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japanese condoms

The finest condoms money can buy! Japanese condoms are known for their ultra-thin latex, longer length and superior testing standards.  Kimono condoms come in both Microthin and Thin varieties, and Okamoto Sheerlon condoms like Beyond Seven and Crown Condoms once held the Guinness World Record for world's thinnest condom.

Kimono Maxx Condoms
Kimono Maxx Condoms
Our favourite Japanese condom to the Maxx! With all of the sensitivity of the original Kimono Microthin condom, Kimono Maxx condoms also feature a large flare at the head for a roomier and more comfortable condom experience. Width at shaft: 53mm. Width at head: 66mm. Kimono Maxx condoms are also a bit longer than the original.

Learn more about Kimono Maxx Condoms.


Kimono Microthin Condoms - 12  Pack
phthalate-free sex toys
Kimono Microthin Condoms - 12 Pack
According to reliable sources, Kimono MicroThin is among the thinnest latex condoms in North America! Featuring a new straight-sided shape that makes donning easier, MicroThin condoms provide the closest feeling to wearing nothing at all. (7.58" x 1.3")

Learn more about Kimono Microthin Condoms - 12 Pack.


Kimono Microthin Large Condoms
Kimono Microthin Large Condoms
Kimono Microthin Large condoms feature a contoured design that provides more room in the head. Boasting an incredible thinness, Kimono condoms are also vegan and low-odour. (7.60" x 1.48")

Learn more about Kimono Microthin Large Condoms.


Kimono Ribbed Sensation Condoms
Kimono Ribbed Sensation Condoms
Ribs, dots and fun for all! Kimono's textured condom combines the ultra-sensitive thin latex of the classic Kimono Microthin, and adds ribs and dots for added stimulation. This condom is contoured for a more tailored fit, and all of Kimono's condoms are vegan and low-odour. Formerly known as Kimono Type-E. (7.56" x 1.3")

Learn more about Kimono Ribbed Sensation Condoms.


Kimono Thin Condoms
phthalate-free sex toys
Kimono Thin Condoms
We have always loved Kimono condoms for their thin latex and superior sensitivity, but we know sometimes you want a sturdier condom for more vigorous sessions, and Kimono has just the thing! Kimono Thin condoms are contoured latex condoms (just like the classic Kimono MicroThin condom) but feature a slightly thicker latex - similar to LifeStyles Skyn or Crown condoms - and a snugger design to ensure the condom stays put during play. Kimono condoms are low-odour and vegan. (7.48" x 1.3")

Learn more about Kimono Thin Condoms.


Okamoto 004 Condom
phthalate-free sex toys
Okamoto 004 Condom
Made with sheerlon, a high-tech latex, this condom measures 0.04mm thick - that is to say that wearing a 004 condom is truly like wearing almost nothing at all. The thinnest of any Health Canada approved condom, Zero Zero Four condoms come in individual matte-black packages, and feature a 50mm width.

Learn more about Okamoto 004 Condom.


Okamoto Beyond Seven Condoms
phthalate-free sex toys
Okamoto Beyond Seven Condoms
One of our favourite Japanese condoms! Beyond Seven condoms are made of super-thin latex, and fit a little snugger than the average condom to provide a better fit, and to increase sensation for the wearer.

Learn more about Okamoto Beyond Seven Condoms.


Okamoto Crown Condoms
Okamoto Crown Condoms
A staff and customer favourite, Crown condoms are one of the best Japanese condoms on the market! A little roomier than your average condom, but not big enough to be considered a 'large' condom, Crown condoms are lightly lubricated and uncontoured.

Learn more about Okamoto Crown Condoms .


ONE Single Condoms
ONE Single Condoms
One Condoms come in many different shapes and styles. We currently carry a number of different condoms by ONE:

Super Sensitive: A condom made out of thinner latex.

576 Sensations: A textured condom with (apparently) 576 studs on each condom.

Pleasure Dome: A condom with a larger head for greater sensation and space.

Glowing Pleasures: Our only Glow In The Dark condom! Light the way!

Learn more about ONE Single Condoms.



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