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Underworks Tri-top Chest Binder

Underworks Tri-top Chest Binder
Underworks Tri-top Chest Binder Image 2

This binder is a great option for folks looking for a sturdy binder, as well as a full range of motion. It binds down to the bellybutton, giving awesome chest coverage with three layers of nylon & spandex, while leaving the wearer free to move around. Some folks will take the bottom of the binder and roll it up a bit to avoid compressing the belly- a great compromise between having a flat chest and comfortable body. Great for FTMs, transmen, cosplayers, and everyone! Get more info on binder sizing and more! Made of nylon.

Underworks Tri-top Chest Binder has received an average rating of 4 Stars from 14 reviewers! View all reviews of Underworks Tri-top Chest Binder

By Rachel Kramer Bussel, pages, . Published by Last Gasp.

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$42.00 CAD

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reviews of Underworks Tri-top Chest Binder

On , Aeo wrote:
Decent for the price, although you have to be a bit of a contortionist to get into it (on more than one occassion I've had to have someone 'rescue' me from it). Conspicuous under clothing, and uncomfortable when the bottom rolls up (on the full-cut). Not bad for compression, but it certainly isn't friendly to those of us who 'have a few lbs to lose'.

Rating: 2 Stars

On , ChrisCanuck wrote:
I've been using the tri-top to bind for years now, once getting the hang of a technique to slip it on it's quick and painless. I'm more on the heavier side so this binder would work better than the full cut. It does roll up but I've gotten past that, and as long as you layer or wear a baggier shirt no one will notice. Plus, who's going to ask? I would advise people to not go with a size smaller than the sizing chart does, after having a size too small and I got one that was a proper size, they both did the same amount of binding. So don't put yourself in unnecessary pain.

Rating: 4 Stars

On , candycanekisses wrote:
While all binders for me are uncomfortable, I find the tri-top is the least uncomfortable. Unlike the long-cut binder, this binder stays in place and does not roll up. I also find that the compression right after I buy it is amazing, but after a few months it loses it's compression. What is nice about buying this binder in-store is that you can try it on and compare sizes.

Rating: 4 Stars

On , jordan arkityp wrote:
not perfect for people like me who have a large torso-to-chest ratio, but it does the job. you can cut the bottom band off to prevent rolling, or tuck the full one into your pants. comfort is not great but i managed to get through a sweaty pride day. make sure you order your actual chest size - do not downsize.

Rating: 3 Stars

On , TwoSpirit wrote:
I'm a small c cup and the tri top works well if you wear a t shirt and the obligatory plaid shirt over the T to distract from the area. Can't wait to have top surgery, just so I can wear something other than plaid. If you want to wear a tank, than I suggest getting the long binder. Double binding is sometimes necessary for us bigger chested guys. If you're very broad shouldered like me, then a tri top is easier to get on and off than the long binder. Those can be a real problem getting off. When its unbearably hot and humid, I would suggest wearing a A top under the binder, as it can get too sweaty and wet to take off, and the A shirt will give you a little help in getting it off if it is underneath the binder. After 8 or more years of binding, I have plenty of tips to share. It's still a pain, but it can be made (just a little) easier.

Rating: 4 Stars

On , aster wrote:
Good binder and worth the cost. It's a little tricky to get on, but you learn how to do it easy pretty quickly. I find it's a little uncomfortable, but it works. I'm an F cup so it doesn't get me completely flat by itself, but under a button down shirt or a loose sweater you wouldn't even know I had breasts!

Rating: 4 Stars

On , skylarlove wrote:
I bought this binder when I first began my transition. It really does flatten everything down. I measured a medium but ended up listening to advice from an FTM friend that said I should order one size up from what I measure for safe binding. Also its not really safe to wear a binder if you plan to be physical like work out at the gym or going on a run. You can damage your ribs and lungs. A Sports bra that's a size too small is much safer. Also try not to bind for more than 4 hours at a time and definitely don't sleep in it. <3'

Rating: 4 Stars

On , toddski wrote:
While it takes some getting used to, and a certain amount of breaking in, just like your favourite pair of jeans, this binder lasts and lasts. Give it a wash to tighten it back up after some wear. It has great compression and I have had very few problems with the "rolling up" that I've seen others mention. Maybe it's just my particular shape. I wore it exclusively over a thin undershirt for the first few months because of chafing, but after wearing it for a year, I wear it directly against my skin most days unless I know I will be particularly sweaty. Just like anything skin-tight, it's difficult to remove when damp or wet. Love it and highly recommend as my favourite binder with best compression.

Rating: 5 Stars

On , birb wrote:

Rating: 5 Stars

On , wentch wrote:
My son loves this binder... which is why I am on the site ordering more. We started with two (not enough) and he finds they work better than anything that he has tried :)

Rating: 5 Stars

On , cellistkate wrote:
My friend came to CAYA to try this binder on specifically, and they were thrilled at how it made them feel. My exes wore this and said it was the best they had had by far. thank you underworks!

Rating: 5 Stars

On , NickField wrote:
I've been using this binder for the last two to three years. Have been binding for 8 years now and this is the one I keep coming back to. I've found that others breathe a little better, but this continues to give me the flattest chest I've experienced so far. I definitely like the length of this one over the full shirt length size (which I found to be stifling and annoying to always roll back down/adjust).

Rating: 4 Stars

On , Dak wrote:
I'm a 34D and this is my first binder. I wasn't sure what to expect, so I was pleasantly surprised at how flat this actually made me look. It's virtually invisible under a loose button-up shirt. T-shirts will obviously make the binder more visible, especially around the top of the binder, but that's to be expected. (I find the straps are a bit loose on me... though I suspect that if I had gone with a small instead of a medium, I wouldn't have been able to breathe in it.) I was expecting this to be vastly uncomfortable, but it's really no worse than my heavy-duty sports bra. Will definitely buy more of this one!

Rating: 4 Stars

On , TJ Smith wrote:
love this binder, I find the compression to be great and although it can be a little hard to get in and out of it is totally worth it for me. Compared to the full length binder I would go a size up as I find the trip top fits smaller.

Rating: 5 Stars


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