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Probe Lubricant Thick & Rich 17oz

Probe Lubricant Thick & Rich 17oz

This classic lube contains the fewest ingredients of all of our lubricants (and uses grapefruit seed extract as a natural preservative). Distinct, stringy consistency and the closest thing to truly tasteless.

Ingredients: purified water, vegetable glycerin, polyethlene oxide, grapefruit seed extract.

Probe Lubricant Thick & Rich 17oz has received an average rating of 3 Stars from 6 reviewers! View all reviews of Probe Lubricant Thick & Rich 17oz

sku: 38763972012

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$19.00 CAD

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reviews of Probe Lubricant Thick & Rich 17oz

On , Zozopuff wrote:
Silky smooth and it lasts! The pump bottle is the best size to get because it's easier to pump out than fumble with a little bottle with slippery fingers.

One problem: your hands will get sticky... dawn...

Rating: 4 Stars

On , StarDancer wrote:
I like the minimal ingredients and the fact that it is totally tasteless. It is definitely stringy and my night table has these little "trails" on it from the stringiness. It is great... for about 10 seconds. Then it becomes all gummy and sticky. I actually find it almost useless as a lube. Like, if you only need a little lube for a little while I think it would be fine but if you need something that can last for more than a minute, I think you would be disappointed with it, I am.

Rating: 2 Stars

On , Brad333 wrote:
Maybe it's just my physiology, but I seem to absorb lube within just a minute or two of application and this stuff is no different. It feels great at first(just like your own natural lubricant) but soon after becomes very sticky and tacky. It reactivates with water but still....

Also, the stringy quality is not to be underestimated. It's very difficult to get a few quick pumps without having to wait for the stringy bits to fall into your hand, lest they litter you night table and any items that might be on it. At least it's vegan...

I used the silky light but haven't tried the thick and rich.

Rating: 2 Stars

On , smiles wrote:
It is stringy and I found it tasted bad and left a smell on my body that took a day or so to leave no matter how many times I showered or bathed. I tried the silky light and the thick and rich. The thick and rich although stringy and smelly was good for anal play.

Rating: 2 Stars

On , cici25 wrote:
Review for Thick & Rich formula. Plenty thick and slippery but get sticky as it dries.

Rating: 5 Stars

On , ssn wrote:
Love it!

Rating: 5 Stars


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