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sex toy materials

Sex toys are made out of dozens of different materials and each sex toy material has pros and cons to consider. Most of the sex toys are Come As You Are are phthalate-free and made of silicone, elastomer rubber, hard plastic, metal, glass or wood. You can click on any of the sex toy materials below to learn more about safety, durability, and cleaning. If you have any questions about sex toy materials please contact us.
silicone sex toys

Silicone is a great material for sex toys!' Silicone is resilient, retains body heat, and because it is non-porous, it's easy to clean.' The high cost of materials as well as the fact that most silicone dildos are made by a small manufacturer means that you may pay a little more for a silicone toy, but it is well worth it! | Learn more about silicone sex toys

vixskin silicone dildos

Made exclusively by Vixen Creations, VixSkin is a superior quality silicone material that looks and feels like cyberskin. It's soft on the outside with a firm core, but is as durable, easy to clean, and safe as any other silicone product. | Learn more about vixskin silicone dildos

elastomer sex toys

Elastomer rubber is a phthalate-free rubber with specific stretchy properties. Sex toys made of elastomers look and feel similar to other rubber and jelly rubber sex toys, but they are better in terms of cleanliness, and they are both latex-free and phthalate-free. | Learn more about elastomer sex toys

metal sex toys

Metal sex toys are at once luxurious and industrial. What makes metal so unique is the smoothness of the surface and the weight of the material. Metal sex toys are also very easy to clean (can be boiled), transmit vibrations powerfully, and are exceptionally durable. | Learn more about metal sex toys

glass dildos

Like metal, glass offers a unique smooth, frictionless feel for penetration along with an easy to clean surface. They are also beautiful to look at. During regular use glass dildos are strong and durable, however if dropped on a hard surface they can chip or crack and must be thrown out. | Learn more about glass dildos

hard plastic sex toys

Durable and easy to clean, sex toys made of hard plastic and acrylic are non-porous and when they vibrate they tend to feel stronger because hard plastic doesn't absorb the vibrations as much as soft materials do. The main durability drawback to hard plastic is that they may crack if dropped on a hard surface. | Learn more about hard plastic sex toys

jelly rubber sex toys

Many dildos are still made from jelly rubber, and inexpensive material that can be made in a variety of vibrant colours and has a bouncy feel to it. Increasing concerns about phthalates have led many consumers to turn away from jelly rubber sex toys in favour of cleaner and more durable materials. | Learn more about jelly rubber sex toys

rubber strap-ons

Waterproof, durable and easy to clean, our rubber harnesses also warm up with body heat and are remarkably flexible. Unlike leather, rubber does not breathe and wearing a rubber harness can increase your awareness of heat and sweat. It can feel binding in a way some people really enjoy and others don't care for at all. | Learn more about rubber strap-ons

leather sex toys

Most of our strap on harnesses are made of leather. Leather is an ideal material for wearable sex toys as it conforms to your shape, is durable, and comfortable. With proper care a leather harness can last for years. | Learn more about leather sex toys

wood dildos

Wood is another material recommended for people who react to rubbers and plastics. All our wood dildos are hypoallergenic, durable, and easy to clean. Like metal and glass wood has a smoother feel than rubber, but its surface texture is unique and the weight of wood also changes the way the toys feel in use. | Learn more about wood dildos

vinyl sex toys

Vinyl vibrators and dildos have a unique surface feel - smooth but soft - and some people prefer the look of vinyl. In terms of durability, safety, and cleaning they should be treated like jelly rubber. We also have harnesses made of a different kind of vinyl, which are firm and very shiny. Vinyl harnesses don't breath like fabric or leather which creates a binding sensation some like and others don't. | Learn more about vinyl sex toys

silicone/jelly sex toys

Some sex toys advertise themselves as being silicone when in fact they are a mix of silicone and jelly or other kinds of rubber. The addition of silicone makes the toy stretchy and a bit more durable, but cleaning and safety of these toys is more like jelly rubber than silicone. | Learn more about silicone/jelly sex toys

cyberskin sex toys

Also called 'dual density' because this material creates a feel of a firm core and a soft and squishy exterior, cyberskin does feel very fleshy to the touch and is soft enough to bend but firm enough to be practical. Unfortunately it's also difficult to keep clean and not as durable as other materials. | Learn more about cyberskin sex toys


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