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Asking for a Friend: Sex Advice from Sex Nerds. — Sex Toys

Is my sex toy absorbing lubricant? Where is my lube going?

Hi Nerds, Me and my partner are looking for a new lube and we're not sure where to start. We have a Fuze Silicone Tango that we love, but it dries out really fast when we're playing with it. We've started to use it with a condom plus a LOT of water-based lube both inside and outside the condom but the Tango seems to absorb all of the lubricant causing a ton of friction. The condom *seems* to help but we feel like there might be a better option. Is there a lube, or lube + condom combination that you...

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Sharing is caring, but should I be sharing my harness with my girlfriend?

Hey Nerds - I have a question that I've not been able to find a satisfactory answer to, and I'm hoping you'll be able to help! My favourite strap-on harness is an Aslan Leather harness that I've had for years now - it is so comfy, and so durable that I haven't even had to use my lifetime warranty ever though I've had it literally forever. The thing is, my girlfriend recently started using my harness too and it just occurred to me that it might be an issue in terms of STIs and stuff.  Are there safer sex practices that...

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Will my NYTC suction cup work with my Vixen friends?

Dear Nerds - I've recently fallen deeply in love with the double suction cups from New York Toy Collective! They work so well with all of my dildos - even the giant ones - and I can use them to stick my dildos to my shower wall. They're amazing. I can't even. I thought they might work with my Vixen Creations Vixskin friends, they with their sorry excuse for a suction cup, but those Vixen engineers cut the circle indent in the same 2.5” diameter as the suction cup, so it just won’t hold. I am considering adding to my Vixen...

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What's the deal with strapless strap-ons anyway?

Hi Sexy Nerds - My best friend (and wife) and I have been "pegging" for years now (thank you, Tristan Taormino!) and we've been thinking about switching over from a regular dildo-and-harness to a more of a strapless strap-on double dildo. I think we both find the harness stuff to be a bit fussy and love the idea of a sexy setup that requires less gear. Anyway, the problem is that while we love all of the toys we have from Fuze, my best friend (and wife) worries that they'll be too dense for double dildo play and she is...

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How does a new senior spice up her life?

Dear Sex Nerds, I've recently retired and I'm thinking some sex toys might be just the thing to spice my life up a bit! I'm terribly uncomfortable with this entire oeuvre, but I'm really wanting to learn more. Where do I start? - Cougar Spice Hi Spice! Great question! You know, So, our advice will depend a bit on what you're looking for here.  A lot of folks start out with a vibrator, but some people are more interested in a vibrator for external use (say, for the clitoris or even the underside of a penis) and some folks are looking for something for internal...

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Cut It Out: The Best Sex Toys for Scissoring

We've road tested a few vibes designed specifically for scissoring, but like most of the sex toys we audition, we haven't actually found one that works as promised! So many sex toys are designed by companies who aren't really thinking about how toys get used by real people in real life.

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Bank like a Porn Star - is there an "average" size packer?

Heya Sexy Nerds - After years of living in the big city, I've moved back to my small town home town, and the selection of sex toys here is terrible. There's nothing available for trans and non-binary people at all! I'm so grateful you guys exist - and your free (and cheap) shipping is literally saving my fucking life these days. Anyway, I need to find a new packer but everything i'm finding looks like i'm sporting a HUGE hard on. I don't wanna always look like a porn star when I go to work (maybe on the weekends, lol), I just...

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Slip 'n Slide - What massage oils can I use for sex?

Just like our amazing customers, all massage oils are different! Some massage products are fantastic for both massage and sex, and, some not so much. Generally, if you are looking for a dual purpose product, We'd  suggest a silicone lubricant.

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Can a sex toy be an awesome dildo AND a great vibrator at the same time?

Heya Sex Nerds - I am overly attached to a a particular vibrating dildo. It ain't the prettiest dick on the shelf, it isn't made of the NASA-tested non-porous silicone, and it surely doesn't have the highest quality motor, but heck, I couldn't live without it if I tried. The problem is it has a very short life span and it is battery-operated (not rechargeable) so it isn't covered under warranty or anything. Honestly, I don't mind replacing my "cheap thrill" every so often, but I hate thinking about the environmental toll my love-it-and-leave it vibe is causing every time...

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