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sex and storyline dvds

Big budget, big productions, big acting, and big sex. For those who like drama and a little plot with their porn. These titles have been selected for their focus on providing good looking porn complete with character development, plot, and some decent dialogue. Each title is rating according to its overall explicitness, and detailed descriptions include information about the cast, director, and running time. All of the adult DVDs on this page are available for sale in our Toronto store, and we offer a wider range of DVDs in all categories for rent.

XConfessions 6
group sex dvds shot in HD
on sale sex toy new sex toy XConfessions 6 DVD
Anonymous people from all over the world send their erotic stories to XConfessions. Erika Lust handpicks the best stories and turns them into artistic explicit short firms. Unlike anything you've seen before, XConfessions offers a sophisticated take on adult filmmaking, and explores the boundaries o ... (read more)

Read more about XConfessions 6 DVD.

$20.00 CAD , Regular price $30.00

1000 Words
no anal sex dvds
1000 Words DVD
1000 Words is one of a kind experiment--a plot-based movie with absolutely no dialogue. Two photographers, Eloise (Carmen Hart) and Alain (Randy Spears) are star-crossed lovers both in relationships they want to get of…and into each other's pants. The visual aspect is most important with most of the ... (read more)

Read more about 1000 Words DVD.

$42.00 CAD

50 Shades of Dylan Ryan
staff pick sex toys group sex dvds BDSM dvds
50 Shades of Dylan Ryan DVD
Lesbian hard core sex that loves to thrill with actors who put it all on the line and push their limits. Madison Young captures a mood and energy that involves dynamic pairings, lots of toys, great bondage, and real orgasms. Dylan Ryan plays the main character, who new to the scene explores both sub ... (read more)

Read more about 50 Shades of Dylan Ryan DVD.

$24.00 CAD

B. Skow's Peep Show
B. Skow's Peep Show DVD
Tommy Pistol plays an unethical landlord who hides cameras in his tenants' apartments until one day he gets caught by one of his subjects (Allie Haze) who blackmails her him into bringing her into his world. A troubled romance develops between the two that flips the dynamic of voyeur and exhibitioni ... (read more)

Read more about B. Skow's Peep Show DVD.

$48.00 CAD

Babysitters 2
no anal sex dvds group sex dvds
Babysitters 2 DVD
Fans of Digital Playground and the original Babysitters, won't be disappointed by Babysitters 2! The storyline is super silly (often outright hilarious) and each sex scene hits the mark. With rock-solid production values and some of the best actors in mainstream porn today (our current fave Stoya), ... (read more)

Read more about Babysitters 2 DVD.

$45.00 CAD

group sex dvds shot in HD
Babysitters DVD
The new and top-quality porn that is coming out seriously never ceases to amaze! Babysitters has a light, comedic plot, held together by the finest in the the business having searing hot sex. Every scene is a keeper, especially the four housewives at the Tupperware party being interrupted by a s ... (read more)

Read more about Babysitters DVD.

$50.00 CAD

Body Heat
no anal sex dvds group sex dvds
Body Heat DVD
Digital Playground and director Robby D are back with Body Heat, a super hot flick based on the lives, and sex lives, of firefighters. When the team suffers a tragic loss and their fire hall is almost taken away from them, they need to step things up and take the situation into their own hands. Exce ... (read more)

Read more about Body Heat DVD.

$45.00 CAD

Buckback Mountain
staff pick sex toys no anal sex dvds
Buckback Mountain DVD
A cowboy love story comes true in Buck Angel's Buckback Mountain. This epic, high budget film reveals the tender, sensous relationship that Buck begins with his summertime work partner in the picturesque desert. A little different than other Buck movies, this softer and less explicit plot-based film ... (read more)

Read more about Buckback Mountain DVD.

