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sex toy brands

At our co-operative, we love our sex toy manufacturers almost as much as we love our customers - and just like the folks who visit our shop and peruse our website, the folks who make the sex toys we carry are diverse and unique. From our beloved indie Canadian sex toy makers to the high-tech sex toy manufacturers around the world, each and every vibrator, dildo, harness and lube has a story behind its creation.
Aneros Prostate Massagers

In November 2009 Aneros celebrated the sale of their 500,000th Aneros prostate massager. It’s an incredible success story from a company that started just a year before we did, in 1996. Like many great sex toys, the Aneros developed from a simple idea that was then extremely well executed. The owners wanted to make a product that was specifically designed for prostate stimulation and that took into account both the relevant anatomy and the way people use prostate toys. | Learn more about Aneros Prostate Massagers

Aslan Leather

Founded by Carey Gray in 1992, Aslan Leather has been making deluxe leather gear and strap-on harnesses in Toronto, Canada ever since. Actively involved in the local and international BDSM community, Aslan has taken a hands-on approach to product design and production. One of the first manufacturers to take strap-on harness design seriously, Aslan Leather harnesses are renowned for their incredible durability (and lifetime warranty) and comfort for the wearer. With a particular focus on designing products that work well and fit properly, Aslan makes harnesses, restraints and BDSM gear for real people and real sex.

| Learn more about Aslan Leather


Founded in 1991, BioFilm, Inc., a privately held company, manufactures and distributes high quality healthcare products that contribute to the well being of all who use them. Astroglide headquarters are located in Vista, CA. This manufacturing facility is home to sales, marketing, research & development, quality control, regulatory affairs, and distribution. Their flagship product, Astroglide Personal Lubricant, is one of the world's top selling personal lubricants. BioFilm continually researches consumer needs and develops innovative, high quality healthcare products to meet and exceed those requirements. | Learn more about Astroglide

b Swish Vibrators

When we first discovered bSwish vibrators, we really liked them, but we had no idea how very much we would grow to love them. After all, everyone makes a rocket vibe, a g-spot vibe, and a silver bullet vibe. Like, absolutely everyone makes this stuff, but you know, bSwish does it particularly well. Lots of sex toy designers try to take on the classics with varying degrees of success, but man, do we ever love what bSwish has done. They make the most basic sex toy idea and make it more usable, more body-safe, and way higher quality without pushing the price way up. Always packed with extras - a fabric satchel for storage, the little light on the push button control, etc - bSwish does the same stuff everyone else does, but way better.

| Learn more about b Swish Vibrators

Black Dragon Gloves

For more than 25 years, the makers of Black Dragon Gloves (Microflex) have been recognized as the quality leader among hand protection providers. Their name is synonymous with scientific advancement, superior products, exceptional quality assurance, and comprehensive product education. Microflex has a history of understanding what their customers need, and they are passionate about designing gloves that help professionals do their jobs better, and most importantly, to protect glove wearers when and where they need it the most.

Black Dragon gloves are available in both nitrile (latex-free)and latex. All Black Dragon gloves are powder-free. | Learn more about Black Dragon Gloves

Boy Butter Lubricants

Founded in 2002, the original oil-based Boy Butter was originally a brilliant rebranding of Shaft lubricant by then Nasty Pig employee Eyal Feldman. Boy Butter has significantly expanded their lubricant empire since then and there are now both water-based and oil-based varieties available. The original formula is primarily comprised of coconut and other vegetable oils and is amazing for solo play and anal play. Both water-based formulations are safe to use with silicone toys and condoms.  Eyal is not only famous for being the entrepreneurial force behind Boy Butter, but he is also featured in most of Boy Butter's advertisements too! | Learn more about Boy Butter Lubricants


Made of rain from the plane in Spain, these silicone dildos and silicone butt plugs are at once whimsical and practical! With superior stay-put power, and playful aesthetic, BSisNice makes plugs that are truly beyond nice. Using a softer and more spongey silicone, BS is Nice dildos are amazingly comfortable to use, but are firm enough for solid g-spot or prostate play!

| Learn more about BSisNice

Cannalife Botanicals

Cannalife is a handcrafted Vancouver-Squamish line of botanicals. We take pride in providing premium cannabis infusions and topicals for physical and emotional wellbeing. With the love of alchemy we combine local, organic and consciously sourced ingredients. Our products are natural, earth-based formulas; no solvents or chemicals have been used in the extraction process. Cannalife Botanicals uses unique plant synergies to promote healing and provide the potential for deep pain relief. | Learn more about Cannalife Botanicals


The Fleshlight company is a family owned business that started with a simple idea;  men deserve high quality sex toys that will last.  From humble beginnings in Texas the Shubin family has created a sex toy empire, with over two million Fleshlights sold, and no sign of slowing down. | Learn more about Fleshlight

