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A note on dimensions:
Length is listed first, then diameter. All measurements are in inches and are approximate. If the toy has an insertable portion, only the insertable portion's measurements are listed here.

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new sex toys, books & DVDs

You'd be hard pressed to find anyone who loves new sex toys, sex books, and educational and adult DVDs more than we do! Each and every week, we bring you the best new sex products at the best prices. Keep up to date with our offerings (and get free delivery!) by subscribing to our email newsletter or check this page often for our new additions!

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Aslan Leather Steam Punk Collar
sex toys made in canada
new sex toy Aslan Leather Steam Punk Collar
Get all of the beauty, durability, and luxury of Aslan Leather's classic leather Jaguar collar in sexy Steam Punk brown-and-brass! Make it a set with all of the other sexy steam punk gear from Aslan Leather.

Learn more about Aslan Leather Steam Punk Collar.


Aslan Steam Punk Ankle Restraints
sex toys made in canada
new sex toy Aslan Steam Punk Ankle Restraints
Why not make it a matching set? Get your hands, er, ankles in a set of this luscious brown leather and brass hardware Steam Punk restraints from Aslan Leather to match your Steam Punk Wrist restraints, collar, and harness.

Learn more about Aslan Steam Punk Ankle Restraints.


Aslan Steam Punk Wrist Restraints
sex toys made in canada phthalate-free sex toys
new sex toy Aslan Steam Punk Wrist Restraints
Check out these super sexy Steam Punk wrist restraints from Aslan Leather. Like all products in the Jaguar line, these wrist restraints are made of soft, supple garment leather and come with built-in d-rings for durable bondage too.

Learn more about Aslan Steam Punk Wrist Restraints.


Boy Butter Fresca
new sex toy Boy Butter Fresca
Are you someone who loves Boy Butter H20, but wants a little something more from your lube? Get fresh with Boy Butter Fresca! Smooth, slippery, and creamy just like the original with a touch of cool and tingly menthol! This lube is very stimulating indeed! Condom-safe.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Cyclopentasiloxane, Glyceryl Stearate and PEG-100 Stearate; Shea Butter, Mineral Oil, Tricaprylin, Coconut Oil, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Carbomer, Tocopheryl Acetate, Aloe Vera Extract, Triethanolamine, Menthoxypropanediol, Diazolidinyl Urea, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Yellow 5, Fragrance.

Learn more about Boy Butter Fresca.


Desirables Adori Set of Three Massagers
waterproof sex toys sex toys made in canada phthalate-free sex toys
new sex toy Desirables Adori Set of Three Massagers
This collection of massage stones from Montreal truly do become magic once in hand. Three different sizes and designs of porcelain stones have been carefully crafted to be held and manipulated against the body in different ways. Designed ergonomically to evolve and adapt to whatever type of touch you prefer, this set has impressed us with it's ornate attention to function, detail and beauty.

Learn more about Desirables Adori Set of Three Massagers.


Fuze Ultra
strap-on compatible sex toys waterproof sex toys anal compatible sex toys staff pick sex toys phthalate-free sex toys
new sex toy Fuze Ultra
Fuze is a silicone maker that is constantly exploring and honing exactly what they want to see in the world of sex toys, with a perfectionist streak a mile wide. The Ultra has been painstakingly designed to be an ultra realistic toy that is optimal for wearing in harnesses. With space for a One Touch Bullet, a soft and fleshy feel, and designed with lots of texture, this toy sure knows how to shine! The first soft-feel silicone dildo guaranteed not to shrink over time. A Canadian creation, made in the USA. (6" x 1 1/2")

Learn more about Fuze Ultra.


Je Joue G-Kii
waterproof sex toys staff pick sex toys best selling sex toys phthalate-free sex toys
new sex toy Je Joue G-Kii
Je Joue is one sex toy maker that manages to blow our collective minds with each and every sex toy they make. Je Joue's latest creation is an updated version of the multi-speed, waterproof g-spot vibrator G-Kii. The G-Kii vibrates, but it also bends to ensure that you get to your g-spot (or prostate), and it holds its position to keep the vibration where you want it! G-Kii is also rechargeable, but uses a magnetic charger to enable use and cleaning underwater. (7" x 1 1/4")

Learn more about Je Joue G-Kii.


