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how to use anal beads

Anal beads are a completely unique sensation, there isn't anything to really compare them to. One of the things this means is that using anal beads isn't for everyone. You may or may not like the sensation, and you probably won't know until you try them. Fortunately anal beads can be relatively inexpensive, so if you're curious about what they feel like you can experiment without too great an investment. Here are some basic tips on how to use anal beads.

start solo

Even if you're planning on using anal beads with a partner, we recommend starting out on your own. This gives you the chance to explore and experiment with your new anal beads without any distractions (pleasant though they may be). Using anal beads on your own is also important as it's the only way you'll be able to tell a partner how you want them to use it on you.

cleanliness before...

When you get your anal beads home be sure to wash them well before first use. Look them over carefully and check for tears, seams, or rough edges. Make sure you've read and understood the care instructions for the material your anal beads are made of.

keep yourself clean while getting dirty

Bacteria that live happily in the anus can cause major problems elsewhere, like the vagina, the mouth, the eyes. When you're playing with anal penetration you need to be careful not to touch other parts of your body (or things like your bottle of lube) with fingers or toys that have been inside your bum. We recommend using condoms on anal beads and using gloves for your hands. This makes clean up much easier and faster, which lets you move on to other things.

don't forget the lube

You should use a good quality lubricant with all toys for penetration but this is especially true for anal beads and other toys for anal penetration. The anus and rectum can tear and adding lubricant makes anal penetration both safer and more comfortable. When using the lube, squeeze some into your gloved hand and spread the lube along the length of the beads and on each bead. You may have to add more lube during sex play.

slow and steady

Using lots of lube, slowly start inserting the anal beads. As they're going in you may not feel much, and once they're in the feeling isn't intense. Begin to slowly pull the beads out. Pay attention to what it feels like just before a bead pops out, as it comes out, and what it feels like after a bead has passed across your sphincter muscles. You should be able to feel each bead, and you shouldn't ever pull quickly. You can also play with pushing beads back in and pulling them out again.

partner meet anal beads

Because anal beads require a certain amount of care (dare we say subtlety?) in their use letting a partner use anal beads on you (or using them on a partner) should only be done when there is a lot of comfort and a lot of communication. If you're going to let one another take control of the beads, it's a good idea to first play with them on yourself while your partner watches.

bend over boyfriend

Since we opened over ten years ago we've noticed a significant trend of straight couples exploring anal play. There are now several educational videos and books devoted to women penetrating their partners (loving dubbed Bend Over Boyfriend). While many of these resources focus on penetration using anal dildos, anal beads can be another way for couples to explore anal play. One extra hurdle for a lot of straight men is the psychological taboo around anal sex.


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