Learn more about Glamorous DVD.

$12.00 CAD

Gush: The Official Guide to the G-Spot
no anal sex dvds
Gush: The Official Guide to the G-Spot DVD
Whether you’re in it to learn more about the g-spot or you’re just looking to enjoy hot scenes with a great diverse cast, Gush: The Official Guide to the G-Spot & Female Ejaculation from the fine folks at Good Vibrations, is educational, entertaining, and inspiring. Hosted by the legendary sex educator and author Carol Queen and starring indie porn legends, this is a great title for people of all genders and orientations.

Learn more about Gush: The Official Guide to the G-Spot DVD.

$24.00 CAD

Healing Sex
no anal sex dvds
Healing Sex DVD
Healing Sex is a recovery program for those of us who have experienced trauma or sexual abuse in the past, and who want to take steps towards their own sexual wholeness. Through group therapy, one-on-one workshops and physical exercises, Staci Haines takes us on a path of recovery and discovery that is in-depth, step by step, and revolutionary. This two hour DVD tells the story of couples that are having trouble connecting sexually, and by using techniques of creating boundaries, dealing with triggers, and developing alternative forms of expression we see how these couples grow and begin to overcome their pain and difficulty. Interspersed with survivors and those who have healed talking about their own journey and how they have recovered, the viewer is taken on an emotional and uplifting path that is full of easy to follow and easy to practice exercises that are invaluable to not only survivors, but their partners as well. Diverse cast with diverse sexualities.

Learn more about Healing Sex DVD.

$30.00 CAD

Heartland: A Woman's POV
staff pick sex toys no anal sex dvds
Heartland: A Woman's POV DVD
Madison Young's series of indie POV porn has a little something for everyone! Enjoy her focus on women's pleasure in a series of vignettes including a solo addition to the mile high club, a hot sex educator, and a real life Chicago couple. Madison Young, Billie Sweet, Cherries Jubalie, Alea, Peter Danger, Nicole, Red Hot Megan, Rita Seagrave

Learn more about Heartland: A Woman's POV DVD.

$10.00 CAD

Hearts Cracked Open
no anal sex dvds
on sale sex toy Hearts Cracked Open DVD
A beautiful, spiritual, and gentle look at tantra, made especially for women who love women. Through interviews with experts and explicit demonstrations, we are invited to see how tantra not only can heighten pleasure and intensity of orgasm, but how it is a tool to heal and empower both the individual and relationship.

Learn more about Hearts Cracked Open DVD.

$20.00 CAD , Regular price $35.00

How to Female Ejaculate
no anal sex dvds
How to Female Ejaculate DVD
From the author of one of our favourite books, Female Ejaculation and the G Spot, expert Debora Sundahl covers the what, why, and wherefores of female ejaculation. Hear explanations and see plenty of demonstrations by Carol Queen, Baja, Fanny Fatale, and Canada's own Shannon Bell.

Learn more about How to Female Ejaculate DVD.

$36.00 CAD

Lesbian Curves
no anal sex dvds
Lesbian Curves DVD
A fantastic frolic with fresh actors of size who love their bodies and know how to use them for ultimate pleasure. Explicit, feminist, and super fun with our fave feminist porn director Courtney Trouble at the helm guiding the action with gusto. Lesbian Curves is a joyous celebration of women, fat politics, and truly orgasmic sex.

Learn more about Lesbian Curves DVD.

$29.00 CAD

Lesbians In The Wild
staff pick sex toys no anal sex dvds
Lesbians In The Wild DVD
Filled with giggles, sunshine, and (lots of) genuine orgasms, Lesbians In The Wild is a delightfully playful film. Sexy stars show us how to *really* frolic in the woods, sharing their lighthearted romps and midnight spankings. Toe curling animalistic passion and tender moments collide in the great outdoors in this Madison Young film.

Learn more about Lesbians In The Wild DVD.

$24.00 CAD

Live Sex Show
no anal sex dvds group sex dvds
Live Sex Show DVD
Shot in front of an audience of 200 people, at the 2010 San Fransisco Masturbate-a-thon, Live Sex Show is a courageous blend of real intimacy and raw performance. With a cast made up of seasoned performers acting spontaneous and dynamic non-performers braving their performance jitters, the result is a collection of fabulous scenes that are as endearing as they are erotic. Peter Devries delivers up a scene of rarely shown male vulnerability followed by an extended strap-on scene of tender domination and desire. Nina Hartley keeps it going with a dynamic fisting scene with the always charming Jiz Lee while April Flores and the Matador show-off their collective oral sex skills. Not to be out done by a five-on-one scene with our staff favourite and LSS director themself, Courtney Trouble.