Jimmyjane Afterglow Massage Candle
phthalate-free sex toys
new sex toy Jimmyjane Afterglow Massage Candle
Warm up your winter and someone you adore with Jimmyjane's new luxurious and sensuous Afterglow Candle. These massage candles melt at a low temperature and can be dripped onto your lover's back for a sexy massage. Increase the intensity of your massage with the included massage brush. Each candle comes in a classic glass candleholder which can also be reused. Burns up to 42 hours.

Learn more about Jimmyjane Afterglow Massage Candle.


Kimono Microthin Condoms
phthalate-free sex toys
new sex toy Kimono Microthin Condoms
According to reliable sources, Kimono MicroThin is now the thinnest latex condom in North America! Featuring a new straight-sided shape that makes donning easier, MicroThin condoms provide the closest feeling to wearing nothing at all. (7.58" x 1.3")

Learn more about Kimono Microthin Condoms.

12 Pack - $16.00
24 Pack - $24.00
Single Condom - $1.00

Lelo Luna Bead Kegel Vibrator
waterproof sex toys phthalate-free sex toys
new sex toy Lelo Luna Bead Kegel Vibrator
We're not sure what's more shocking- a pressure responsive vibrating PC exerciser, or a battery powered vibrator by Lelo! Powered by one AAA battery, Lelo's Smart Bead has a lot of exciting possibility. While pelvic floor exercises don't have to happen with any products, many find kegel or duotone balls helpful for reminding them that it's time to do their pesky (but oh so helpful!) exercises. Further, it can be helpful having something to hold onto while contracting and relaxing muscles, whether that's a set of Luna Beads, or Aneros' prostate massagers. The Smart Bead takes this process up a seriously nerdy notch. Turn the toy on, insert it inside the body, and contract your PC muscles when the toy vibrates, relax when the vibrations stop. Follow the program for the 5 - 10 minute programmed routine, and then the toy will automatically turn off. It has been designed with five different levels, and is responsive to your particular body. It can also be used as a single speed vibrator. The bio-feedback nature of the Smart Bead is an idyllic solution to those seeking structure and guidance when developing their pelvic floor, and we're delighted Lelo has designed this product! (3 1/2" x 1 ")

Learn more about Lelo Luna Bead Kegel Vibrator.


Stockroom Deluxe Stainless Nipple Sticks
waterproof sex toys phthalate-free sex toys
new sex toy Stockroom Deluxe Stainless Nipple Sticks
A different type of nipple clamp than the others we carry, these nipple sticks are a high sensation option for those seeking toys for tit torture or other clamping play. Permanently capped together, spread the two metal bars on each stick to place them on either side of a nipple, then use the rubber o-ring to adjust the sensation even further! (8" )

Learn more about Stockroom Deluxe Stainless Nipple Sticks.


Vibratex Black Pearl
waterproof sex toys anal compatible sex toys phthalate-free sex toys
new sex toy Vibratex Black Pearl
The amazing folks who make the Magic Wand, Rabbit Habit and Pandora have now released a rechargeable anal toy! The Black Pearl has been marketed as a prostate massager, but we find that bums belonging to many types of bodies are very good at enjoying anal sex toys! With a unique tip and undulating design, this anal plug style toy is slimmer than many of our anal toys, and features multiple speed and pulsation settings. (3 3/4" x 1")

Learn more about Vibratex Black Pearl.



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Hot, Wet and Shaking
new sex toy Hot, Wet and Shaking
How I Learned To Talk About Sex
While Hot, Wet and Shaking is Kaleigh Trace's first book, readers may already be familiar with her writing from her coil-bound zine, Every Body's Doing It, or her fantastic blog, The Fucking Facts. With prose that is powerful and sensitive, bold yet welcoming, Trace thoughtfully brings together stories from the many intersections of her life as a sex-positive feminist queer person with a disability living and working in Halifax. Trace's ability to regale readers with vibrant stories while also engaging us in processing and unpacking what she learned from them is a talent that makes this book such a positive and affirming read. Part memoir, part sexual theory, one hundred percent hard to put down!

Learn more about Hot, Wet and Shaking.


Invisible Orientation
staff pick sex toys
new sex toy Invisible Orientation
An Introduction to Asexuality
Julie Sondra Decker's Invisible Orientation is a much needed and welcomed resource that explores asexuality. As she clearly expresses, this book is intended to be an introduction: you will find a wealth of writing dedicated to breaking down misconceptions about asexuality, and exploring the possibilities of asexuality. This book is helpful for folks interested in exploring asexuality as a personal orientation, and/or interested in supporting asexual people by learning more about this orientation- important in a world where asexuality is so often denied and invisibilized.

