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Length is listed first, then diameter. All measurements are in inches and are approximate. If the toy has an insertable portion, only the insertable portion's measurements are listed here.

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Wahl 8 in 1 Refresh

Wahl 8 in 1 Refresh

phthalate-free sex toys

This classic is perfect for anyone with thin walls, nosy neighbors, or children. Working on a magnetic coil this vibrator is almost silent and delivers a more concentrated buzz than wand-style vibrators. Comes with seven massage attachments for great full body massage - plus one attachment for heat therapy. Two speeds. Please note: attachments are not exactly as pictured.

Wahl 8 in 1 Refresh has received an average rating of 4 Stars from 13 reviewers! View all reviews of Wahl 8 in 1 Refresh

Insertable Portion: 8" x 3"

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Vibrator sound level:

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$60.00 CAD

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reviews of Wahl 8 in 1 Refresh

On , Mariebud wrote:
A very under-rated toy!

Rating: 5 Stars

On , heart wrote:
Lowest setting was too strong for clitoral stimulation. Not enjoyable at all, unfortunately.

Rating: 2 Stars

On , Vae wrote:
I purchased the Wahl 8 in 1 recently and have had a chance to try it a few times. It has its good points and bad points. I'll start with the bad points.

The main problem that I have with the Wahl 8 in 1 is that while it has these different massage attachments, none of them seem to be designed for genital use. The edges don't seem to have that smooth, rounded feel that I like in a toy, and they seem somewhat awkward for clitoral stimulation.

The toy is also quite a bit larger and bulkier than I'd expected (about eight inches long), which only adds to the awkwardness of use. The cord is nine feet long, though, which means that distance from the electrical outlet is rarely a concern.

As to the good points: The vibrations are very intense, which was what I was looking for. The one issue is that it has just two speeds and the lower speed is very strong already; one level lower or an adjustable intensity slider would be a nice addition for those that like to work up to stronger vibrations as things progress.

The device is fairly quiet, so in that sense it's discreet. It's also very nice not to have to worry about batteries as with my previous toys. It works nicely as a body massager too, so it's got that multipurpose use.

Overall I'd rate this toy as fairly average. It does the job, but not as elegantly as toys that are fully designed for genital vibration rather than body massage.

Rating: 3 Stars

On , hero007 wrote:
Good for him and her as the small cup is perfect over the head of the penis and the one with the small nod is good for clitoral stimulation. There is also one that works as a suction cup for dildos with a flat base (like the ones for harness use). Its also great for back, and full body messages. Great for women who love vibrators and multiple orgasms. Good for getting a guy hard to go again too.

Rating: 4 Stars

On , addictive1 wrote:
mmmmmmmmmmmmmm it was fast

Rating: 5 Stars

On , JesseK wrote:
This is my favorite vibe but it could definitely use a redesign - not very elegant.

Rating: 4 Stars

On , kcc wrote:
This toy is such a workhorse. I use it every day and it always gets me off, quickly. It's quiet (at least it is when you've got it pressed up against you) and I love that it never runs down, even though its vibrations are very intense. It's buzzy, rather than thumpy, on the lower setting and I never use the higher setting. The only drawback is that it's the ugliest toy I've ever used. I pretty much only use it alone because it's just so...ungainly and unsexy-looking. It looks like something your grandma would have. But it does work!

Rating: 4 Stars

On , Jenesais wrote:
This is definitely not a virtually silent toy, though if you can walk the line between pushing hard but not so hard that you stop the vibrations, it does get quieter.

I also found the same problem as Vae -- the attachments just aren't made for good genital stimulation. As a body massager, I give this five stars. As a sex-toy/vibrator it just isn't that great.

Rating: 2 Stars

On , juliejulie wrote:
I had an Wahl 7in1 'Warm and Gentle' for years and years (and years) and it was so amazing until it broke :(

I bought one of the 8 in 1 massagers thinking it was just the same toy in a new case with an extra attachment but it just isn't. The new one is so much more powerful it could be a back massager :) The low setting is about what I remember the high being on the old one and the high on the new one is off the scale and frankly painful on less sensitive areas let alone on the genitals. I have found that using a speed controller for the Hitachi Wand and setting it to about 75% makes things OK and I would love to find someone that could derate the toy so it ran at the old power levels. So yes its good for massage and on low its just about OK for masturbation but on high TAKE CARE.

Rating: 3 Stars

On , LaCamilla wrote:
While it worked it was very good but in under a year it started to get noisier and noisier and the vibration rougher until I could not use it. We opened the casing and found the bracket that holds the attachment post to the motor had all but snapped through with maybe metal fatigue. Not quality at all!

Rating: 2 Stars

On , sweet Kate wrote:
My favorite sex toy. (I have lots.) I like its deep vibration and I like some of its attachments but I simply love using it with three (blue) attachments bought separately from CAYA because the attachments are plastic, which is less hard and therefore easier on my vagina and fingers--I like using my fingers right along with one of these attachments. (Do try a vibrator working your hand OR a vibrator plus your fingers inside you, which, which can be amazing.)

Rating: 5 Stars

On , RandyMandy wrote:
This bute is unbelievably good. As an ex Hitachi user the quietness is amazing with the Wahl and the rumbly vibrating that really penetrates knocks the buzzy superficial Hitachi out of the park. Its now pretty much the only way I masturbate myself as its quick, quiet, easier to use under the bedclothes compared to any wand, the orgasms are stupefyingly good and the pop off tops are easy to clean in the washbasin.

Rating: 5 Stars

On , beccab wrote:
Most of the attachments are pretty useless for clitoral stimulation and the dish-shaped one (which is the best one, in my opinion) makes the toy extremely loud because of the shape.

Also, if you're planning on using this for more than 15 minutes, you're gonna want an oven mitt because it heats up A LOT and can easily be painful if the main body where the motor is touches your thigh.

Rating: 2 Stars


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