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Summer's Harvest Sale

Wow, what a summer we've been having here at Come As You Are! And, based off of the fabulously exploratory & sexy orders we've been shipping out, it looks like many of you have also been busy!

Our harried summer has definitely not been in vain - we've been fortunate to see some big transitions happen after a great deal of work here at the co-op. Most notably, we have finally migrated our website to something that is more user-friendly! This has been an ongoing project here at the co-op for years - and, let's be real, will continue to be ongoing for many more years (is a website ever truly 'done'?!). That being said, it's feeling fantastic to have officially moved over to this new system.

Also, we've massively re-organized our work lives to be more efficient for the work that we do, and, for the lives that we collectively want to lead outside of our work. This has also been a years-long project that has finally culminated in some radical changes over the last few months to better honour our collective work/life balance & we're feeling chuffed about it.

This strikes us as the beautiful gift of summer - everything is blooming, growing, and being harvested in a flurry. The resulting achievements are hard won victories after a season of sweat, literal or digital dirt getting stuck under fingernails, and, more than a few mistakes & hard lessons along the way.

One mistake we're hoping to turn from lemons into lemonade is that we've accidentally ended up with *too much* of some of our Good Things. Books, toys, clothing, gender gear... you name it! Whoops!

We've listed these accidental bounties for sale online, however, we'd like to sweeten the deal: for this weekend only, please feel free to take an extra 20% off all items already marked as On Sale on our website!

The sale will last until the end of this upcoming holiday Monday, and, please use use coupon code HARVESTto take part!

Here's to the work, mistakes, and victories of the last few months - and, hopefully, to some rest & recovery to be enjoyed over the forthcoming cool season! Happy harvest season, everyone!

Check out all items on-sale here!