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queer and trans sex books

Sex books for folks who identify as queer and/or trans, or who are interested in learning more about queer and/or trans sexuality. 

Lesbian Sex: 101 Positions
Lesbian Sex: 101 Positions
While most other sex position guides out there just depict straight-up hetero sex between a man and a woman, Lesbian Sex covers 101 positions for women to try together. Illustrating positions for oral sex, manual sex, playing with toys, and much more, this book contains enough new ideas to get you and your partner going - with a checklist at the back so you can chart your progress! Hardcover.

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$21.99 CAD

The Ins and Outs of Gay Sex
The Ins and Outs of Gay Sex
A Medical Handbook for Men
By Stephen E. Goldstone, M.D.
Ever had sex questions you were afraid to ask your doctor? This great medical guide offers valuable advice that is practical, vastly diverse, in depth, and non-judgmental. From safer sex choices to debunking sex myths, this is great resource for all! 276pp.

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$21.99 CAD

The Whole Lesbian Sex Book
The Whole Lesbian Sex Book
By Felice Newman
A solid, info-packed addition to the growing body of great lesbian sex manuals. This newest title includes play parties, trans/gender concerns, and s/m. Favourite lesbian sex techniques, orgasm, toys, health issues, desire & fantasy - it's all here. 1999. 292 pp.

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$33.50 CAD

Joy of Gay Sex
Joy of Gay Sex
Fully Revised and Expanded Third Edition
By Charles Silverstein and Felice Picano
This third edition is an excellent resource for those just coming out to people starting to explore new possibilities, as well as great gems for those looking for advice around aging, dating, and long-term relationships. With its handy alphabetical organization and easy lay-out, this sex guide is very accessible and chock full of great information. 352pp. This item is currently out of stock

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$21.99 CAD

Trans Bodies, Trans Selves
Trans Bodies, Trans Selves
Inspired by the original 70's Our Bodies, Ourselves, Trans Bodies, Trans Selves goes well above and beyond the original, and even manages to provide an even more thorough resource than even the contemporary Our Bodies, Ourselves. Being trans means something different to almost every trans person, and while acknowledging our many differing approaches to being trans, this title is able to provide non-judgemental and comprehensive information on almost any issue that impacts the lives of trans people. Whether you're looking for an amazing resource for your organization, you're just coming out into trans communities, or you're years past transition, this is a resource you're sure to find useful. Not designed to be read in a single sitting, this book is one that you'll skim, pore over, and pull off your bookshelf for years to come. This item is currently out of stock

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$43.95 CAD


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