$10.00 CAD

Cabaret of Desire
no anal sex dvds BDSM dvds
Cabaret of Desire DVD
Erika Lust is our fave new director of high drama art house porn. In the much-lauded Cabaret Desire, we are transported into a magical, smokey bar, in which poets and storytellers recount racy tales of sexy escapades. As we follow the sultry sounds of poets, their sexy stories come to life. Experien ... (read more)

Read more about Cabaret of Desire DVD.

$30.00 CAD

staff pick sex toys no anal sex dvds
on sale sex toy Champion DVD
The cast of Crash Pad is back in Champion, the story of a female boxer struggling with her training schedule and her off-the-charts busy social life. More storyline and dialogue than we are used to from this crew, but it is pulled off excellently, with no sex scenes spared. Some rougher sex in this ... (read more)

Read more about Champion DVD.

$27.00 CAD , Regular price $20.00

Come Find Me
staff pick sex toys no anal sex dvds BDSM dvds
Come Find Me DVD
This romantic ode to the bicycle is a collaboration between Courtney Trouble and Bike Smut and possibly the cutest porn ever. A polaroid inspired scavenger hunt leads one character on a kinky bicycle ride to find her missing lover. Ultimately ending ... (read more)

Read more about Come Find Me DVD.

$25.00 CAD

no anal sex dvds
Countdown DVD
Brad Armstrong puts together a stellar cast for his take on the apocalypse movie told from several perspectives. Two scientists start charting the course of an asteroid headed for Earth (and the demise of Los Angeles no less). Four friends on a road trip hear the news and hole up in a motel with oth ... (read more)

Read more about Countdown DVD.

$40.00 CAD

Diary of Love
no anal sex dvds
Diary of Love DVD
If The Notebook made you gush with excitement (pun intended), then Diary of Love (a word-for-word XXX adaptation) will have you overflowing with anticipation. This romantic porn parody features tons of passionate make-out sessions and foreplay in the prelude to some hot, explicit sex. Now, we ... (read more)

Read more about Diary of Love DVD.

$12.00 CAD

Erika Lust XConfessions 6 Pack
group sex dvds shot in HD
on sale sex toy Erika Lust XConfessions 6 Pack DVD
Get your hands on all SIX of Erika Lust's renowned XConfessions DVDs! Each DVD consists of ten beautiful, bold, and sexy scenes shot on film in Spain. Inspired by the forbidden fantasies of LustFilms fans, each vignette is unique and inspiring. What better way to realize those fantasies you can't ... (read more)

Read more about Erika Lust XConfessions 6 Pack DVD.

$100.00 CAD , Regular price $162.00

Eyes of Desire 2
no anal sex dvds
Eyes of Desire 2 DVD
The second part to the well-loved film Eyes of Desire. This time, Missy is figuring how what her desires mean and where her limits lie. Her affair with the mysterious man across the way begins to heat up. An erotic conclusion follows.

Read more about Eyes of Desire 2 DVD.

$15.00 CAD

Eyes of Desire
no anal sex dvds
Eyes of Desire DVD
Candida Royalle shines with this film, her best to date. A lovely story of voyeurism and intrigue spark desire into motion. Missy's performance is not to be missed. A subtle and gentle moving film. Slightly more explicit than Candida's earlier work.

Read more about Eyes of Desire DVD.

$25.00 CAD

Fade to Black 2
Fade to Black 2 DVD
Paul Thomas is back with the sequel to his multi-award winning feature, Fade to Black. Here we witness an exquisitly written storyline revolving around a top adult director that travels out of the big city to attempt to transform a group of sexy suburbanites into class-act porn stars...only to find ... (read more)

Read more about Fade to Black 2 DVD.

$14.00 CAD

Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge
group sex dvds BDSM dvds
Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge DVD
For all our customers who ask "What else do you have that's like Fashionistas?" we finally have an answer! The long awaited sequel to the award winning and best selling John Stagliano classic Fashionistas is here. Over three hours long, shot in HD, with Belladonna and Rocco Siffredi returning to t ... (read more)

Read more about Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge DVD.

