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holiday shopping tips

We can’t think of anything sweeter to get your sweetie for Christmas or the holidays than the kind of erotic gift that keeps on giving.  Sex toys, porn, erotica collections may not be right for the family portion of your holidays, but as a secret tucked under a pillow or at the bottom of the suitcase, they’re tops. 

This is not to say that buying sex toys for the holidays is an easy task.  Here are some of our basic tips on how to pick a sex toy for the one you love this holiday season.

Do your homework.  Do you know if they’ve had sex toys before?  If not, try to use a recent article or Sex in the City re-run to bring it up.  If they haven’t you can still collect some important information like favourite colours, what kind of sexual stimulation they like (e.g. penetration, external, both), whether they’d be interested in a book or video that’s more raunchy than romantic, etc…

It’s not go big or go home.
  If you’re not sure what to get, buying the biggest or most expensive toy is not necessarily the way to go with sex toys.  In fact if it’s a first time sex toy we suggest inexpensive, and small.

When in doubt, go versatile.
  Whether you’re looking for a toy, book, or video, if you’re not sure what you or your partner wants, pick something that will give you options.  A short story collection might be better than a novel, a toy that is good for both penetration and external stimulation might be better than one that is designed for a single purpose. 

The sexiest cop out ever.  If you’re totally stuck, you can always give us a call, send us an email, or come in the store.  But if you’re out of time and ideas, picking up a gift certificate plus a card or small token gift is a nice way of putting your partner in the driver seat, but still picking up the bill.

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