Learn more about Live Sex Show DVD.

$20.00 CAD

Lost and Found
no anal sex dvds
Lost and Found DVD
In this title from the romance series, A cute new girl moves into town and turns out to be the perfect girl for shy David. When her beloved Boston Terrier runs away right into his yard, his unemployed roommates convince him that they should hold onto the dog, while David helps Jen put posters up around the city. The plan backfires, and David and his roommates look like fools. Can he convince Jen that he really is a good guy that's worth her time? Kimberly Kane is adorable and absolutely amazing in this flick.

Learn more about Lost and Found DVD.

$25.00 CAD

Love, Marriage, and Other Bad Ideas
no anal sex dvds
Love, Marriage, and Other Bad Ideas DVD
Richie Calhoun plays a cynical and unloved marriage counselor, who starts to tell his clients exactly what he thinks in the most bitter terms. This back fires and actually inspires these couples to forgive each other, move on and rekindle the flames in very explicit terms. Of course, it doesn't take long for the despondent counselor himself to meet someone who makes him question his hard-held negative feelings on love. A dark comedy, with some great dialogue, good acting and top notch sex scenes that are well-shot and intimate. Best scene: Wolf Hudson and Natasha Nice in a bathtub proving make-up sex is worth the fighting. Sexy romance at its best!

Learn more about Love, Marriage, and Other Bad Ideas DVD.

$20.00 CAD

Nina Hartley's Guide to Female Ejaculation
no anal sex dvds
Nina Hartley's Guide to Female Ejaculation DVD
Nina explores the ever-fascinating realm of female ejaculation in this edition. She demonstrates and explains exactly what tips and techniques to try, both alone or with a partner. Educational but also really hot if you're looking for a movie with a little extra.

Learn more about Nina Hartley's Guide to Female Ejaculation DVD.

$20.00 CAD

Owner's Manual: Proving His Devotion
no anal sex dvds BDSM dvds
Owner's Manual: Proving His Devotion DVD
Dominatrix superstar, Isabella Sinclaire as rarely seen. One long very intense scene with a very willing male submissive. A particularly sadistic title that includes a variety of implements such as leather floggers but mostly focuses on caning and extreme bondage. For those looking for more "edge" and intense play between two partners exchanging power (both vicious and delectable). Warning to those not interested in blood play.

Learn more about Owner's Manual: Proving His Devotion DVD.

$20.00 CAD

Pregnant With Desire
staff pick sex toys no anal sex dvds
on sale sex toy Pregnant With Desire DVD
An outstanding insight into the sexual fantasies, changing bodies, and sex lives of mothers-to-be, Pregnant with Desire features interviews with both partners prior to each sex scene. This film expresses all women as being deeply connected spiritually and sensually to their own bodies as they are going through the changes, and they explain everything from increased sensitivity of different body parts, to ecstatic birth, to lactation play during sex. All that and a whole buch of connected, focused, hardcore sex. A variety of scenes feature a friend/lover combo, a solo erotic bellydancer, and a married man and woman.

Learn more about Pregnant With Desire DVD.

$10.00 CAD , Regular price $35.00

Quick Sand
no anal sex dvds shot in HD
Quick Sand DVD
We've had a few requests for crime drama porn and here it is! Chanel Preston is the lead investigator in a case involving a love affair gone wrong. Set on the beach with lifeguards as witnesses to a murder, we have the perfect formula for a great storyline, some fine acting and well-shot dynamic sex scenes.One of our favourite scenes: James Deen and Chanel Preston have charming and super hot kitchen sex!

Learn more about Quick Sand DVD.

$20.00 CAD

Recipe for Romance
no anal sex dvds
Recipe for Romance DVD
A charming, cute and funny story of Carolina, a chef, who is so wrapped up in her own sexual fantasies that the delicacies that she creates turn into super aphrodisiacs themselves! Lusting after her fantasy man, she doesn't realize that the object of her make-believe passion is actually right there in front of her all along. Romantic and sexy, starring all good-looking brunette actors, without the fakeness of traditional porn. Another fine instalment in the romance series.

Learn more about Recipe for Romance DVD.

$28.00 CAD

Reign of Tera 2
no anal sex dvds
Reign of Tera 2 DVD
Reign of Tera 2 Laced with lucious Asian-inspired costume and setting, Reign of Tera 2 is a high-budget plot-based flick that revolves around jealousy and deception. Gorgeous Tera Patrick takes the lead as the Mistress of the house, and as we find out she gets herself in a lot more than a little bit of trouble... Interesting note: each girl in the movie is addressed by his or her "real" names.

