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Satisfyer Pro Penguin

Satisfyer Pro Penguin

waterproof sex toys
staff pick sex toys
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We promise to never carry the Womanizer (ugh) but we’re so excited to be able to offer another toy that has peaked Canada’s interest with it’s promise of hand-held suction. Meet the Satisfyer Pro Penguin. Featuring 11 modes of suction plus vibration, this waterproof and USB rechargeable sex toy offers a wide range of sensation. The modes range from a low pulsing suction emitting from a clitoris-friendly tip to a buzzy vibration plus intense suction. Designed to be a more compact design than the Satisfyer Pro 2, and with a suction tip that is slightly wider, we're impressed with the charming design plus sexy potential of this toy! Made of phthalate-free silicone.

Satisfyer Pro Penguin has received an average rating of 5 Stars from 5 reviewers! View all reviews of Satisfyer Pro Penguin

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Vibrator sound level:

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reviews of Satisfyer Pro Penguin

On , Aqua_88 wrote:
Love this toy! First one I got, the silicone ring wouldn't stay on, and the folks at CAYA were so fast to get it sorted out. No problems with the replacement. I appreciate that I can use this toy and then not be too sensitive for more play (where as normally I'm one and done with any intense clit stimulation) and it's quiet enough to be comfortable using it with roommates home.

Rating: 5 Stars

On , Canukqueen wrote:
We like this toy but don't love that the white tip is so easy to fall off. It's a really nice sensation when you can get it proprly placed, and a great alternative to the numb buzzing of a vibrator. I like having this is our toy box and would recommend it, for sure.

Rating: 4 Stars

On , LittleOne wrote:
Amazing!!! So worth it and gets you every time!

Rating: 5 Stars

On , scientoast wrote:
I love this toy - it's my current favourite out of many. It's a different sensation than a regular vibrator and feels somewhat like oral sex. My favourite part is that it doesn't leave me desensitized afterwards like other vibrators do - often, I'm even more receptive to touch afterwards. Also, it's cute.

The annoyances I have with it are that the vibration level is inconsistent (sometimes I'm having a really good time and then it shifts into a much weaker vibration - turning it up to the next level is too much for me so I just have to work with its sad-mode until it kicks up again) and the silicone ring falls off all the time. I keep losing it inside my bedframe!

Rating: 4 Stars

On , Honeydew wrote:
Whoa. I am a big fan of this toy! I love that it provides stimulation all around my clit, as opposed to mostly one spot like many other vibes. I actually ejaculated without trying for the first time in my life when I first tried it. Delightful!

Rating: 5 Stars


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