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Length is listed first, then diameter. All measurements are in inches and are approximate. If the toy has an insertable portion, only the insertable portion's measurements are listed here.

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Vixen Tristan 2

Vixen Tristan 2

anal compatible sex toys
phthalate-free sex toys

Designed and inspired by the infamous Tristan Taormino, the Tristan 2 butt plug from Vixen Creations is even bigger than the original but has all of the stay-put goodness you've come to expect from Vixen. We're looking at you, seasoned anal players! Made of phthalate-free silicone.

Vixen Tristan 2 has received an average rating of 4 Stars from 4 reviewers! View all reviews of Vixen Tristan 2

sku: 838084000919

Dimensions: 3 3/4" x 2 1/4"

This item is currently out of stock

en français
$65.00 CAD

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reviews of Vixen Tristan 2

On , selena wrote:
This plug is an all night delight and it's getting me ready for the real thing.

Rating: 5 Stars

On , andrewc wrote:
The first 3 times i used this plug, it was an intense, intense orgasm and i bled after every use. Now that I''m used to it, it''s still a challenge and i love how my ass stretches to its fullest.

Rating: 4 Stars

On , BP wrote:
I like the size of this toy and the feeling of fullness that comes with it. However the large neck makes it very difficult to keep in place and the base is uncomfortably wide.

Rating: 1 Stars

On , ThisIsAUserName wrote:
I've always thought necks were sexy. But it's not possible for someone's neck to be the sexiest part of their body, is it?

Apparently, it is possible. You prove it, Tristan.

I have a similar butt plug, Pipedream's Anal Fantasy Large, that I once thought rendered you obsolete. It has a similar circumference to yours (6 1/2” compared to your 6 5/8”), it's made of silicone just like you, and it's way cheaper. So why the hell would I ever need you, Tristan?

Dat neck. That's why.

The Pipedream has a wonderfully thick head, but its neck is a pencil. It stretches my sphincters while I insert it. But once it nestles inside, its thin neck leaves my sphincters unstretched and bored. Why should my rectum have all the fun?

It shouldn't. Plugs should be fun for sphincters, too!

You taught me that, Tristan. You taught me that with your deliciously thick neck. 5 1/8” in circumference. Thicker than your average cock. You fill me up, stretch my sphincters, and never let me forget you're there.

And you're so squeezable! Your silicone is much softer than the Pipedream plug. When you're inside me, I can't help but flex my kegels, hugging you. I don't need to do this to prevent you from slipping: it just feels so damn good.

I had concerns about you, Tristan. You don't look like a classic butt plug. I thought there must be good reasons why no one pursued this design before Vixen:

Your head looks too short. Classic butt plugs like the Pipedream have long, tapered heads to ease insertion. Despite this, you're actually easier to insert than the tapered, mildly thinner Pipedream. Your softer silicone compresses as you go inside, making your thick, short head less of an issue.

Would I prefer you to have a longer, more tapered head? Yup. It wouldn't make a difference for me. But for people who've never used a plug in your girth category, a longer taper would make you friendlier. And I want you to make friends with as many butts as possible, Tristan.

The difference between your head girth and your neck girth is much smaller than classic plugs. I thought you might pop out when I squatted or used the bathroom.

Nope. Despite your smaller head-to-neck ratio, when I pull you out I still feel firm resistance at your head. I need to push to remove you. There's no way you're going to leave my butt until I want you to leave my butt.

Your neck is longer than classic plugs. I was concerned you would slowly slide out of my butt, which would be awkward if I wore you in public.

But, somehow, you don't slip. You stay put. Perhaps your silicone is grippy enough not to move when I don't want you to. Or perhaps my internal sphincter is deeper than I think, and it prevents you from sliding. I'm not entirely certain. But I am certain that I no long worry about slippage when you're hanging out in my butt.

So my concerns were happily unfounded. Except for your short, blunt head, I supposed.

There was one more thing I hoped you would do for me, Tristan. With your thick, squeezable neck stretching my sphincters and making kegels extra fun, I didn't deserve anything more. But I couldn't help myself:

I hoped you would massage my prostate.

Your head looks like it bulbs out at about the right depth, so I don't think I was crazy to hope for this. And a firm prostate massage would likely make you my favourite toy ever.

Alas, it was not meant to be. Your soft silicone—which I adore for its squeezability and ease of insertion—makes you useless as a prostate massager. You stand right at the door, but you lack the strength to push it open.

Don't feel bad, Tristan. No one's perfect. You're a notch below perfect—at least for those who can handle your blunt head.

Now cheer up and get back in my butt.

Rating: 5 Stars


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