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sex how to's

Looking for a new sex position or ideas on how to stimulate the g-spot? We've got information on how to get started in anal play, how to ejaculate and more!
Anal Pleasure

As more and more of us explore various pleasure zones throughout our own and our partners’ bodies, the anus has, at long last, received some of the attention it so richly deserves. In spite (and because) of the still pervasive anal taboo, anal eroticism opens up a world of sexual possibility - whether as main course or appetizer. Dispelling fear and combating ignorance is the first step to enjoying anal sex.

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Changing Erections

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a clinical term usually defined as the inability to develop and maintain an erection for satisfactory sexual activity. At Come As You Are we don’t think the idea of “normal” is helpful to experiencing sexual pleasure, and we know that even clinicians don’t agree on how often or for how long you might have difficulties with erections before you would be diagnosed with erectile dysfunction.

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enjoying anal play

We've been thrilled to see a constant increase in the level of interest in this section of our store as more and more folks are exploring this wellspring of pleasure in our bodies. | Read more enjoying anal play

Gee Whiz - The G-Spot  and Female  Ejaculation
Gee Whiz - The G-Spot and Female Ejaculation

At Come As You Are we don’t believe that the g-spot is some magic button that, once touched, will change your sex life forever.

Just like some of us get turned on by having our inner thighs caressed or our ears nibbled on, some people find that stimulating the g-spot is incredibly arousing and even orgasmic, while for others it does nothing at all.

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Holiday Sex Dos and Don'ts
December 16, 2014

We're not ones to compartmentalize sex unnecessarily, but there's no denying that holiday sex comes with its own rewards and challenges. Whether you celebrate or not, it's hard not to be affected by what happens at the end of the calendar year, and we wanted to share a few of our holiday sex dos and don'ts gleaned from years of helping our customers survive, and sometime thrive, sexually during the holidays. | Read more Holiday Sex Dos and Don'ts

Sex and Unwanted Pain - Re-imagining paths to pleasure
Sex and Unwanted Pain - Re-imagining paths to pleasure

Being sex positive at Come As You Are means we consider sexuality to be a site of tremendous health, pleasure and strength in our lives. We also realize that many of us experience physical, emotional, and psychic pain around sexuality. We are great cheerleaders of the positive potential of sex, but proceed with respect and awareness that sometimes sex can feel too painful to talk about.

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Silicone Dilators and Dilation Exercises

Silicone DilatorsCome As You Are’s silicone dilators are a series of high-quality silicone exercisers designed specifically to aid people experiencing vaginal pain, and for post-surgery therapy. Together with a local gynecologist and an independent Canadian silicone manufacturer, Come As You Are created these dilators made from high-grade, hypoaallergenic silicone. If you or someone you know is suffering from vaginal pain, these dilation exercises may be useful to you.

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The G-Spot and Ejaculation

Some women report that stimulation of the g spot leads to the release of fluids during sex and orgasm. For a number of these women there is a lot of liquid released during sex which, until the gradual acceptance of ejaculation began, was though to be urine and due to incontinence. | Read more The G-Spot and Ejaculation


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