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Sex Education Books for Men

Sex books for men that feature sex tips, techniques, how tos, and general information on digging into the wonders of sexual exploration with a focus on men.

Dick: A User's Guide
Dick: A User's Guide
By Dr. Michele C. Moore & Dr. Caroline Costa
A straightforward and sensible manual on the male member! This book is as entertaining as it is insightful. It puts many myths to sleep and sheds light on many topics such as basic health and anatomy whilst remaining humorous and respectful. An in ... (read more)

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$22.50 CAD

Lasting Longer
Lasting Longer
First published in 1978, sex therapist Sy Silverberg has republished this classic guide to lasting longer for men in this millennium. With straightforward advice and exercises, Dr. Silverberg provides a step-by-step guide to controlling ejaculation.

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$27.00 CAD

Multi-Orgasmic Man
Multi-Orgasmic Man
Teaching men to have multiple orgasms by separating orgasm and ejaculation, this guide contains simple exercises that cover techniques to enhance sexual pleasure and general health. Includes special chapters for women and for gay men. All men will benefit from the insights into male anatomy and sexu ... (read more)

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$21.00 CAD

Tantric Secrets for Men
Tantric Secrets for Men
Being a good lover can be hard work! This book breaks down all the techniques and benefits of Tantra into easy to follow steps. It removes the mysticism and concentrates on providing you with what you need to know. It uses real life stories of couples to convey its messages, and offers exercises tha ... (read more)

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$27.50 CAD


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