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Stroke 29 Oil Lubricant 3.3oz

Stroke 29 Oil Lubricant 3.3oz

It's worth the wait to stroke 28, because Stroke 29 is when this lube really hits its stride. Incredibly, this is the first masturbation cream that actually gets better as you use it. Containing almond oil, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, Stroke 29 never loses it slippery-ness, warms up as you use it and maintains its texture no matter how long your self-loving lasts. 3.3 oz

Ingredients: Water, Octyl Palmitrate from Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Steary/Cetyl Emulsifiers, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Methyl/Propyl Paraben, Germal, Carbomer 940, TEA

Stroke 29 Oil Lubricant 3.3oz has received an average rating of 5 Stars from 2 reviewers! View all reviews of Stroke 29 Oil Lubricant 3.3oz

sku: 891306000012

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$19.00 CAD

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reviews of Stroke 29 Oil Lubricant 3.3oz

On , joeyd wrote:
Do yourself a favour and take a cyber stroll in the direction of Empowered Products. Get your hand off the mouse when you hit ’stroke 29?.

[It] stays where you put it. Scoop up a dab and apply evenly around your shaft. Up and down, slow and steady. You’ll notice a change in the sensation around the 29th stroke as ’stroke 29? takes on the heat and glide of aroused human tissue. Please jack off responsibly.

The words are straight off the ’stroke 29? tub itself.

A promise. Instructions. A rhythm. Slightly scientific. A public service announcement.

Who knew that a simple stroke could get so complicated?

Here’s the thing though, ’stroke 29? (made by Gun Oil) is just about the best stuff that my cock has been made to test. As long as you heed the instructions. Take it slow and steady. Slow down for christ’s sake. Enjoy the time it takes to get it going. I promise that somewhere about the 29th stroke – give or take – the cream is not a cream any more. I admit I didn’t count the strokes from semi-solid to slick. I don’t know a guy who would have the functioning brain to count off the number of times he pumps his dick. All you need to know is that when it gets hot and releases itself you’re not far behind. It offers the added benefit of not working its way down and leaving sticky circles on your favourite chair.

Thanks to my afternoon out with my co-conspirator Pearl a load of hot stuff came my way – Stroke 29 is searing hot.

So boys, don’t even bother pretending that you don’t jerk-off with a sort of enthusiasm you can’t muster for the minutiae that happens beyond shooting a big load. You’ve not gone blind, your palms aren’t hairy, one bicep isn’t freakishly larger than the other. Allow yourself a nice, long, slow wank now and then.

Rating: 5 Stars

On , ellcee wrote:
For the purpose of improving the male's masturbation experience, using Stroke 29 lubrication is the best lubrication product available. One can go slow and experience a long period of pleasure because the lubrication just improves with time and the number of strokes. I highly recommend this product.

Rating: 5 Stars


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