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adapting toys for mobility and motor control

Mobility and motor control can have an impact both on the sort of toy you can hold, but also getting the toy to touch yourself (or a partner, or partners) where you want it.

First consider what you want to do with the toy? What movement do you have that you can use to manipulate a toy? Where would you want the toy to touch, and can you reach there? If you are thinking about using a vibrator, can you also press it against your body in addition to holding it? If you're interested in a dildo, can you manipulate it for penetration? Remember, even if the answer is no to many of these questions, there are always solutions.

Here are a few basic ones:

There are vibrators that can be worn on the body that you don't need to hold in place. Some go around the waist and sit in front of the clitoris, like the Remote Butterfly or the Vibrating Thong with Beads. Others go around the penis and stimulate the penis and scrotum, like the vibrating rings and the Fleshlight Vibro.

There is also wearable remote control toys like the We-Vibe and the Lelo Tiani that can be inserted vaginally for g-spot stimulation but also stimulate the clitoris.  While you may need to get help getting the toys on, and turning them on, many of them will stay on your body, so you can still play alone if you want. Pillows are also helpful for positioning to play with a toy.

If you can hold a toy and press it against your body but you tend to drop things as a result of spasms, there are vibrators that you can fit on your hand or finger. The most popular kind of toy like this is called the Fukuoku. This is a light weight but surprisingly powerful vibrator that fits on the finger. This is particularly useful if you drop things a lot as you don't have to keep picking it up.

There are all sorts of inexpensive ways to start experimenting with these ideas. The cheapest thing to do is purchase a Silver Bullet vibrator and use it in a glove or something else you use to hold things in place. Some people put these vibrators inside sponges and wrap tape around the sponge for an easy handle. Again, the trick is not to think that there is one right way to use sex toys.

For some people mobility means reaching is an issue. There are some toys that are light-weight but have long flexible shafts that help with reaching areas (Flex-A-Pleasure). You may also be able to incorporate whatever assistive devices you use for reaching, with a sex toy.

With dildos, using harnesses greatly reduces the amount of movement required. There are harnesses that you can affix a dildo to a bed or chair or person and can then play with the dildo without having to hold it.

You can also buy dildos that have suction cups on the base. Usually these are not strong enough to hold the dildo to a wall, but they will keep it grounded on the floor (or a chair) and keep it erect.

Handles and switches on sex toys are terrible, and you may need to get a handle built up, or a switch adapted. If you're looking for suggestions on how to get a toy adapted feel free to email us and we can see if we can help to find someone locally.


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