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Sex Toy, DVD and Book Ratings

At Come As You Are, we want to make selecting a new sex toy, adult DVD or erotic book to be as easy as possible and fun too! In-store, we can walk and talk you through each section of the store and automatically focus on the products that peak your interest and fit your criteria (all in the comfort of our friendly, accessible and well-lit Queen Street West shop).

Online, we organize and categorize our products much as we do in our Toronto store, but until we complete our top-secret customer service hologram program, our collective knowledge comes in the form of articles and blog posts and our in-store guidance skills have been compiled into this handy guide to our sex toy, DVD and book ratings.

Our Legend

Finding the right sex toy, book or DVD can be especially difficult on the internet with only images and descriptions to guide you. In addition to our vibration intensity, sound level and explicitness ratings, we have developed this suite of icons to represent features you may be looking for or looking to avoid. | Read more Our Legend

Sex Toy Ratings

Come As You Are sex toy ratings are designed to allow you to easily navigate our vast selection of sex toys. In our store and on our website, we only carry products that we've actually tried and truly love and that we're proud to have in our shop. We know that not every sex toy will make all of our customers happy and that a 'good' sex toy is any sex toy that works for you (not what works for any one of us). To help you find the sex toy that is right for you, we've rated all of our vibrators by intensity and sound level and we've created a legend to help you find the waterproof or phthalate-free toy of your dreams. | Read more Sex Toy Ratings

DVD Explicitness Ratings

At Come As You Are we review every porn film before we choose to carry it. When we went looking for more help for customers we found most porn reviews were either thinly veiled marketing material or reviews that didn’t focus on the kinds of questions our customers had. So we came up with our own rating system specifically to describe the explicitness of a given title. | Read more DVD Explicitness Ratings


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