Learn more about Reign of Tera 2 DVD.

$35.00 CAD

The Genderfellator
staff pick sex toys no anal sex dvds
The Genderfellator DVD
This queer campy sci-fi flick is absolutely delightful! Tobi Hill-Meyer weaves pointed political discourse about trans identities with hot queer sex in a way we've never seen before!. The plot follows Rip, a trans man who travels through time into a futuristic hotbed of gender conflict, policing & resistance. Watch his adventures unfold in this playful indie flick!

Learn more about The Genderfellator DVD.

$29.00 CAD

The Romance Collection:Cabin Fever/The Voyeur/The Hottest Bid
no anal sex dvds
The Romance Collection:Cabin Fever/The Voyeur/The Hottest Bid DVD
This erotic trilogy by director Deborah Shames was the pre-cursor to the now much talked about feminist porn. These soft-core full length features explore women’s fantasies and sexual desires in smart and funny ways. Cabin Fever tells the tale of a woman, a remote cabin, and her handsome handyman. The Voyeur follows a couple on an erotic getaway weekend trying to spice up their 10 year marriage. The Hottest Bid follows a complicated sexual entanglement between lawyers, dog owners, and auctions.

Learn more about The Romance Collection:Cabin Fever/The Voyeur/The Hottest Bid DVD.

$14.00 CAD

The Wedding Day
no anal sex dvds
The Wedding Day DVD
Sabrina and Jake are getting married, so why is everyone so bummed out? The couple gets last minute cold feet, mom and sis feel left out, the bride and groom's ex flames pine for those they are soon to lose. In the end, everything works out and the wedding party is awash with bliss. Romance porn to the extreme, the emotions, storyline, characters and acting are all as important as the sex (which there is quite a bit of, as well!) This series definitely is a whole new world of adult film. From New Sensations' Romance Series.

Learn more about The Wedding Day DVD.

$25.00 CAD

Tight Places: A Drop of Color
no anal sex dvds group sex dvds
Tight Places: A Drop of Color DVD
Featuring women and trans people of color (that just happen to be mega babes), Tight Places is a series of short scenes with no dialogue, but LOTS of ejaculation! The cast of the movie is made up of 4 people that take turn mixing and matching and, at times, all getting together for a group sexcapade. Great camerawork and super steamy scenes.

Learn more about Tight Places: A Drop of Color DVD.

$35.00 CAD

Wolverine XXX
no anal sex dvds group sex dvds shot in HD
Wolverine XXX DVD
Axel Braun returns with the much anticipated parody, Wolverine XXX! With hulking muscles and a sensitive ego, Wolverine is the perfect parody subject, and Tommy Gunn is perfect for the part. Great performances from Asa Akira, Allie Haze and Andy San Dimas add pizzazz to this high production super hero flick. We love Allie Haze as Rogue who rushes to the rescue, saves the day, and seduces the bad guys. The costumes are perfect and as sex nerds, we're swooning with all the fast paced and explicit action.

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$60.00 CAD

XConfessions 2
no anal sex dvds group sex dvds shot in HD
on sale sex toy XConfessions 2 DVD
We watch a lot of porn at Come As You Are, and Erika Lust's films have become a very special treat that we look forward to. Gorgeously conceived and filmed, Lust's intricate and artistic attention to detail will leave you stunned and wanting so much more. The fact that she films mostly in Barcelona doesn't hurt either! Oh, and the sex? Phenomenal. Featuring a real life couple and other amazingly inspiring performers, the sex in these ten scenes ranges from endearing and funny to electrifying and astonishing. Enjoy a sexy stockroom birthday gift at work, spur-of-the-moment group sex, a playful descent into some very hot crossdressing, sexy spanking, suckable feet, and so much more. Please note one scene is an abduction fantasy entitled Hunt Me, Catch Me, Eat Me. Lust's XConfessions series is inspired by anonymous fantasies shared with her by her fans, and, boy, we hope everyone keeps up the good work! Get all five volumes of XConfessions and save!

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XConfessions 3
no anal sex dvds group sex dvds BDSM dvds shot in HD
XConfessions 3 DVD
If you're someone who has been enamoured of Erika Lust throughout her prolific porn career, you're going to adore XConfessions 3 DVD! Just like the previous installments of the XConfessions series, each vignette is based on a fan-submitted fantasy, and Erika brings each of these scenes to life for all of us! If XConfessions 2 was all about the sexy storyline, this installment is all about the scenario and the scenery. With several lush outdoor scenes, this is one of the raciest Erika Lust films we've had the pleasure of reviewing! Get all five volumes of XConfessions and save!

