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all about sex toys

It is a little-known-fact, but we're not all that into selling you vibrators and dildos. Instead, we're much more interested in ensuring you have good information about sexual health and pleasure. When we provide information about the products we carry online and in-store, we aren't just parroting information from the manufacturer or trying to convince you to buy something - we're just trying to make sure you have all of the information you need to make an informed decision about the sex toy you're interested in. From high-end Lelo vibrators to Canadian made sex toys, we've got you covered!
all about anal beads

Anal beads, also known as 'thai beads', are a string of beads designed for anal penetration. Instead of being about pressure or fullness, anal beads play on the sensation of the two ringed sphincter muscles, such that when you pull the beads out (which you do gently, with lots of lube) they pass along the muscles and create a sensation some people find very pleasing. | Read more all about anal beads

all about anal dildos

Anal dildos are toys designed specifically for anal penetration. While all dildos can be used for vaginal penetration they aren't all safe for anal use. An anal dildo should have a wide flared base to prevent it from slipping up into the rectum. | Read more all about anal dildos

all about anal sex toys

Anal sex toys offer a wide range of sensations and possibilities for exploring anal play by yourself or with a partner. There are three main kinds of anal sex toys. | Read more all about anal sex toys

all about butt plugs

Butt Plugs, also sometimes called anal plugs or anal dildos, are sex toys specifically designed for anal penetration, and designed to stay in place. The basic features of most butt plugs include a wide flared base, being seamless and smooth, and starting small at the tip. | Read more all about butt plugs

all about cock rings

Cock rings (also known as penis rings and constriction rings) function by restricting the flow of blood out from the penis and for many folks they result in firmer and longer lasting erections. They also have the effect of creating a feeling of pressure that many folks find very pleasurable. | Read more all about cock rings

all about condoms

Condoms, when used properly, provide a highly effective way to protect yourself and your partner(s) from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. Condoms are for single use only and you must use a new condom for each sexual act involving penetration. | Read more all about condoms

all about dildos

Dildos are sex toys designed for vaginal or anal penetration. Dildos don't 'do' anything other than what we make them do (they don't have motors or moving parts). The pleasure of dildos comes from penetration. | Read more all about dildos

all about double dildos

As the name suggests a double dildo, also called double header and double ended dildo, is a sex toy that is designed to have two ends safe for penetration. | Read more all about double dildos

all about lubricant

Lubricant, also sometimes called personal lubricant, is, in our opinion, the great unsung sex toy. Lubricant makes every kind of sex better. It not only makes sex more comfortable, but it can increase sensitivity. | Read more all about lubricant

all about penis sleeves

Penis sleeves, also called masturbation sleeves or masturbators, are one of the most popular types of sex toy for men. The basic penis sleeve is a cylindrical sheath that the penis goes into and can either be moved up and down the shaft of the penis or remain still while the penis moves in and out of the sleeve. | Read more all about penis sleeves

all about strap ons

A strap on, also called a strap on harness or dildo harness, is a sex toy that allows you to use a dildo without having to use your hands. A strap on may strap around your thigh or other body part, they may be used to strap a dildo to a piece of furniture. | Read more all about strap ons

All About Strap-On Harnesses

A strap-on is any combination of a harness and dildo. People of all genders and orientations can - and do! - enjoy strap-on play. While harnesses and dildos are most commonly used for penetration play - for g-spot or prostate stimulation - they can often used as part of power play, gender play, and roleplay. | Read more All About Strap-On Harnesses

all about the fleshlight

The Fleshlight may be the bestselling sex toy of all time. Modeled on the basic penis sleeve, the Fleshlight's patented realistic soft skin is incredibly pliable but amazingly strong and durable at the same time. | Read more all about the fleshlight

All About Vibrating Cock Rings

Vibrating rings, also called vibrating cock rings, are highly versatile toys we recommend for a variety of uses. The basic vibrating ring can be placed at the base of the penis or a dildo and be used to provide extra stimulation during penetration. | Read more All About Vibrating Cock Rings

all about vibrators

Vibrators provide a kind of stimulation no human body can. Unlike dildos which only move the way you move them, vibrators have motors which move and whirr and create a strong consistent stimulation. | Read more all about vibrators

Binders, Packers and STPs

A general guide to binding, packing, and STPs with sizing, health, and care information.  Come As You Are carried chest compression vests from Underworks, and a wide range of Packers and Packing straps from Aslan Leather, SpareParts, Happy Valley, Vixen Creations and more. | Read more Binders, Packers and STPs


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