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Booty Blaster

Booty Blaster
Booty Blaster Image 2
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anal compatible sex toys
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Judgements of cleanliness are hard to ignore when it comes to bodies and sex. As a result, we held off on carrying a reuseable douche for a long time- we didn't want to suggest to folks how they should be maintaining their bodies. However, we also know that cleaning is an important way for some to feel more at home in their bodies, and, furthermore, douching and enema play is a kink appreciated by many. After putting in considerable research, we've finally decided on the sexy, simple, and cheekily named Booty Blaster. The bulb removes easily from the insertable portion, and can be filled with warm water or any other fluids. The curve and rounded tip is great for comfortably inserting vaginally or anally. A combination of silicone and plastic, the Booty Blaster is full of potential, whether as a practical tool, or a sexy adventure. Made of phthalate-free silicone.

Booty Blaster has received an average rating of 2 Stars from 4 reviewers! View all reviews of Booty Blaster

sku: 716770072900

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$23.00 CAD

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reviews of Booty Blaster

On , vanftm wrote:
Were I doing this purchase over, I would have just gone to a drugstore and bought one of those standard enema kits with the red bag. I would have saved myself about twenty bucks and I would have gotten something a lot more useful. As it is, I'll probably be throwing this in the trash and buying one of those anyway. I wouldn't recommend this product to ANYONE, not even someone I strongly disliked.

The insertable portion is larger than I expected. Some dimensions in the product description would be useful. I don't have anything to measure it with, but the tip is bigger than my smallest butt plug. It's also hard plastic (yep! the only part that's silicone is the bulb at the other end), so it's pretty unforgiving material to be shoving up your ass. I was relaxed, putting it in slowly and used PLENTY of lube, but I still somehow ended up bleeding a little.

Another major problem with this product is that the bulb doesn't screw on or anything, it just pops on over a little ridge in the plastic. This means that it also pops OFF very easily. Remember how anything you put in your butt is always supposed to have a large base so that it doesn't just slip all the way in, necessitating a trip to the emergency room? Once the bulb pops off, this is no longer something I'd feel was safe to put in one's ass. Also, since it's of course slippery once you've got a little lube in, there's no way to grip it when inserting it without either squeezing the bulb and shooting liquid out before you even get it in, or popping the bulb off and having to start all over. Seriously, I tried four times without succeeding.

I ordered this because I trusted Come As You Are to be selling a high-quality, safe product. Nope! It's poorly designed, made mainly of hard plastic, doesn't meet the basic safety requirements for anything you put in your ass, and it came in a package that described it as a "novelty only". Very disappointing.

Rating: 1 Stars

On , fjs wrote:
I'm not as negative as vanftm about this. He's right that the bulb pops loose from the tip too easily, but I didn't find it too large. It's about 7/8 of an inch at the biggest point near the tip. I also had no worries about losing it; the detachable part is more than 6 inches long, and I found it easy (and necessary) to hold it near where the bulb joins.

It's not particularly sexy, but it more or less works (except when the bulb pops off).

Rating: 3 Stars

On , Jessi wrote:
I agree with vanftm. It's huge. The bulb is way easy to pop off, it never even made it close to me, the edges of the holes are sharp and scratchy. If I'd seen it in store, I'd never have bought it. Straight in the trash, a wasted $30.

Editor's note: We have a warranty! Please get in touch so we can get you a replacement.

Rating: 1 Stars

On , xanderbar wrote:
I'm giving it a 2 because it's okay - I don't regret purchasing it (it'll do in a pinch), but it does have some previously mentioned drawbacks.

It's hard to squeeze the bulb in any meaningful way without it popping off; it's possible but tricky. Not having to clean threads is nice, though, and I get that hygienically it's a better idea.

The holes can be a bit scratchy along the edges but using a thicker (i.e. gross drug store) lube solves that problem for me and this problem seems common with anything that has the holes.

I do like how easy it is to clean and I find the size/density of the insertable piece fine. I'm not personally worried about losing it up anywhere if/when the bulb falls off.

Rating: 2 Stars


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