$55.00 CAD

BDSM dvds
Fashionistas DVD
Now available uncensored in its full two DVD version (previously unavailable in Canada), the bestselling Fashionistas is over two and a half hours of great acting (Rocco & Belladonna give Oscar worthy turns as fashion designer and the under appreciated and insatiable assistant), hardcore sex, and in ... (read more)

Read more about Fashionistas DVD.

$85.00 CAD

Feeling It
Feeling It DVD
Feeling It features a series of artsy yet fun vignettes that focus on female pleasure. Many different types of scenes explore fantasies including body painting, light female domination, and erotic photography. Not to be missed is the final scene where an orgy erupts after 4 women are waited on hand ... (read more)

Read more about Feeling It DVD.

$16.00 CAD

Five Hot Stories for Her
group sex dvds BDSM dvds
Five Hot Stories for Her DVD
For anyone looking for porn that offers high cinematic quality and cute sassy stories from a female perspective, Erika Lust delivers and then some! From 'Fuck You Carlos', a revenge story that ends happy (for some), to 'Married with Children' where a couple escapes to a stage set for a domination-ch ... (read more)

Read more about Five Hot Stories for Her DVD.

$30.00 CAD

Friends with Benefits
staff pick sex toys group sex dvds
Friends with Benefits DVD
Ever considered attending a swingers party? Take a voyeuristic spin with the adorable and genre-bending Friends with Benefits. Without the predictability of many mainstream films, this story-laden sexual adventure is well shot, well acted and features some of the best sex scenes we've seen- dripping ... (read more)

Read more about Friends with Benefits DVD.

$12.00 CAD

BDSM dvds
Layout DVD
Get a look inside the REAL porn world with 7 time AVN award winner (including 2007's best film), Layout. A satire of what goes on behind closed doors of the adult industry's mega-mag AVN, and what some performers will do to get noticed. Shot entirely like a mainstream movie, with music between scen ... (read more)

Read more about Layout DVD.

$32.00 CAD

Life Love Lust
Life Love Lust DVD
Film buffs will love this film! Life Live Lust features three well-shot and acted short films (with little dialogue and only in Spanish) all directed by Erika Lust. For those looking for less explicit, cinema quality short sexy films, this title is it. In Life, a chef and waitress celebrate a hot b ... (read more)

Read more about Life Love Lust DVD.

$30.00 CAD

Love is a Dangerous Game
staff pick sex toys
Love is a Dangerous Game DVD
This edition in the Romance Series follows the story of children's book writer Paulina as she falls for the handsome and mysterious horror novelist, Wes Mueller. But when information about his suspicious past comes to light, Paulina starts to doubt their connection. This story-line driven, romantic ... (read more)

Read more about Love is a Dangerous Game DVD.

$25.00 CAD

Not Another Porn Movie
Not Another Porn Movie DVD
Punk princess Joanna Angel has struck gold with the hilarious Not Another Porn Movie. Filled with classic porn scenarios like the seductive secretary and the naughty nurse, our director, Joanna, is trying to create a porno of her own but everything just seems to be going totally wrong! Amongst all ... (read more)

Read more about Not Another Porn Movie DVD.

$35.00 CAD

group sex dvds
Nurses DVD
Thank god they didn't stop at Babysitters and Cheerleaders! In Digital Playground's newest smash-hit Nurses, the lovely ladies are all residents in a sexed-up hospital. With skimpy outfits and extra special bedside manner, most scenes take place in the patient's beds, but all take place at their pla ... (read more)

Read more about Nurses DVD.

$60.00 CAD

One Wild and Crazy Night
staff pick sex toys
One Wild and Crazy Night DVD
What happens when you mix great acting, top stars, excellent filming, a fantastic sense of humor and a great plot? One Wild & Crazy Night! With college graduation approaching, the roommates find out their landlord won't return their security deposit. So to make the best of the situation, they throw ... (read more)

Read more about One Wild and Crazy Night DVD.

