There Are Two Types of People

There Are Two Types of People

In our vast experience, there are definitively only two types of people - people who love categorizing folks into two distinct "types" and those who believe that we are infinitely unique, diverse, and individual. Sure, lots of folks might come from similar backgrounds, have the same occupation, or even live in the same condo, but the myriad of experiences you've had and the resulting perceptions that you inhabit in your mind are all wonderfully... you.

In some ways, life would be so much easier if we could all cram ourselves into specific boxes - ideally, gift-wrapped with pretty bows and maybe some glitter thrown in for good measure (I mean, if that's your thing) - but just like anything on this beautiful planet we all inhabit together, easy tends to be at complete odds with interesting. As egocentric as it may be to say, we like you interesting.

This time of year exemplifies how amazingly individual we all are. Even folks in the same family (chosen or otherwise) feel so differently when December rolls around. Heck, I feel differently depending on the day! Sometimes the gentle falling of snow feels like literally the most romantic thing I've ever encountered, and on other days, it feels just downright oppressive and I just can't wait until spring finally rolls around.

All of this to say, the holidays might represent a few weeks off work and time with family, or they might represent some serious overtime and less time with family. Heck, your family might be a toxic hell hole and you're actually kinda happy for all of that overtime after all. Some folks are gonna bristle at all of the inevitable Christmas music this month (except for maybe that Mariah Carey song because, well, Mariah), and some folks are happy to immerse themselves in the full extent of the festivities, and other folks yet are wishing there were more Chanukah songs. I'm not even sure which of those "types" of people I am, but I guess that's just the complex tapestry we all inhabit or create or embody.

Regardless of who you are, or what you do, or how much you hate love Christmas carols, we have just one wish for you: that you get a little bit of what you want and need for the holidays... and if we can help get you a little bit of good in your life, all the better.

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