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Asking for a Friend: Sex Advice from Sex Nerds. — Sex Information

Is my sex toy absorbing lubricant? Where is my lube going?

Hi Nerds, Me and my partner are looking for a new lube and we're not sure where to start. We have a Fuze Silicone Tango that we love, but it dries out really fast when we're playing with it. We've started to use it with a condom plus a LOT of water-based lube both inside and outside the condom but the Tango seems to absorb all of the lubricant causing a ton of friction. The condom *seems* to help but we feel like there might be a better option. Is there a lube, or lube + condom combination that you...

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What's a sex-positive parent to do? Asking for my kid.

Howdy Fellow Sex Nerds! I'm not really asking for a friend, I'm asking for my kid. I mean, I guess my kid is my friend, but mostly he's my kid and I'm asking this as his dad. Anyhow, it recently came to our attention that my son has discovered, uh, erotic content on the internet. We didn't invade his privacy - me and his mom weren't spying on him or anything - but we did come across some awkward content in his browsing history. You folks have always been so great at providing answers to our questions about some of...

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How does a new senior spice up her life?

Dear Sex Nerds, I've recently retired and I'm thinking some sex toys might be just the thing to spice my life up a bit! I'm terribly uncomfortable with this entire oeuvre, but I'm really wanting to learn more. Where do I start? - Cougar Spice Hi Spice! Great question! You know, So, our advice will depend a bit on what you're looking for here.  A lot of folks start out with a vibrator, but some people are more interested in a vibrator for external use (say, for the clitoris or even the underside of a penis) and some folks are looking for something for internal...

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What exactly is a sex educator anyway?!?

Howdy Sex Nerds! I have been a big fan of your weird sex co-op forever and really love your approach to sexuality and sex toys. I am writing because I'm extremely interested in getting into the sex education industry. I have an overall fascination when it comes to sex and the role it has in relationships and I was wondering how to turn this love into a career. If you have any tips or advice, it would be greatly appreciated! - Wannabe Sexxxpert Heya Sexxxpert! Oh man, of all of the sex questions we've gotten over the past 20+ years...

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Can a sex toy be an awesome dildo AND a great vibrator at the same time?

Heya Sex Nerds - I am overly attached to a a particular vibrating dildo. It ain't the prettiest dick on the shelf, it isn't made of the NASA-tested non-porous silicone, and it surely doesn't have the highest quality motor, but heck, I couldn't live without it if I tried. The problem is it has a very short life span and it is battery-operated (not rechargeable) so it isn't covered under warranty or anything. Honestly, I don't mind replacing my "cheap thrill" every so often, but I hate thinking about the environmental toll my love-it-and-leave it vibe is causing every time...

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