Fun Factory

Founded in 1996 and located in a 2.400 square foot factory in Bremen, Germany, Fun Factory was one of the first "new generation" of sex toy manufacturers.  From the beginning Fun Factory was committed to making sex toys that were high quality, safe, and affordable, and most importantly, making toys that reminded adults that sex was a form of play, and sex toys should look and feel like fun. | Learn more about Fun Factory

Fuze Silicone

Fuze plugs and dildos are lovingly imagined and designed in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada and made with pride in the USA. Their innovative designs are cast in dense silicone (always only in jet black) and range from a series of Fuze butt plugs, dildos, and their original double dildo Tango. Additional stimulation can be added to all of their silicone toys - just add a One Touch Bullet!

| Learn more about Fuze Silicone

Happy Valley Silicone

Our favourite local maker of high-quality silicone toys also happens to be one of the most environmentally responsible sex toy makers around. Happy Valley is an independent manufacturer designing and making their own dildos and vibrators on a small farm outside of Peterborough, Ontario. Famous for the Tango - their innovative update of the traditional double dildo - Happy Valley only uses high-quality components in their sex toys. Their silicone toys are beautiful, functional and locally made. | Learn more about Happy Valley Silicone

Hathor Aphrodisia

Canadians have always excelled in the love-arts, and Hathor Aphrodisia is no exception. Based in Victoria, BC, Hathor is a small, family-owned company and you can feel the love in each bottle of natural lubricant, massage oil, and lotion they send our way. From the inviting packaging, to the all-natural and mostly-organic ingredients, we are enamoured of Hathor and their nature-loving, sex-positive ways. If you're looking to buy local, or looking for a more ethical or natural lubricant, Hathor makes both flavoured (sweetened with Stevia!) and unflavoured lubricants for every taste. | Learn more about Hathor Aphrodisia

Je Joue Vibrators

Je Joue is one of those very few sex toy makers that has managed to capture our attention - and sexual imaginations - since they launched their self-titled debut Je Joue sex toy years ago.  Je Joue has always been ahead of their time from their early focus on teledildonics with the original Je Joue, to their truly innovative Je Joue Sasi (which boasts some sexy moves in addition to multi-speed and multi-mode vibration). | Learn more about Je Joue Vibrators

Jimmyjane Vibrators

With the exception of Lelo and Je Joue, no other sex toy creator has done as much to modernize the sex toy industry as Jimmyjane. With their exceptionally high-quality parts, body-safe silicone, and brilliant waterproof and rechargeable designs, Jimmyjane has taken the best of what sex toys have to offer and made them better. | Learn more about Jimmyjane Vibrators

Leaf Vibrators

Another innovative sex toy courtesy of Canadians! While Leaf vibrators come with a little too much packaging to quality as totally eco-friendly in our minds, the reusable canvas satchel, long-lasting silicone exterior, and great warranty, make up for the box and plastic (especially if you keep the box!!). These vibes feature organic designs and smooth and silky silicone.

| Learn more about Leaf Vibrators


The professional leather workers at LeatherBeaten have been perfecting their craft for well over a decade now and their high-quality restraints, floggers and other BDSM gear reflect their commitment to quality. Based in Peterborough, Ontario, LeatherBeaten's BDSM gear has been in our Toronto shop almost as long as we've been open. Known for their creative designs and the durability of their products, LeatherBeaten's floggers are among the best we've ever seen and provide yet another reason to buy locally made, Canadian sex products. | Learn more about LeatherBeaten

Lelo Vibrators

Founded in Sweden in 2003 by friends engineer Filip Sedic and industrial designers Eric Kalén and Carl Magnuson, Lelo designs and manufactures high end and luxury sex toys for men and women. Lelo's vibrators are all rechargeable and totally phthalate-free. | Learn more about Lelo Vibrators

Liquid Silk Lubricant

In our Liquid Silk fantasy, we imagine they make it on the Isle of Man (which draws up much pornier imagery than is probably true of the place), but in fact, it is made as it always has been on the Isle of Wight. It is just as well.

We first fell in love with Liquid Silk years ago for its non-sticky formulation and it's compatibility with silicone dildos, vibrators, and butt plugs! It is a truly remarkable invention - water-based so you can use it with any sex toy, but with a drop of silicone to keep it slippery. While both Liquid Silk and Maximus have a slightly bitter taste, they are lubes with the most uses (and the most ingredients!).

| Learn more about Liquid Silk Lubricant

Love Bumper

Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, Love Bumper is a newer Canadian sex toy manufacturer, but they've already made quite a splash. With a solid commitment to both sexual health and the environment, Love Bumper has designed and locally produced a line of sexy and ergonomic sex furniture and sex shapes with wide appeal. Love Bumper's designs are both unique and ingenious, and were invented to make sex easier and more enjoyable for everyone. Love Bumper designs and manufactures their sex furniture here in Canada and uses non-toxic foam and components to keep sex both fun and non-toxic. | Learn more about Love Bumper

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