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$30.00 CAD

An Eternal Love 2
no anal sex dvds
An Eternal Love 2 DVD
In the next instalment of the Eternal Love saga from New Sensations' Romance Series, the plot focuses on Bobby and Sasha, the new lovers. What happens when jealousy appears and wreaks havoc on their relationship? For these two, a lesson learned and a stronger bond created. Excellently shot, the filming style seems much more simliar to that of a soap opera than a porn. Romantic and sexy, great for couples. Also for those who like the outdoors, there's camping sex! This item is currently out of stock

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$28.00 CAD

An Office Romance
no anal sex dvds
An Office Romance DVD
Getting up enough courage to approach those you lust after definitely has its rewards...Beautifully shot in HD, An Office Romance is next in the series of couple-friendly, high end porn, light on the storyline. Sensual, chemistry-filled sex scenes and spot-on acting, this workplace themed love story is great for first-time porn watchers, as well as those looking for a lot of romance in a film without being ridiculously cheesy. No group sex, no anal, no girl/girl. This item is currently out of stock

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$25.00 CAD

Belladonna's Fucking Girls 6
no anal sex dvds
Belladonna's Fucking Girls 6 DVD
True to Bella's style, this movie is full of that 'girls just wanna have fun' attitude. Attention is paid to every detail of the body in each scene as two girls enjoy each other. Featuring sex in the tub, trying not to get caught at dad's house, and play fighting turned sexy, everybody is having a ball and clearly enjoying themselves. Not as rough sex as other Belladonna movies, there is no anal sex. This item is currently out of stock

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$29.00 CAD

Best of Vulva Massage: Vol 1 or 2
no anal sex dvds
Best of Vulva Massage: Vol 1 or 2 DVD
The Best of Vulva Massage provides a great introduction to all the sex education world has to offer. Featuring the best scenes from a number of great education titles and a good spectrum of several styles of vulva massage. Wonderfully complete by highlighting a diversity of different vulvas, different experiences, and chock full of different orgasms from quiet and calming to loud and volcanic. This item is currently out of stock

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$16.00 CAD

Better Sex Guide to Erotic Dancing for Your Lover
no anal sex dvds
Better Sex Guide to Erotic Dancing for Your Lover DVD
This best selling series from Sinclair offers a fresh look at the strip tease, from history, to building self-confidence, to developing erotic scenarios. Basic dance moves are demonstrated in a class-like setting followed by explicit sex scenes of couples engaging in erotic dance as foreplay. An energizing sex-positive attitude and a myriad of topics guarantee that this video keeps our interest from start to sexy explicit finish. Heterosexual focus. This item is currently out of stock

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$14.00 CAD

Better Sex Series Sexplorations Vol. 1
no anal sex dvds
Better Sex Series Sexplorations Vol. 1 DVD
Increase your sexual knowledge while heightening pleasure and intimacy. Twelve couples of varying backgrounds and ethnicity explore sexual positions and techniques. Topics include detailed demonstrations of some of the Kama Sutra sexual positions, presentations and explanations of sexual anatomy (including g-spot info), erotic massage, oral sex, erotic talk, sensual touch and kissing. This item is currently out of stock

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$12.00 CAD

Broken Hearts
no anal sex dvds
Broken Hearts DVD
With a focus on couple sex (every scene is one man one woman), Broken Hearts maintains a good combination of both raunchy sex and tender acting. A jilted lover goes on the rebound and is kept optimistic about love by his group of good friends. The story is simple and not over done and the settings are natural and urban (shot in San Fransisco). A sweet story with hot chemisty and good casting. This item is currently out of stock

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$20.00 CAD

Diary of Love
no anal sex dvds
Diary of Love DVD
If The Notebook made you gush with excitement (pun intended), then Diary of Love (a word-for-word XXX adaptation) will have you overflowing with anticipation. This romantic porn parody features tons of passionate make-out sessions and foreplay in the prelude to some hot, explicit sex. Now, we get to watch Ally and Noah's heart-wrenching love story - uncensored! Best of all, it features the DVD option of full-storyline or simply wall-to-wall sex scenes. For everyone who's fantasized about seeing Ryan Gosling in action - and who hasn't? - Richie Calhoun makes a dashingly convincing substitute. This item is currently out of stock

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$12.00 CAD

Expert Guide to Female Ejaculation
no anal sex dvds
Expert Guide to Female Ejaculation DVD
Tristan Taormino returns, in this fab edition of "Expert Guide" with great straight-up information and lots of myth busting. An excellent and explicit how-to for anyone who wants to learn to ejaculate or help a partner to ejaculate. Great tips and techniques, anatomy lessons, penetration techniques and toy info. Four sex scenes show the techniques up close and personal, and Jada Fire's scene is particularly dynamic! Includes a pelvic floor exercises mini-feature. This item is currently out of stock