$35.00 CAD

Pirates 2
group sex dvds
Pirates 2 DVD
Three years after the original record-breaking film comes Pirates 2: Stagnetti's Revenge. Even better than the first - the acting, CGI and sets (not to mention the wicked-hot sex) are incomparable to anything that has been made in porn, ever. Sex scenes are edited in a way that prevents monotany and ... (read more)

Read more about Pirates 2 DVD.

$95.00 CAD

shot in HD
Pirates DVD
A groundbreaking film now available in a 3 disc collector’s edition Pirates takes big budget porn to new heights. Knives, eye patches, flowy pirate shirts, this film has it all. The action, acting, and effects are only overshadowed by one thing…the fun and rompy sex. Jesse Jane and Carmen Luvana ... (read more)

Read more about Pirates DVD.

$70.00 CAD

Recipe for Romance
no anal sex dvds
Recipe for Romance DVD
A charming, cute and funny story of Carolina, a chef, who is so wrapped up in her own sexual fantasies that the delicacies that she creates turn into super aphrodisiacs themselves! Lusting after her fantasy man, she doesn't realize that the object of her make-believe passion is actually right there ... (read more)

Read more about Recipe for Romance DVD.

$28.00 CAD

Reign of Tera 2
no anal sex dvds
Reign of Tera 2 DVD
Reign of Tera 2 Laced with lucious Asian-inspired costume and setting, Reign of Tera 2 is a high-budget plot-based flick that revolves around jealousy and deception. Gorgeous Tera Patrick takes the lead as the Mistress of the house, and as we find out she gets herself in a lot more than a little bit ... (read more)

Read more about Reign of Tera 2 DVD.

$35.00 CAD

Seinfeld XXX
Seinfeld XXX DVD
With a bang-on set, ridiculously cheesy jokes and a perfect cast, Seinfeld XXX is another gem in the porn parody genre. It really couldn't have been done much better. A great variety of different sex acts and intensity abound.

Read more about Seinfeld XXX DVD.

$35.00 CAD

She Hulk XXX Parody
best selling sex toys shot in HD
She Hulk XXX Parody DVD
It ain’t easy being green! Or so we find out, as we follow Jennifer Walters (Gracie Glam) on her journey from meek & mild to green & wild! In this raunchy Axel Braun directed parody, She-Hulk (Chyna) searches for justice, acceptance, and sexual satisfaction. Our heroine awakens from a coma, only to ... (read more)

Read more about She Hulk XXX Parody DVD.

$60.00 CAD

The Dark Knight XXX
BDSM dvds
The Dark Knight XXX DVD
This XXX porn parody is a stupendously steamy depiction of the Batman series, featuring the likes of Poison Ivy, Cat Woman, Nightwing, Batgirl and much more. With amazing costumes (some better than the original), minimal-plot line, and hot-couplings, this parody is a hot steamy mess. Possibly one of ... (read more)

Read more about The Dark Knight XXX DVD.

$55.00 CAD

The New Devil in Miss Jones
staff pick sex toys group sex dvds BDSM dvds
The New Devil in Miss Jones DVD
Paul Thomas may be the only porn director who could do justice to the original yet up the ante! In this highly recommended sequel, Savanna Samson is the recently deceased virgin Miss Jones, who makes a deal with the devil (Jenna Jameson) to prolong her time on earth. Orgies, bondage, sensation play, ... (read more)

Read more about The New Devil in Miss Jones DVD.

$20.00 CAD

The Stud Hunters
staff pick sex toys
The Stud Hunters DVD
Spoofing the adult film business, this Candida Royalle feature follows famed porn director Carla Devine as she casts for the perfect stud for her new porn flick. Funny and sexy, Royalle continues to offer top rate couples erotica that inspires the mind and body. Two discs.

Read more about The Stud Hunters DVD.

$22.00 CAD

The Villa
group sex dvds
The Villa DVD
Tattooed superstar Janine (remember Blink 182's "sexy nurse" album cover?) is the star of this show, where she plays an uninspired porn director. She decides to take a little vacation away for awhile, and definitely gets some ideas from what is happening around her! Some great group sex scenes as we ... (read more)

Read more about The Villa DVD.

