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silicone/jelly sex toys

Some sex toys advertise themselves as being silicone when in fact they are a mix of silicone and jelly or other kinds of rubber. The addition of silicone makes the toy stretchy and a bit more durable, but cleaning and safety of these toys is more like jelly rubber than silicone.

safety of silicone/jelly sex toys

Silicone/Jelly mixes may contain phthalates which have been proposed to be a health concern (although this is by no means a documented fact). They are porous and cannot be disinfected. For this reason we recommend using condoms on silicone/jelly rubber mix toys if they are being used for penetration (as with all toys condoms are required if you want to share your toy or use it vaginally and anally).

how durable are silicone/jelly sex toys?

The addition of silicone makes these toys a bit more durable, but they are still prone to breaking if stretched too far, and because they are porous their lifespan can be reduced by the difficulty in cleaning them.

tips on use, cleaning and storage

  • You can use water based lubricants with silicone/jelly rubber mixes but avoid oil based and silicone based products.
  • Use a very mild hand soap to clean your sex toy. Using alcohol or bleach, or even dish soap will lead to the breaking down of the rubber.
  • Store your silicone/jelly rubber toys separately and don't allow them to come in contact with other jelly rubber toys or any other sex toys as prolonged contact can cause the jelly rubber to melt.
  • Clean your toy before you use it for the first time, and be sure to clean it after every use. It is very important to ensure that your sex toy dries thoroughly between uses.


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