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how to choose a butt plug

Choosing the best butt plug comes down to experience, judgment, and a little bit of educated guessing. Butt plugs are available in an unbelievable range of shapes and sizes. You may have been in a sex store or browsing a sex store website and noticed butt plugs that appear to be the size of a large melon (like Nexus O Max and Tristan 2and butt plugs that are as small as your pinky finger (like the Little Snoop). In case you're wondering, some people do use very large butt plugs, although some of those toys are made for show more than use.

There are three things to consider when choosing a butt plug:

  • the size of the butt plug
  • butt plug shape
  • what the butt plug is made of

Choosing a Butt Plug Size

We always recommend that if you haven't explored anal penetration before, you should start with your own, or someone else's fingers (if you're just beginning, check out these tips on enjoying anal play). Once you're comfortable with something the size of a finger in your bum, make your first butt plug either the same size or just a little bit bigger. You can have more fun with a butt plug that's comfortable or a bit smaller than you could take than with a butt plug that's way more than you can take, so we say err on the side of small. If you've played with butt plugs before, choosing size is easier. You'll find size dimensions in all our product descriptions.

What's the Best Butt Plug Shape?

Of course there's no one answer to this question. If you've got male internal bits you might want to choose a butt plug that is curved to provide more direct prostate stimulation (like the Aneros Helix, Naughty Boy or Lelo Bob). Butt plugs with a longer neck tend to stay in better (such as Fun Factory's Bootie and Happy Valley's Joe Rock), and are a good choice if you want to leave your butt plug in over time. Some butt plugs have a series of grooves, almost like anal beads, and while these can be fun, they aren't necessarily ideal for the basic butt plug experience. However, many anal beads have a series of beads in increasing sizes - which can be handy when you're trying to figure out how large a toy you're looking for.

Butt Plug Materials

We have butt plugs made from silicone, rubber, metal, and even wood! Each material has its benefits and drawbacks. If this is your first butt plug we recommend choosing a soft material. Because silicone is a much better material for sex toys, and because some of our silicone butt plugs are only a few dollars more than our plain rubber plugs, we tend to recommend those the most.


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