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Hot documentary films about sex, porn, and your favourite stars!

Bill & Desiree
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Bill & Desiree DVD
Romantic, sexual and spiritual connectedness has come together later in life for Bill & Desiree, the latest couple to be profiled by the folks at Comstock Films. A movie that really reaches out to the viewer and promotes thought and conversation to those watching, to evaluate their own relationships ... (read more)

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$38.00 CAD

Damon and Hunter
Damon and Hunter DVD
The makers of Xana & Dax and Marie & Jack turn their sights on the super cute real-life gay couple Damon DeMarco and Hunter James. Both rising stars in the adult industry, this dynamic duo shares intimate details of love, work, and sex and the co-mingling of their friendship together. This glimp ... (read more)

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$38.00 CAD

Fluid: Men Redefining Sexuality
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on sale sex toy Fluid: Men Redefining Sexuality DVD
Men Redefining Sexuality is a refreshing addition to our bisexual section! Three hot scenes featuring two men and a woman, filled with lust, chemistry, true spontaneity, and fun. Prior to each scene, the men discuss how they indentify within their own sexuality and how they've shaped their sexuality ... (read more)

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$10.00 CAD , Regular price $35.00

Herstory of Porn
Herstory of Porn DVD
A historical journey through Annie Sprinkle's amazing career in porn. A must for all collectors and lovers of smut. From early 'sixties porn to Annie's post-porn feminist creations. An exciting sampling for every taste and appetite.

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$25.00 CAD

Inside a XXX Marriage: Eric & Wendy
Inside a XXX Marriage: Eric & Wendy DVD
Inside a XXX Marriage: Eric & Wendy is a true insider's look into the adult film industry. This documentary takes a peek at the day-to-day lives of porn stars (and real-life partners) Wendy Divine and Eric Masterson, from their on-set to at home relationship. The couple shares advice about how to ke ... (read more)

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$24.00 CAD

Marie and Jack
Marie and Jack DVD
A Hardcore Love Story
A sentimental and refreshing look at the intimate life of a couple who both work in the porn industry. An interview that is extremely sincere and candid followed by an exceptional and revealing scene of their life together after work hours. Half hour in length. A porn ... (read more)

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$40.00 CAD

BDSM dvds
on sale sex toy Sick DVD
Sick is a startlingly introspective journey into the life of performance artist Bob Flanagan who suffered from cystic fibrosis throughout his 42 years. This disturbing, poignant, and disarmingly funny documentary examines his odyssey to have control over his body through inflicting pain on himself. ... (read more)

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$25.00 CAD , Regular price $29.00

Xana and Dax
Xana and Dax DVD
A film that delivers a more authentic intimate peek into another couples’ sexual dynamic. From the makers of Marie and Jack, this movie delivers even more tenderness and sexuality between real-life couple, Xana and Dax. She's a blonde, blue-eyed and curvaceous woman who knows what she wants whil ... (read more)

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$38.00 CAD

Matt & Khym
Matt & Khym DVD
A loving couple tells the tale of how they met at a young age, got married, and now in their thirties are having the best sex they could ever imagined. This newest title from the makers of Marie and Jack and Damon and Hunter demonstrates through example and explanation what real loving sex is all ab ... (read more) This item is currently out of stock

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$29.00 CAD


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