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sex games

Sex is a game to be played with someone you love, or at least lust after.  Here are our favourite sexy games involving cards, dice, bingo and interactive DVDs.

Fantasy Sex Deck
Fantasy Sex Deck
Another great deck of cards to light up your sex life! This one's all about role-playing, with each card spelling out a setting, props, and plot to follow to get right into it. Whether you use these cards as something to spark some new ideas, or you follow them step-by-step, there's bound to be something couples can really sink their teeth into in the Fantasy Sex Deck. Each card also includes a little bonus sex tip! 50 cards.

Learn more about Fantasy Sex Deck.

$21.50 CAD

I Dare You
I Dare You
Forget cheesy sex games, Susie Bright's I Dare You is a marvelously presented box full of racy challenges, based on the tried-and-true model of the classic truth or dare game. Tiny envelopes full of sexy ideas await inside a gorgeous velvet-lined box, ever-so-delicately fastened with a satin bow. Expect to learn about your partner (or partners) and experience intimacy that you might have never imagined!

Learn more about I Dare You.

$21.50 CAD

Sex Scratchers
Sex Scratchers
Sex Scratchers is a perfect little stocking stuffer to surprise your sweetie this season. In fact you're sure to be a winner every time! With 100 sexy lottery tickets, a plethora of quirky games like "Pirate's Booty"," Bondage Bingo" and "The Mile High Club", as well as surprise results and hot prizes, Sex Scratchers is sure to spark hours of spontaneity and hilarity.

Learn more about Sex Scratchers.

$13.95 CAD

Truth or Dare
Truth or Dare
A Game of Passion
Relive the rush of Truth or Dare with this clever and kinky game for adults. Every turn of the card and roll of the die is a chance for lovers to abandon inhibitions and explore their mutual passions. Truth or Dare: A Game of Passion is a fun way to take an evening with you partner--or party--up a couple notches!

Learn more about Truth or Dare.

$23.95 CAD

Kinky Sex Scratchers
BDSM dvds
Kinky Sex Scratchers
From the great minds who brought you Sex Scratchers comes a new and improved naughtier version Kinky Sex Scratchers - 120 super sexy lottery tickets. Filled with wild and kinky prizes from dirty talk to bondage and spanking to role playing, all you have to do is sneak some tickets into your lover’s wallet/purse and watch them scratch the play area to reveal their surprise. Be it: No Limit Sex-Us Hold 'Em, Sex Toy Spree, or a game of Bondage Billiards, why not let these sexy lottery tickets take you and yours on a ravenously kinky romp through the sheets, and everywhere in between? This item is currently out of stock

Learn more about Kinky Sex Scratchers.

$13.50 CAD


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