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Happy Valley Pack-Man

Happy Valley Pack-Man
Happy Valley Pack-Man Image 2
Happy Valley Pack-Man Image 3
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Is that a new packer in your pants, or are you just happy to see us? Maybe it’s both, since there’s definitely a new packer in town. We were feeling a need for a more affordable but still durable packer, and one that would give us a colour selection, so we turned to our local dildo manufacturer, Happy Valley and asked them to turn our dreams into reality. Available online only. Made of phthalate-free silicone. View all items from Happy Valley.

Happy Valley Pack-Man has received an average rating of 4 Stars from 5 reviewers! View all reviews of Happy Valley Pack-Man

Dimensions: 3" x 1 1/4"

In-stock and ready to ship today!

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$54.00 CAD

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reviews of Happy Valley Pack-Man

On , anon wrote:
Great packer! Multi-functional, clean, comfortable and sits nicely in place. Works well for penetration with or without a harness and is very easy to clean and store.

Rating: 5 Stars

On , wishyouweresally wrote:
We love this little guy. My boy used to use the ultimate packer, but kept having skin irritation, so we switched to this when it came out last year. Fits great in our packing strap too.

Rating: 5 Stars

On , Nature_nut wrote:
pack-man: very firm, I think you can penetrate with it. It fits great on the Aslan strap, however, because of the firmness, it is difficult to position the shaft part of the unit anywhere except straight down the middle. The colour matches my skin tone perfectly, and I like that the urethra hole goes inwards, where as my old packy did not. I also like how the testicles are semi-seperated inward. My old packy, which was the 'ultimate packy 3.5 inch from Mango' , had testicles that had a protruding crease in the middle, but the balls were not seperate so it looked kinda weird. I always wanted to trim the excess material... but you can't, otherwise the entire packer will rip! Speaking of Ripping... my old packer ripped into three pieces, i had to super glue it back together every week! Back to the mr. right review (lol sorry) the back side of it does not allow forming to the ftm genitalia (if you were to wear it without the Aslan) It has a really rubbery "super bouncy ball" feeling to it... (one of the ones you buy from a gumball machine) This can be a good thing if you are worried about the durability of the packer, or bad thing if you don't want something that solid in your pants all the time. Not as tacky and sticky as the 'ultimate packer, but still could use cornstarch or equivalent to reduce tackiness Probably would make a good STP (Stand to pee) device Is much heavier then the "ultimate packer" I am just going to check to see if it floats...brb! .... No, it does NOT float. (if it was to fall out of a bathing suit, you're gonna have to go diving for it!) Probably the best packer to wear if you are planning on going out to a bar. You can pop it into the ASLAN, let the folks grind up upon your member, and be confident that it isn't going to fall into the toilet when you stagger into the washroom! It's length is BIT short, but I think you could make use of it, need be Over all, I'd give the Mr.Right 7.5 out of 10. Strong selling points were the skin tone, firmness, STP ability & ability to safely fit into ASLAN

Rating: 4 Stars

On , spunkmate wrote:
I love this packer. I had a cheap Fleshlight before this one, which did its job but didn't look or feel as natural as this one. It cleans up super easily, it doesn't turn into a sticky stinky mess if you wear it all day and happen to get a drop of sweat on it, and it fits great in any harness I've used it with. I was also worried it would provide too much bulge (I just wanted something I could wear for work, etc), but I haven't found that to be the case! However, if I DID want to look like I was packing extra, I can wear a tighter pair of pants and get the perfect package.

Rating: 5 Stars

On , Wuge wrote:
This is an OK packer if you really want to sport a bulge. Normally though- at least in my opinion, on any biological male, a flaccid penis isn't looking like its a huge rock. It does work ok with a harness.. but to me it is uncomfortable and I feel like people are looking at me wondering if I have a sock scrunched up.

Rating: 3 Stars


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