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Holiday Sex Dos and Don'ts

We're not ones to compartmentalize sex unnecessarily, but there's no denying that holiday sex comes with its own rewards and challenges.  Whether you celebrate or not, it's hard not to be affected by what happens at the end of the calendar year, and we wanted to share a few of our holiday sex dos and don'ts gleaned from years of helping our customers survive, and sometime thrive, sexually during the holidays.

1. Do find time for yourself. You don't have to be in a relationship to show yourself some loving this holiday season. Making time for a little self-love is a great way to stay calm and soothe those holiday nerves.

2. Do think about your space before family comes over. Whether it's taking down your "I Love Someone Kinky" fridge magnet or cleaning out your computer cache, we're not saying you should hide any part of yourself, just be thoughtful about what you want to share and what you don't.

3. Don't buy porn for your boss for the office Secret Santa. Unless you work in a sex store, or want to have sex with your boss (and if you do we've got another "don't" list for you to read) we suggest staying away from sexually explicit material. It will either embarrass or arouse them, and either way we think a comfortable and un-aroused boss is the best kind of boss.

4. Don't buy sex toys for your partner without getting a few clues in advance. If we had a nickel for every time we've talked a customer down from buying our biggest dildo for a partner who's never had a sex toy, we'd be rich! Sex toys make great presents, and surprises are sexy…but do a little re-con, and when in doubt, stick to some lube and a gift certificate (it means you get to shop together).

5. Do have sex over the holidays, even in your old bedroom of your parents' house. But be sure to check the creakiness and weight restrictions on that bed that might have been fine for you at age 15; it could collapse under the weight of adults making merry.

6. Don't forget others over the holidays. For many of us, the holiday season is actually a time of loneliness and isolation. We're not suggesting adding vibrators to your food bank donation, but be aware that not everyone will be feeling the holiday spirit, and not all of us are basking in the glow of lovers, friends, and family.

7. Do shop ethically. We're happy to say that we have more small manufacturers and more responsibly produced products than ever before. Whether you're looking for organic lubricants, vegan condoms, locally made sex toys, or just a great Lelo at an awesome price, we can tell you more about whom, where, and how they were made, letting you shop with peace of mind. And remember to recycle your old batteries, binders, and sex toys with us - we'll even give you 15% off any purchase when you do!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Come As You Are!

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