Learn more about Invisible Orientation.


Lesbian Sex Bible
staff pick sex toys group sex dvds BDSM dvds
new sex toy Lesbian Sex Bible
We're often reminding people to metaphorically not judge books by their covers, but in the case of Diana Cage's Lesbian Sex Bible, we mean it in the most literal sense of the phrase. This wonderfully comprehensive and inclusive guide to lesbian sex provides amazing amounts of practical sexual knowledge and doesn't assume anything about the reader's identity beyond their interest in lesbian sex and culture. By not just acknowledging, but actually embracing the diversity of lesbian communities - and all of the identities contained within - this book goes way beyond just offering up banal tips and tricks, and instead provides inspiration, empowerment, and context for lesbian sex culture. This is a great title for folks just coming out and beyond!

Learn more about Lesbian Sex Bible.


Princess Bound
no anal sex dvds BDSM dvds
new sex toy Princess Bound
Naughty Fairy Tales for Women
As Cathy Yardley writes in the foreword of Princess Bound, fairy tales are about stepping away from the ordinary, and exploring what is inside each of us: from bright dreams to dark desires. And, this collection delivers exactly that: from idyllic to gothic, we see struggle, sex, power and fantasy woven together throughout this predominantly heterosexual anthology. As with many fairy tales based in European folklore, bear in mind that there are themes of servitude in some of these short stories.

Learn more about Princess Bound.



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FTM Fucker Volume One
BDSM dvds
new sex toy FTM Fucker Volume One DVD
FTM Fucker Volume One is chock full of hot scenes from James Darling's website of the same name. Featuring lots of hot queer / genderqueer / trans performers, this title promises hours of trans-man-centric sucking, fucking, and cumming. From a captivating and otherworldly tarot reading to a sexy pumping & jerkoff scene, to rooftop punching and fucking, there's a lot to get hot for here!

Learn more about FTM Fucker Volume One DVD.


Fucking Mystic
BDSM dvds
new sex toy Fucking Mystic DVD
Chelsea Poe takes on all of Oakland in this goth-y spellbinding queer flick! While saying goodbye to her girlfriend before moving to the city, she receives a necklace that she determines is "fucking mystic", since it magically incites lust in all that cross her path. From a hot kinky fuck with Courtney Trouble, to a orgy of epic proportions, this film has a cheeky storyline, and is absolutely full to bursting with your favourite queer, genderqueer, & trans performers.

Learn more about Fucking Mystic DVD.


Fuckstyles 2: Dirty Fucks
BDSM dvds
new sex toy Fuckstyles 2: Dirty Fucks DVD
Courtney Trouble mixes it up again with her Hard Core Porno Mixtape! Sweaty hotties abound in this almost 3 hour feature! Get started with some sexy play featuring the director, and then enjoy a gratuitous BDSM scene involving a rubber bed, collar, St. Andrew's Cross, floggers, and a impressively gigantic dildo. Swoon as Hayley Fingersmith interrupts Chelsea Poe playing video games and turns the game in a very different direction. Hot tattooed dykes, sexy gay boys, genderqueer folk, and trans women and men get it on in this queer megaflick!

Learn more about Fuckstyles 2: Dirty Fucks DVD.


XConfessions 2
staff pick sex toys best selling sex toys no anal sex dvds group sex dvds shot in HD
new sex toy XConfessions 2 DVD
We watch a lot of porn at Come As You Are, and Erika Lust's films have become a very special treat that we look forward to. Gorgeously conceived and filmed, Lust's intricate and artistic attention to detail will leave you stunned and wanting so much more. The fact that she films mostly in Barcelona doesn't hurt either! Oh, and the sex? Phenomenal. Featuring a real life couple and other amazingly inspiring performers, the sex in these ten scenes ranges from endearing and funny to electrifying and astonishing. Enjoy a sexy stockroom birthday gift at work, spur-of-the-moment group sex, a playful descent into some very hot crossdressing, sexy spanking, suckable feet, and so much more. Please note one scene is an abduction fantasy entitled Hunt Me, Catch Me, Eat Me. Lust's XConfessions series is inspired by anonymous fantasies shared with her by her fans, and, boy, we hope everyone keeps up the good work!

Learn more about XConfessions 2 DVD.



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