$38.00 CAD

Thin Line Between Art and Sex
staff pick sex toys BDSM dvds
Thin Line Between Art and Sex DVD
Looking for a playful, revealing, thoughtful cast that isn't afraid to bare it all? Thin Line features a cast of folks who have varying levels of experience doing porn, lending a genuine, lighthearted feel to their sex. This cast also takes the time to share their observations on art and sex: how th ... (read more)

Read more about Thin Line Between Art and Sex DVD.

$25.00 CAD

Truck Stop Trixie
Truck Stop Trixie DVD
Truck Stop Trixie is a heartwarming tale of a waitress at a small-town down-south diner who has big dreams of finding herself and moving on to bigger and better things. When a rich local businessman comes in for a bite and has a falling out with his girl, Trixie offers a hand and ends up being whisk ... (read more)

Read more about Truck Stop Trixie DVD.

$29.00 CAD

Under the Covers
staff pick sex toys best selling sex toys
Under the Covers DVD
She’s at it again! One of our fave directors Candida Royalle brings us a brand-new fresh and fun feature, Under the Covers. Upbeat and cutely comical situations intermingled with scenes ranging from a sex toy store clerk getting it on with herself in the back room (we SWEAR it’s never happened here! ... (read more)

Read more about Under the Covers DVD.

$22.00 CAD

Wolverine XXX
no anal sex dvds group sex dvds shot in HD
Wolverine XXX DVD
Axel Braun returns with the much anticipated parody, Wolverine XXX! With hulking muscles and a sensitive ego, Wolverine is the perfect parody subject, and Tommy Gunn is perfect for the part. Great perform ... (read more)

Read more about Wolverine XXX DVD.

$60.00 CAD

XConfessions 2
no anal sex dvds group sex dvds shot in HD
on sale sex toy XConfessions 2 DVD
We watch a lot of porn at Come As You Are, and Erika Lust's films have become a very special treat that we look forward to. Gorgeously conceived and filmed, Lust's intricate and artistic attention to detail will leave you stunned and wanting so much more. The fact that she films mostly in Barcelona ... (read more)

Read more about XConfessions 2 DVD.

$25.00 CAD , Regular price $30.00

XConfessions 3
no anal sex dvds group sex dvds BDSM dvds shot in HD
on sale sex toy XConfessions 3 DVD
If you're someone who has been enamoured of Erika Lust throughout her prolific porn career, you're going to adore XConfessions 3 DVD! Just like the previous installments of the XConfessions series, each vignette is base ... (read more)

Read more about XConfessions 3 DVD.

$25.00 CAD , Regular price $30.00

XConfessions 4
group sex dvds shot in HD
on sale sex toy XConfessions 4 DVD
There are a thousand things we love about Erika Lust's films: the crowd-sourced fantasies, the attention to detail, the high-production values, not to mention the feminist ethic that goes into each and every one of her films. Just when we thought the series might start to fizzle out, XConfessions 4 ... (read more)

Read more about XConfessions 4 DVD.

$25.00 CAD , Regular price $30.00

XConfessions 5
best selling sex toys shot in HD
on sale sex toy XConfessions 5 DVD
In this 5th volume Erika Lust brings 10 brand new films featuring summer escapades and outdoor sex, the love of kink and BSDM, hidden erotic taboos, modern men and intellectual turn-ons, the ultimate fellatio, and a mythical fantasy with a mermaid! All this and a lot more in 100 minutes of beautiful ... (read more)

Read more about XConfessions 5 DVD.

$20.00 CAD , Regular price $30.00

group sex dvds BDSM dvds
on sale sex toy Xconfessions DVD
Erika Lust's latest film has wowed us! Ten "true confessions" shot in Erika Lust's signature style are densely lush and cinematically gorgeous. For lovers of high production, you will swoon over this often hilarious, very intimate and beautiful series of vignettes. From "I Love Ikea" to "Sadistic Tr ... (read more)

Read more about Xconfessions DVD.

