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Length is listed first, then diameter. All measurements are in inches and are approximate. If the toy has an insertable portion, only the insertable portion's measurements are listed here.

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Vixen Ride On

Vixen Ride On

phthalate-free sex toys

Our reviewer calls the Ride On a "game changer" in the world of penis prostheses. Designed to be worn over a flaccid penis and to allow for penetration, the Ride On is the first toy of its kind made of silicone, and really works as a hands free male strap on. A simple strap goes around the scrotum and allows for easy integration into your sexual routine with minimal intrusiveness from straps. Features an internal (but stretchy) measurement of 4" x 1 3/8" and a 2 1/2" solid tip. Made of phthalate-free silicone.

Vixen Ride On has received an average rating of 4 Stars from 4 reviewers! View all reviews of Vixen Ride On

Dimensions: 6 1/2" x 1"

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$144.00 CAD

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reviews of Vixen Ride On

On , pussyboy wrote:
I modified this toy so that I could pump my clit and wear the cock sleeve over top. I use the 1" nipple cylinder and pump from LAPumps (the pump is sold at Come As You Are but I ordered the cylinders from LAPumps directly). I cut off the ball sack leaving the flared area intact for use in a harness. The cylinders are a bit shorter than the cavity for the sleeve so you end up with a bit of a gap, but once you roll the sleeve over your pumped clit encased in the 1" cylinder and squeeze the air out it creates enough vacuum that you can tug your cock and have it simultaneously tug your swollen clit. It is hot as F*CK.

Rating: 4 Stars

On , ED. wrote:
Beware dimensions, this thing is huge: 6" girth! Prostatectomy has me impotent, we were looking for a prosthetic for pleasure. This is waayy too big for a dainty senior aged lady to accommodate. Wish thay made one for the normal range of folk.

Rating: 1 Stars

On , kampik wrote:
My partner and I really enjoyed this. The only problem they found was that it was really hard to get over their dick and balls especially if their dick was not fully erect, also they found it to be very tight. But after a lot of foreplay it was very enjoyable for both of us. Be aware that the girth expands when a cock is present.

Rating: 4 Stars

On , bob_d wrote:
this toy is amazing. You have to learn how to use it but I can put it on if I don't have an erection. I was afraid of pain as I have large balls, but it's very confortable if placed properly. It's size is ok, but on the larger side. The silicone is awesome. I have not tried it with my partner yet but think she's going to like it a lot. If only I could use it with an erection ....

Rating: 5 Stars


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