How to Choose the Perfect Holiday Gift

Buying a sex toy as a gift for the holidays can be either be an amazingly arousing experience for the giver, or an experience fraught with confusion and self-doubt. There's almost no better way to show affection and care for someone you like, love, or lust after than with a well-selected sex toy, but in our culture and within our relationships, sexuality can be complex and inherently fraught.

We've been helping nice folks like you find something for the nice folks in their lives for over twenty years now and we've learned a few things along the way. If you're looking for something your lovers will absolutely love, but you're not sure where to start, here's our guide to picking out a surefire sex toy:

  1. 1. We're not big fans of absolute statements - because there's always someone (usually on the internet) who will disagree - but (almost) everyone loves to receive massage. If you've been experiencing a lull in your romantic relationship(s), or you're just trying to find new and novel ways to physically, emotionally, and spiritually connect with your beloved, start with a massage with no expectation of sex as they outcome. Combat the cold Canadian winter with a gloriously warm massage candle from Montreal's Desirables. You won't regret it.

  2. 2. Upgrade your sex life! The past decade has been remarkable for the sex toy industry - the quality of sex toys is better than ever, and almost every notable sex toy has been improved upon. Is your beloved in love with the Hitachi Magic Wand? Check out the multi-speed and multi-mode Magic Wand Rechargeable. Love the Lelo Mona? Consider the Lelo Mona Wave. Worn out your Tenga Fliphole? Get your hands on the Tenga Flip 0 EV! Tired of using those same old mass-produced nipple clamps? Invest in some gorgeous artisanal Weal & Breech Wood Nipple Clamps. If you partner has a battery-operated vibe, set your sights on something rechargeable! Upgrade your collection for a sure-fire gift.

  3. 3. We've always believed that lube makes all kinds of sex better. Yes, yes, everyone says they don't *need* lube (as if it is a badge of honour or something), but we think you should *want* lube. A great lubricant - especially an organic Canadian lube from Hathor Sutil - makes all sorts of forms of sex more comfortable, enjoyable, and fun. Not sure where to start? Check out our specialized lube samplers.

  4. 4. Avoid gifting sex toys laden with your expectations and focus on what your lover is interested in. If your partner hasn't overtly expressed wanting to explore anal play, do not buy them a big honking butt plug and a book about anal. Seriously, this is about them and what they want, not your desires and expectations.

  5. 5. Unless you and your lover(s) have discussed wanting to learn about a particular sex act, please do not select an instructional book or DVD (see above) unless it is something that you can truly explore together like The Multi-Orgasmic Couple or the Sex Deck.

  6. 6. Start small! As the old saying goes, the best things come in small packages, and with sex toys, this is especially true! Stuff your proverbial stocking full of Tenga Eggs, Colour Pop Vibes, Massage Melts, and more. These gifts are inexpensive, non-threatening, and will give you lots of things to explore and enjoy over the winter.

  7. 7. The world seems to be pretty divided about gift cards - you either love them or you hate them. We adore gift cards because they give all of the power of selection to the receiver, and there's actually almost nothing more romantic and inspiring than spending boxing day perusing all of the amazing sex toy options together. Unless your beloved literally hates gift cards, we think the gift of unconditional pleasure is one of the most powerful gifts at all.

  8. 8. Connect the dots and get your colouring on! Adult colouring books are all the rage and for good reason. Connecting with your inner child with a colouring book has been shown to reduce stress levels and is truly a meditative experience. With a sexy and fun colouring book, you can help your lover reduce stress and explore new sexual ideas all at the same time. Relax and prepare to get inspired (and hot).

  9. 9. Live your very best #Cannalife together. We've always downright despised the harmful and toxic "stimulating" products on the market - they usually contain menthol or nicotine to supposedly create arousal, but mostly folks just get a nasty rash or burning sensation instead. If you're looking for a fun and natural way to increase sensation to erectile tissue (clitorises, penises, g-spots, nipples, and more), consider cannabis. Made here in Canada with only natural ingredients, Cannalife's Pleasure Oil brings an almost instantaneous warm glow to all your most private parts.

  10. 10. Look, we do what we do in the most ethical, feminist, and democratic way possible, and we believe that investing in us and investing in your own pleasure is basically a good deed unto itself, but sometimes you just have to fuck capitalism entirely. We get it. Make a donation to Maggie's Toronto Sex Workers Action Project, Stella in Montreal, or your local sex worker organizing non-profit. Help support Native Youth Sexual Health or pay it forward and help a trans or non-binary person get the gender affirming gear they need.
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