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Finding the right sex toy, book or DVD can be especially difficult on the internet with only images and descriptions to guide you. In addition to our vibration intensity, sound level and explicitness ratings, we have developed this suite of icons to represent features you may be looking for or looking to avoid.


staff picks Staff Picks. At Come As You Are, we try every sex toy, read every book and watch every DVD - it is a dirty job, but someone has to do it - and once in a while we stumble upon something that blows our collective, uh, minds. Our staff picks are both classic staff favourites and some new selections that we think you'll love as much as we do. View our staff picks
best selling sex toys Best Sellers. We've never believed in a one-size-fits-all approach to sexuality and we certainly don't think that the popular choice is necessarily the one that will work for you. However, so many folks have asked us for our list of best selling sex toys, DVDs and books that we've created a page for them. View our best sellers
on sale sex toys On Sale. Come As You Are has an annual Midnight Mayhem sale at the end of March to ensure that our end-of-year inventory days later neither occurs at midnight nor turns into mayhem. During the rest of the year, we're pleased to offer select sweet deals and 10% off all new items. View on sale items
new sex toys New Item. We update our store and website weekly with new sex toys, adult DVDs and books. You can find all new items on our new products page and marked with the 'new' star on the rest of our website. Online we offer 10% off all new products. View all new items
sex toys made in canada Made In Canada. Whether you want to abide by a 100 kilometer sex toy rule, or just want to know where your sex toy was made, we have marked all Canadian sex toys, DVDs and books with a classic Canadian maple leaf. Sex toys made in Canada tend to be ethically made in a fair wage environment. View all sex toys made in Canada
free Canadian shipping Free Canadian Shipping. We wish our little co-operative could open up a Come As You Are in your town and maybe we will, but in the meantime, we want to make our selection of sex toys, books and DVDs as accessible to you as possible. We offer Canada Post shipping to any address in Canada! It isn't quite instant gratification, but it is darn close. View more shipping information
anal compatible sex toys Anal Compatible. Sex toys labeled with this icon are safe to be used anally. These toys will often feature flared bases to keep your anal sex toy from traveling too far during play. Additionally, anal compatible sex toys do not have any rough edges or seams on the insertable portion. View all anal compatible toys
harness compatible sex toys Harness Compatible. These sex toys (mostly dildos, vibrators and anal toys) are well suited to use in a strap on dildo harness. Most of these toys have a flared base to keep the toy in place in a harness. Harnesses that feature exchangeable rings will work with any harness compatible sex toy on our website. View all harness compatible toys
waterproof sex toys Waterproof. All sex toys marked with the waterproof icon can be fully submerged during use or for cleaning. Waterproof vibrators typically have an O-type ring to keep water out of the battery compartment. Silicone dildos without motors or with removable motors may be cleaned by boiling in water for three to five minutes. View all waterproof toys
phthalate-free sex toys Phthalate-free. There isn't any definitive information about the impact of phthalates in sex toys on the human body, but we do know that phthalates are bad for our environment and give sex toys a noticible chemical smell. Even though most of our vibrators and dildos are phthalate-free, we've marked all phthalate-free products on our website and in-store. Additionally, all of our silicone, wood, glass and metal toys are phthalate-free. View all phthalate-free sex toys
group sex dvds Group Sex. Whether you're specifically seeking out DVDs or erotica with group sex, or you're specifically looking to avoid group sex in your porn, you can use our 'group sex' icon to guide you. Adult and educational DVDs that contain scene's with more than two people are marked as 'group sex' View all group sex DVDs
no anal sex dvds No Anal Sex. Looking to avoid anal sex scenes in your porn? We've got adult DVDs of all genres and levels of explicitness that do not feature any anal play. Look for this icon on DVDs that do not contain anal sex.View all DVDs with no anal sex
bdsm dvds BDSM & Powerplay. Love it or hate it or feel something in-between, we know lots of folks are looking for some BDSM or fetish in their porn. We've marked books and DVDs containing BSDM, powerplay or fetish scenes or themes with the handcuffs icon. View all BDSM & Powerplay DVDs


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