$20.00 CAD , Regular price $30.00

An Eternal Love 2
no anal sex dvds
An Eternal Love 2 DVD
In the next instalment of the Eternal Love saga from New Sensations' Romance Series, the plot focuses on Bobby and Sasha, the new lovers. What happens when jealousy appears and wreaks havoc on their relationship? For these two, a lesson learned and a stronger bond created. Excellently shot, the film ... (read more) This item is currently out of stock

Read more about An Eternal Love 2 DVD.

$28.00 CAD

An Eternal Love
An Eternal Love DVD
Another great New Sensations Romance Series title, in An Eternal Love, Emily is haunted by the ghost of her late husband and can't seem to get on with her life. Shutting herself up in her home, she won't allow herself to meet new people, until her best friend comes over and introduces her to Tommy, ... (read more) This item is currently out of stock

Read more about An Eternal Love DVD.

$28.00 CAD

An Office Romance
no anal sex dvds
An Office Romance DVD
Getting up enough courage to approach those you lust after definitely has its rewards...Beautifully shot in HD, An Office Romance is next in the series of couple-friendly, high end porn, light on the storyline. Sensual, chemistry-filled sex scenes and spot-on acting, this workplace themed love story ... (read more) This item is currently out of stock

Read more about An Office Romance DVD.

$25.00 CAD

Aunt Peg
on sale sex toy Aunt Peg DVD
Juliet Anderson is Aunt Peg, a well-loved and in control babe who is a movie producer that just can't keep herself off of everyone! A classic from the late 70s, this movie features a bunch of high-energy group scenes and a little bit of a sneaky, but sexy, taboo feeling to it. Aunt Peg is definitely ... (read more) This item is currently out of stock

Read more about Aunt Peg DVD.

$15.00 CAD , Regular price $20.00

Awakening to Love
Awakening to Love DVD
Another episode from the Romance Series, Awakening to Love is a storyline-rich couple's movie with a focus on new love, true love, and lost love. One of the happiest days of Theresa and Stuart's lives is suddenly shattered when, moments after getting engaged, Theresa ends up in a car accident that l ... (read more) This item is currently out of stock

Read more about Awakening to Love DVD.

$20.00 CAD

Bad Wives
Bad Wives DVD
A story of husbands and wives, love and hate, and one really hot scene in a meat's got to be Paul Thomas. Known for high end productions, lots of steamy sex, and a focus on the relationships between people, Paul Thomas is one of porn's Golden Boys--and with Bad Wives he shows you why. This item is currently out of stock

Read more about Bad Wives DVD.

$18.00 CAD

Broken Hearts
no anal sex dvds
Broken Hearts DVD
With a focus on couple sex (every scene is one man one woman), Broken Hearts maintains a good combination of both raunchy sex and tender acting. A jilted lover goes on the rebound and is kept optimistic about love by his group of good friends. The story is simple and not over done and the settings a ... (read more) This item is currently out of stock

Read more about Broken Hearts DVD.

$20.00 CAD

L.A. Tool & Die
group sex dvds
L.A. Tool & Die DVD
First released in 1979, L.A. Tool & Die DVD is the final entry in Joe Gage’s gay porn trilogy. We’ve always had this title for rent in-store, but we’re thrilled to finally have this classic film available once again for sale. As romantic as it is erotic, this film is the tale of a man who follows ... (read more) This item is currently out of stock

Read more about L.A. Tool & Die DVD.

$10.00 CAD

Little Part of Me
no anal sex dvds
Little Part of Me DVD
Linda's husband passed away just over a year ago, and her friends want to help her achieve closure. She decides to track down the 3 men that received Max's organ donations, and in doing so, finds herself. She also hooks up her quirky best friends with the guys she meets! A standout title in the Roma ... (read more) This item is currently out of stock

Read more about Little Part of Me DVD.

