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DVD Explicitness Ratings

At Come As You Are we review every porn film before we choose to carry it. When we went looking for more help for customers we found most porn reviews were either thinly veiled marketing material or reviews that didn’t focus on the kinds of questions our customers had. So we came up with our own rating system specifically to describe the explicitness of a given title. Every movie on our site is ranked from one to five flames, and here’s an explanation of what those ratings mean.

We decided to make our rankings reflect both sexual activities and sexual energy in a film. Like everything at a worker co-operative, we consider our porn nosology a work in progress. Have a look and if you’ve got comments, suggestions, or controversies you’d like to suggest, contact us!

Light and Breezy. Titles may titillate but keep the action relatively clean. No anal, no genital close ups, no external ejaculation.
Penultimate Porn. Scenes feature light-hearted sex, actors understanding and responding to their partner's desires. Some external ejaculations, occasional anal sex, threesomes, and girl-on-girl.
The Mid Point. Traditional porn plots with a bit of restraint (not the kinky kind).  Some anal sex, group sex, occasional power play, zoomed-in shots, and facial ejaculations.
More Bang for the Buck. Sex that's raunchy and to the point. Expect multiple scenes involving anal sex, group sex, some power play, zoomed-in shots, and facial ejaculations.
Hard as We Want to Be. The most explicit content we carry. Titles may feature power play and/or rough sex, multiple anal scenes, double penetrations and dirty talk.


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