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Sex Information — Sex and Aging

Learn About Erections & Erectile Dysfunction

Changing Erections Erectile dysfunction (also known as 'ED') is a clinical term usually defined as the inability to develop and maintain an erection for satisfactory sexual activity. We don't tend to think the idea of "normal" is helpful to experiencing sexual pleasure, and we know that even clinicians don't agree on how often or for how long you might have difficulties with erections before you would be diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. Here's what we know: everyone who gets erections will experience changes over time with how the erections might feel. They could get harder or softer, they may happen when...

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Learn About Sex and Aging

Senior sex seems to be one of those topics that the media love to pick up every now and then, play with for a few minutes, and like the fickle folks they are, promptly forget about until a new book comes along, or an editor feels like the word "sex" hasn't appeared in paper enough that week. It's a fad for them. But for any of us who live long enough, being a senior citizen and being sexual isn't a fad, it's a reality. Our sexuality doesn't stop or change because we are getting older. Our sexuality changes, but it...

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Learn About Sex and Disability

This is a very general overview of adapting sex toys. There is so much to say about the topic and so many ideas, that we hope you'll consider this page a place to get some basic ideas to work with. A lot of this information comes from our over ten years of working with folks living with disabilities who have been adapting sex toys. The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability is published by Cleis Press (which is co-written by one of our founding worker-owners, Cory Silverberg) and has a much more detailed chapter on sex toys. Making Sex Toys...

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Learn About Sex and Unwanted Pain

To us, being sex positive means considering sexuality to be a site of tremendous health, pleasure and strength in our lives. We also realize that many of us experience physical, emotional, and psychic pain around sexuality. We are great cheerleaders of the positive potential of sex, but proceed with respect and awareness that sometimes sex can feel too painful to talk about. Whatever the source of our pain, many of us will be faced with the challenge of trying to navigate this barrier to pleasure. For some of us this may be a brief encounter and for others it may...

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