$25.00 CAD

Lost and Found
no anal sex dvds
Lost and Found DVD
In this title from the romance series, A cute new girl moves into town and turns out to be the perfect girl for shy David. When her beloved Boston Terrier runs away right into his yard, his unemployed roommates convince him that they should hold onto the dog, while David helps Jen put posters up aro ... (read more) This item is currently out of stock

Read more about Lost and Found DVD.

$25.00 CAD

Love, Marriage, and Other Bad Ideas
no anal sex dvds
Love, Marriage, and Other Bad Ideas DVD
Richie Calhoun plays a cynical and unloved marriage counselor, who starts to tell his clients exactly what he thinks in the most bitter terms. This back fires and actually inspires these couples to forgive each other, move on and rekindle the flames in very explicit terms. Of course, it doesn't take ... (read more) This item is currently out of stock

Read more about Love, Marriage, and Other Bad Ideas DVD.

$20.00 CAD

Porn Wars Episode 2
Porn Wars Episode 2 DVD
Love the first episode of Porn Wars and just want more? Porn Wars 2 is another installment of great sex and great graphics, with a feeling that the actors are really enjoying what they are doing. Big budget and high action infused with sex and CGI equals a "force" to be reckoned with. This item is currently out of stock

Read more about Porn Wars Episode 2 DVD.

$29.00 CAD

Quick Sand
no anal sex dvds shot in HD
Quick Sand DVD
We've had a few requests for crime drama porn and here it is! Chanel Preston is the lead investigator in a case involving a love affair gone wrong. Set on the beach with lifeguards as witnesses to a murder, we have the perfect formula for a great storyline, some fine acting and well-shot dynamic sex ... (read more) This item is currently out of stock

Read more about Quick Sand DVD.

$20.00 CAD

Submission of Emma Marx
BDSM dvds
Submission of Emma Marx DVD
While The Submission of Emma Marx has many unfortunate similarities to Fifty Shades of Grey, this high production title is unique in our porn collection for various reasons. Sex scenes are nicely interwoven throughout the story, allowing the plot to take centre stage. Emma is a conflicted lover of b ... (read more) This item is currently out of stock

Read more about Submission of Emma Marx DVD.

$16.00 CAD

Superman Vs. Spiderman
no anal sex dvds group sex dvds
Superman Vs. Spiderman DVD
A porn parody!
We ? Axel Braun porn parodies! There's nothing wrong (and something so so right) about some ridiculously raunchy sex between superheroes with fabulously accurate superhero costumes, stupendous special effects, and a script that doesn't fall short. Superman is fantastically w ... (read more) This item is currently out of stock

Read more about Superman Vs. Spiderman DVD.

$45.00 CAD

Surrender of O
group sex dvds BDSM dvds
Surrender of O DVD
We love Nina Hartley and Bree Olson in Surrender of O. In this porn tribute to the storyline and characters of the original Story of O, we are treated to some of the industry's best actors enjoying the pleasures of bondage, flogging, spanking and all things sub and dom. Some fantastic chemistry and ... (read more) This item is currently out of stock

Read more about Surrender of O DVD.

$25.00 CAD

The Truth about O
group sex dvds BDSM dvds
The Truth about O DVD
Bobbi Starr (AVN 2012 performer of the year) wins our hearts in this newest Story Of O entry - this time directed by the fabulously daring Ernest Greene. With Nina Hartley returning once more in her cameo role, O searches for a new playmate for her master, Stephen and finds more than she bargains fo ... (read more) This item is currently out of stock

Read more about The Truth about O DVD.

$25.00 CAD

The Wedding Day
no anal sex dvds
The Wedding Day DVD
Sabrina and Jake are getting married, so why is everyone so bummed out? The couple gets last minute cold feet, mom and sis feel left out, the bride and groom's ex flames pine for those they are soon to lose. In the end, everything works out and the wedding party is awash with bliss. Romance porn to ... (read more) This item is currently out of stock

Read more about The Wedding Day DVD.

$25.00 CAD


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