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Made of rain from the plane in Spain, these silicone dildos and silicone butt plugs are at once whimsical and practical! With superior stay-put power, and playful aesthetic, BSisNice makes plugs that are truly beyond nice. Using a softer and more spongey silicone, BS is Nice dildos are amazingly comfortable to use, but are firm enough for solid g-spot or prostate play!

BSisNice Sport Dildo Large
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BSisNice Sport Dildo Large
We've been fawning over this collection of "Basic" dildos from BSisNice since they first started handmaking them in Spain, and now we have them in-store and online so Canada can fall in love with them too. Made of firm but spongey silicone, these dildos are amazing for g-spot and p-spot play, and are compatible with all of the harnesses we carry. (6 1/2" x 1 3/4")

Learn more about BSisNice Sport Dildo Large.

$110.00 CAD

BSisNice Twister Dildo
strap-on compatible sex toys waterproof sex toys anal compatible sex toys phthalate-free sex toys
BSisNice Twister Dildo
This silicone dildo arrived in Toronto at the same time that some of our worker/owners were travelling across Canada during the Come Where You Are Summer Sexploration Tour. And, as a result, the first thing we compared it to when we met the Twister was washboard roads. Which is pretty cool- the bumping lines of this toy make it a quality sensation toy, whether used for anal or vaginal play. It's flared, and compatible with any of our harnesses. (6 1/2" x 1 1/8")

Learn more about BSisNice Twister Dildo.

$80.00 CAD


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