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$40.00 CAD

no anal sex dvds
on sale sex toy Femmetastic DVD
Madison Young brings us back (once again) to the golden age of POV gonzo film, but with a lesbian feminist twist! Polygamous wives enjoy eachother while their husband is away, bad girls get the spankings they deserve, and Dylan Ryan gets off hard in the laundromat in this sexy film filled with queer women enjoying their femme fabulousness! This item is currently out of stock

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$10.00 CAD

Little Part of Me
no anal sex dvds
Little Part of Me DVD
Linda's husband passed away just over a year ago, and her friends want to help her achieve closure. She decides to track down the 3 men that received Max's organ donations, and in doing so, finds herself. She also hooks up her quirky best friends with the guys she meets! A standout title in the Romance Collection series. This item is currently out of stock

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$25.00 CAD

no anal sex dvds
Matinee DVD
No one knew what might happen when a bad review launched these theatre performers into another realm of performances…This half-hour long film is full of chemistry and passion, with the two characters never having performed in an explicit erotic film before. Excellent for those new to porn, or those looking to see some incredibly sensual, tender performances. This item is currently out of stock

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$30.00 CAD

Padded Cell
no anal sex dvds
Padded Cell DVD
Padded Cell is an independent, Toronto-made film that consists of one continuous scene between a woman and her gas mask-clad lover. Body exploration, lust and appreciation, spanking and strap-on sex are all on the menu of the day. For those who are looking for something on the kinky/artistic side, this DVD might just be right up your alley. This item is currently out of stock

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$40.00 CAD

Pin Up Pussy
no anal sex dvds
Pin Up Pussy DVD
Probably one of the most well-done throwbacks to the gorgeous pin up girls of the 40s, this fun, light movie features good looking actors posing as the crew mate, the pilot, the housewife, the boxing ring card girl and more. No dialogue, and set to the tune of big band music, Pin Up Pussy is a stand-up movie (speaking of standing up, check out the wild positions the last couple gets in to!). No anal, no girl-on-girl, no facial ejaculations and no obnoxious "sex noises", just cute couples having beautiful sex. This item is currently out of stock

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$29.00 CAD

Raw: Straight Up
no anal sex dvds
Raw: Straight Up DVD
The tables have turned! Raw is all hot, ripped guys in solo masturbation scenes. Made for women, but can be enjoyed by folks of all sexual preferences (as long as you disregard when the guys talk about what they like about girls!) No dialogue except for short interview-style snippets from the guys, the focus is first and foremost on the male form. Seductive looks, touching, stripping, and masturbating is what Raw is all about. This item is currently out of stock

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$29.00 CAD

Superman Vs. Spiderman
no anal sex dvds group sex dvds
Superman Vs. Spiderman DVD
A porn parody!
We ? Axel Braun porn parodies! There's nothing wrong (and something so so right) about some ridiculously raunchy sex between superheroes with fabulously accurate superhero costumes, stupendous special effects, and a script that doesn't fall short. Superman is fantastically well cast down to his blue-eyed gaze and chiseled features that even Spiderman's Mary Jane succumbs to his charms. The two superheroes work together to save a captured Lois Lane which inevitably leads to more stupendous superhero sex. Many blow jobs later, the villains defeated (played by a very authentic Lex Luthor and Doc Ock) by Spider Woman, Superman and Spiderman go their separate ways both with satisfied smiles on their faces. Fighting crime has never been sexier! This item is currently out of stock

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$45.00 CAD

Tales from the Ivy Manor
no anal sex dvds BDSM dvds
on sale sex toy Tales from the Ivy Manor DVD
Submissive Sarah is given an impossible task by Mistress Sinclaire and, after some intensive bondage, she is sent for pony re-training. Meanwhile, Jennifer (played by Jewell Marceaux), is left in charge of the manor and decides to impersonate her absent mistress and train up a new submissive on her own terms. With fabulous latex outfits, exquisite pony play and long camera shots on elaborate bondage, we're thrilled to be finally adding Sinclaire's classic fetish titles to our collection. Delightfully cruel and wonderfully erotic! This item is currently out of stock

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$12.00 CAD , Regular price $20.00

The Bangover
no anal sex dvds
The Bangover DVD
Mix and match a bunch of the best scenes from Wicked Pictures, and what do you get? The Bangover! With 20 scenes and almost 4 hours jam-packed onto this DVD, there's something for everyone. This item is currently out of stock

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$10.00 CAD


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